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How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2024 & Make Money Step by Step Beginner Guide

Ever wonder how people make a successful blog? What techniques are they using to make money from their blog? 

How they are able to generate traffic free of charge. In this tutorial, I will guide you from scratch to expert label that how to start a successful blog step by step and make money.

If you are planning to start a successful blog to make money through the internet, then here is some good news. 

First, you can earn money online. Second, you can make an awesome blog. Third, you can succeed in blogging. In this tutorial/guide, you are going to learn every basic to advanced tip/trickstrick, or technique to make a successful blog.

Second, you can make an awesome blog. Third, you can succeed in blogging. In this tutorial/ guide, you are going to learn every basic to advance tip/trick, or technique to make a successful blog.

Third, you can succeed in blogging. In this tutorial/ guide, you are going to learn every basic to advanced tip, trick, or technique to make a blog.

In this guide, we are covering:

  1. How do select the best niche for you?
  2. How to get cheap/free domain and hosting?
  3. How to set up an awesome blog with some basic design tips?
  4. Keyword Research: Easy and beginner-friendly tutorial
  5. How to write a good-length post in less time?
  6. Should you write a 2000 blog post or not?
  7. Which social media account you should create and which one is best for your niche?
  8. Where to find cheap and expert people to work for you? [If you are setting up a business blog]
  9. Building your network with other bloggers in a friendly manner.
  10. Daily 10 minutes of SEO tasks.
  11. Get traffic to your blog.
  12. How to make money from day 1.
  13. Do’s and Don’ts in blogging.
  14. Some must-have blogging tools/software to be the success.
  15. And a lot more…

So if your goal is to be the next successful blogger then read this full post. It will take about 15 minutes but I bet you will get a full return for your time. So go slowly and take notes of every point.

How to start a successful blog?

Just keep on reading…

Why you should start a blog:

If you are not sure whether you start or not then you should keep these points in your mind.

  1. Blogging makes you money.
  2. It will give you a name.
  3. You will improve your knowledge.
  4. Your blog can help a lot of people.

So here is the step by step guide:

  1. Selecting Niche:

The first thing to starting a blog is which niche /field should I select? While selecting a niche you should mainly focus 2 things:

  1. Your interests 2. The popularity of those niches.

To find your interest is not a hard job. Just ask yourself which work you like most. Which type of work can you do without tiring? Etc. . . .

Second, your interest is not everything in Internet marketing. You should also check whether the niche you select is popular or not?

If you are writing on a subject that no one cares about and searches then you are wasting your time.

Another main factor that you should consider is that you should not select a niche that has a lot of competition like money-making, SEO, internet marketing, etc.

If you are not confirmed about your niche then you need not worry or be confused. Just read on you will get a solution.

Currently, these are the most popular niches:

  1. Money making: Don’t select this.
  2. SEO: You need a lot of money to succeed in this.
  3. Health: Too much competition
  4. Fashion: Good, you can start
  5. Photography: Good, you can select this.
  6. News has competition.
  7. Hacking: less commotion but need high technical knowledge.

Here is also some steps to find popular niches you can start:

  1. Just go to udemy and check which the most popular course is.
  2. Go to amazon’s bestseller and find out the hottest books.
  3. Go to quora and find out the most viral and asked questions.

If a niche is hot then there will be enough courses, books, and questions about that. Once you find your subject then our next steps to buying a domain for our website.

You can also find niches using Google Trends. Here is a video on how to find your niche using Google trends:

  1. Picking the right domain:

If you don’t pick the right domain then you may face problems later. Purchase a short .com ,.net or .org domain . To buy a domain go to big rock, enter your desired domain, select one which you like, check it out and you have got a domain.

Here are some tips for choosing a perfect domain:

  1. Always Buy a short domain.
  2. Add  one keyword in your domain like
  3. Though domain extension does not affect SEO but is advised that you buy .net,.com or .org domain.
  4. If you are making a site for your local business then always buy country label domains like .in, etc
  5. Picking hosting:   There are two main reasons to buy hosting: 1. If you are planning a long-term business and 2. If you don’t want that your site goes down. So picking a good hosting is also a main part of blogging.

First, if you have a low budget, then you use a blogger to make a website 

But if you are serious about blogging then you should choose paid hosting. For my all site, I select Bluehost and recommend the same.

Bluehost also provides a free .com domain with their hosting. They charge $3.95/mo.

