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How To Make Money On Facebook 2024: $50/Day Full Guide [Working+Proof]

If you have the above question in mind, then we have the best answer here. In this full guide, you will get answers to every question, like how to make money on Facebook?

Can we really make/earn money with our profile, page, or group?

The answer is YES.

Just read on to discover all the secrets……..

In this guide you will learn :

  • How can we earn money from our profile? [This is a secret method]
  • How can we make money from the Facebook groups? [Yes, You will also learn this.]
  • and the final how can we make money using our fan pages? [This is a long-term method.]

So here is how to make money on Facebook:- [Full Method in Short]

  1. Make a fake girl profile and get 5000 friends. [You can create as many as you want. Full details later in this tutorial]
  2. Sell this profile at Fiverr. You will get about $20/ID
  3. Share Affiliate link and CPA link and get a commission when users buy something.
  4. Sell Group members . You will get $2/1000 members.
  5. Sell Facebook page likes at seoclekrs . You will earn $5/1000 likes.
  6. Make a Big Facebook Group and sell them. You can make up to $100/group.
  7. Merge small pages and create one big Facebook page . Now you can make money through it.
  8. Sell Fan Page posts and make big money. You can join viral9 etc for it.
  9. Promote Your OWN business via Facebook to earn decent money.
  10. Shopify+Facebook=Big $$$ [We will talk about this method later in this AWESOME GUIDE.]

Other Money Making Tutorials:-

  1. How to Make a Successful Blog in 2024 to Make Money Step by Step Beginner Guide

Concept Behind Making Money From Facebook:-

Ideas is very simple.

You will make money using Facebook by selling other products, sharing other’s stuff, or promoting your own business.

Tools We Need to Start to Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment:-

Just Download/Sign Up For Each tool.[All of them are free]

We will discuss each tool later:

  1. Social Pilot
  2. FameBit
  3. seoclerks
  4. Alexa-Master
  5. Amazon affiliate  [You can sign up later for the below tools.]
  6. Viral 9
  7. Three girls id with the same name with at least 2,.5 k friends.
  8. One Facebook page of 5k fans
  9. A Group Of 10k Members

Video Tutorial:- How To Make Money Using Facebook step by step instructions

If you are a visual guy/ gal, then watch the video and understand all the steps. Don’t worry; we have also included all the details in this guide.

Embed this infographic on your site (copy code below): Courtesy of SEOFEETIPS

So first let’s discuss every tool and why we need them?

  1. Social Pilot :

We need this tool to automate our work. With the help of a social pilot, we can auto-accept friends, share our page post in hundreds of group at different time, auto-reply to every message, sending auto friends request by keywords, schedule our post in different groups, page, and timelines, auto commenting, liking another post, etc.

Before going further please download social pilot .

2. Famebit :

We need FameBit so we can get sponsors for our page. With the help of FameBit, we can get sponsors very easily.

Join Famebit

3. Amazon affiliate: To promote amazon products so we can make money online.

Make amazon affiliate account .

6. SEOclerks:

It’s an optional tool. To outsource our work like buying fans, buying likes, comments, etc so we can make dollars fast.

sign up for seoclerks

7. Viral9: A network for publishers to allow them to share content in return for money. They pay on a CPM base.

Sign up for viral9

8. Girls Id: Our main tool to make money on Facebook. Girls get more likes than boys. [sorry boys]

So our first step is to create these types of profiles, groups, and pages, and in this post, I will reveal some