Here is the step-by-step process to buying a hosting plan and setting up WordPress:

  • Go to
  • Select your hosting plan [ Just go with the lowest  plan ]
  • Enter the domain which you want.
  • Select your domain
  • Remove any additional service.
  • Complete Checkout using a credit card or PayPal.
  • Go to dashboard.
  • Click on “one-click WordPress install”.

WordPress will install and your site will be live.

  1. Setting up a blog:

To set up your WordPress blog just enter this URL

  • And you need to log in again.
  • Once you log in, you will dashboard like this.
  • Go to site appearance from the sidebar.
  • And select the theme you want.
  • Remove unnecessary widgets like Meta, hello post, etc.
  • Install the necessary plugin like Akismet, jetpack, sumo me, and Yoast WordPress plugin. tiny mce .
  1. Basic design tips:  A design may affect user experience and user experience is a big and main Google ranking factor in 2024. There are some basic design tips that you must follow:
  • Don’t install the unnecessary plugin.
  • The background color should be white and the text color should be black. Don’t choose a fancy color.
  • Images should be compressed.
  • must use a favicon and a logo.
  • Don’t use unnecessary java effects.
  • Must your breadcrumb navigation.
  1. Doing some keyword research: keywords research is a basic seo tips. But If you are just starting and don’t have any knowledge about SEO and keywords research then I suggest neglecting it. Though it is a MUST to do work, you can skip this on the first step. Once you have written some posts and sometimes then learn about keywords research.

Some basic tips for keyword research  :

  • Only select low competition keywords.
  • Use long-tail keywords like ” how to start a successful blog “, ” how to make money online for free” etc…
  • You can use kwfinder tools for keywords research
  • Only focus on 1 to 4 keywords in a post.
  1. Writing content: Your keyword should be a minimum of 300 words long with at least 1 image. If you are an advanced blogger then you can write long keywords up to 2000 words as I always write.

Everyone suggest 2000 long keywords because in search engine 2000 words post has priority.

To write content, first, choose your title, then do some keyword research, surf those keywords in Google and try to write a better article from all of the writers.

For example, if you are going to write a post like ” How to cook biryani” then search this in Google. We will get these results. We can see that these top ten posts have more than 2000 words.

Write a better-length post from all of them. You can also add videos from YouTube to your post.

  1. launching blog :

Now it’s time to show your blog to the world. Before launching make sure you have written at least 4 posts on your blog and your site is fully set up. Your post may be in this order :

  1. A How-to guide
  2. A list of posts like 11 tips to success in blogging etc.
  3. A review post that will make money for you.
  4. A simple case study or storytelling post like how I made $1947 last month [ These types of posts will give some authority and people will trust you. ] For storytelling you can write posts like this ” Case Study: How One Veteran’s Podcast Built a Million-Dollar Business ” etc…
  5. Social media account creation: You need not promote your blog/post on each social media but you need to create an account on all of them so it will help you to boost rank and authority. Make sure your account name should be your website name and the URL should contain the website name.

You can claim your site on the following social media websites:

1.Facebook 2.Twitter 3.Google+ 4.Pintrest 5.Tumbler 6. Linkedin 7. Instagram

Just create your account on these sites and fill out your profile.

  1. Monetize strategy: You will not last long in blogging unless you will not try to monetize your blog from day 1. If your plan is AdSense then it will take about 30 days to 6 months for approving your account.

At this time you can try amazon affiliate, leads leap widget, shortst url shortener to make some money. You can also use affiliate, leads leap widget,shortst with AdSense.

Note: If popads signup page is not opening on your PC, make sure you have turned off your ads blocker ” extension. For more information about these ads, network read popads review and leads leap review.

  1. Getting leads: If you are not collecting emails from your visitors then you are leaving money on the table. There are a lot of benefits of email marketing. To start collecting leads you need to sign up with at least one service like aweber.
  • To get started just visit
  • Sign up for a 30-day free trial.
  • Make a list and enter other details.
  • Create a form.
  • Create a blog broadcast so that whenever you write a new post, all subscribers will get notified.
  • Set up forms at your blog.
  • Now it’s done.

Some basic tips for getting more subscribers in a short time :

  1. give away a free product.
  2. Use pop-ups.
  3. Use interesting content. [ Interesting content has more value than high-quality content ]
  4. Social media automation: Automation is the key to success in blogging. Automation saves our time and boosts traffic.

For my sites, I use 1. Mass planner  For full social media account growth on autopilot 

  1. Only wire for auto social bookmarking 
  2. Buffer for posting on my FB pages.

Just set up your setting and it saves your time.

  1. Getting traffic from other sources:

I have written a long post on traffic generation like 101 ways to getting huge traffic etc. But here I describe some basic tips for boosting traffic like :

  1. Create a YouTube video once a week.
  2. Do email marketing.
  3. Do social media automation.
  4. Comment on other relative blogs
  5. Do social bookmarking.

  1. Building network :

This is another big factor. You need to make friends and relationships from your niche. You can use forums to build a solid network.

  1. Link Building: Link building is another main basic SEO technique that you must use.To make backlinks you can submit your site to social bookmarking sites. You should use Onlywire to auto-submit your site. Here are some another guide on link building :
  • How to create 100 backlinks in just one hour.
  • 80 free edu and gov backlinks
  • 13 new smart ways to get high-quality backlinks.

Note: Make sure you know how to index backlinks In Google else these backlinks will not improve your search engine ranking.

Some habits of successful bloggers: To be a successful blogger you need to follow some rules :

  1. Always comments on sites whenever you read a new post. It means you should also comment on this article.
  2. Make a good time management system.
  3. Never give up.
  4. Always use blogging tools.
  5. Try to build good relationships with other fellow bloggers.

Sell PLR products under your belt  :

A PLR product means “Private Lable Rights”.It means that you can buy it and rebrand it under your name. If you are new to blogging and haven’t created any course then it’s time to buy a very cheap PLR product and sell them at higher prices.

2. Use paid theme on your blog: WordPress comes with a default theme which is free. If you want to look like a pro blogger you need to use a theme that is unique, fast, good-looking, and SEO friendly. I used the focus-blog theme.

I advised you to buy a  beautiful and fast theme for your blog.

3. Write about the latest (and unknown ) tools on your blog: Everyone knows about Google keywords planner, Longtail pro, and semrush as Keyword research tools. But very few know about kwfinder and keywords reveler.

When you introduce someone to new tools then you become no#1 resource of knowledge for them. They trust you.

So make sure next time when you write about any tools for bloggers .write about the latest and newest tools.

4. Give free ebooks, courses, and plugins: Everyone loves the word “FREE” (including me) . You can give away free stuff like ebooks, plugins, and software. It will increase your authority and you will gain your readers.

5. Create an expert round-up post: Every professional blogger takes part in a round-up post. If you searched round-up posts on Twitter or Facebook, you will find many  Your work is to find experts in your niche which is not hard and send them an email invitation.

Here is a complete guide from smartblogger :

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post That Gets 1000s of Shares

6. Build many contacts on LinkedIn and Be active there: LinkedIn is a social network for professional. If your dream is to become a pro blogger then go to linked-in and make connections there.

Grow your LinkedIn profile. Moz shared one of the best guides:

LinkedIn Best Practices – The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz

7. Use custom email instead of free mail: It is very simple. Instead of using [email protected], you should use [email protected]

People will understand you as a newbie if you reply from a free Gmail account. Bluehost gives free custom email with a hosting plan and even if you don’t have any custom mail You can buy it from bigrock.

8. Make a relationship: Building a relationship will help you to attract more attention to your blog. Social Media Examiner shared a post about it that how to build relationships with fellow bloggers:

9. Don’t make grammar mistakes on your blog: If you are writing in English, Make sure you are not making any vocabulary or verb mistakes on your blog. A small mistake in a word can change the sense of tense. You can use Grammarly to improve your grammar or hello English to improve your English.

Get  7 Days Free Grammarly Trial 

P.S: I know I have made many mistakes on this blog in grammar.

11. Add a professional logo and favicon: Favicon and logo are another way to look professional. You should create a logo and favicon for each of your websites.  You don’t have time and don’t know how to create an awesome logo. Go to seoclerks and order one.

12. Write on a limited subject not at everything you know: It’s always bad to write everything you know. I have seen many bloggers whose blogs are related to internet marketing but they also write for ethical hacking, life hacking, mobile-windows-android, etc. You should have a clear vision that what is your blog about?

In short “Don’t confuse your reader. “

Other Blogging Resources Which You will like :

101+ Free and Best Blogging Tools Which You Must Have

11 Different Ways to Make Money From Blogging + Infographics 

How To Become a Successful Bloggers and Make Money Online Step by Step  in 15 Easy Ways 

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post to Rank and Bank 

13. Link popular and authority blogs on your every post: It will benefit you and your readers. Many bloggers are afraid to link our other popular bloggers in their posts. But believe me, it will also give you a slight boost in your ranking.

If you read any high authority blog you will notice the link to other bloggers in their posts. Here is one example from Neil Patel:-

14. Fake it till you make it .:

This is the best advice I can give anyone. If you want to learn how to become a professional blogger in your field, you need to apply this rule.


In simple words show the social proofs (or fake social proofs). You can buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers to look like a big brand.  Don’t believe me, Just read Viperchill words about it (Which he share in his $1000 Facebook Guide ):-

“To be very blunt: I very much believe in buying Likes for Facebook fan pages. While the organic reach of pages has obviously decreased over the last few years (due increased competition for eyeballs and a desire from Facebook for more money), you still get reach.”

I also buy fans and followers from seoclerks (Because they are cheaper than Fiverr). My Facebook page is just 9 months old yet I have 133K+ fans

Yes, 98% of fans are bought + made by some black hat techniques which I share in How to make money on Facebook post. And  a little contribution by mass planner (If you don’t know anything about this software, read mass planner review )

15. Increase your Alexa rank low: Lower the Alexa rank, higher the trust rank. A low Alexa rank will also help you in affiliate marketing.

I have shared a detailed guide on it. If you don’t want to read that guide then just go to Alexa master and buy Alexa traffic or do the free exchange there.

Mistakes to avoid :

  1. Never do spam
  2. Don’t waste your time searching money making methods on the internet. Making money online starts from you.
  3. You are not good at each work so try to outsource your work from Fiverr, seoclerks etc .

5 Proven Tips to Run a Successful Business Blog

successful blog

1. Social Media Presence –

Social media presence is very important as most of our clients are active at these sites.

Nowadays every company has social media account with a large follower base.

You should also try your best to find your fans and followers from these sites, especially on LinkedIn and Twitter. [Yet don’t ignore the power of Facebook]

Research states that the most successful company tweets 7 times a day. So if you want a large follower base try to activate your social media account.

Share your latest post to your social media account. It will surely show your brands to thousands of hot customers.

2. Focus only on laser target traffic-

Whether you are a small business owner or have a huge budget, don’t spend it on fake and useless traffic.

If you want your blog to be successful then only focus on getting “Laser Targeted Traffic”.

The best benefit of this technique is that you will never be out of money and the chances of making your blog successful will be high.

3. Focusing on SEO –

Top company’s blogs have about 50% Traffic from SEO. They invest in SEO to drive laser target traffic.

So it simply indicates that if we want to make a successful business blog, we need to focus on traffic from Search Engines and SEO will be our best friend.

4. Focusing on Leeds –

Research shows that 70% of visitors will not come again to your blog again unless you don’t invite them [via email].

So if we want a better company blog than our competition, we need to capture email from day one. You can use Aweber for this.

First We can spend our budget on Adwords to generate some hot and laser target Leeds.

Secondly, we can use Bing ads which are effective and less costly than AdWords.

We can also run a campaign at Facebook ads which are not as effective compared to Adwords but very cheap and suit best a small business owner

Optionally we have other options like Twitter ads, banner advertising, Pinterest ads, etc.

5. Content to teach people –

No blog gets attention and love from its potential customer unless they don’t teach people what to, how, and why to do a particular task.

For example, if our blog is from the Facebook Auto group poster, we need to write about what is an auto poster, why to do an auto poster, and how to do auto/multi-post.

We need to teach people what is about our products, how it can help you and most important how is our product better form other competitors.

If we are teaching something useful, people will love to share it with their friends and thus they will be our future customers.

Final Words – In very short If you want to make your company blog successful, you need to

  1. Create Plan
  2. Take Action
  3. Stick with it.

Now it’s your turn :

If you want to be a successful blogger you need to take action. REMEMBER without taking action no task will be completed. Making money from a website is not a big task nor difficult work.

Just Take action, make huge money and show the world that you are?

What is the strategy and step by step a plan for creating a successful blog? Share your thoughts in the comments? What is your view on this guide about how to start a successful blog?


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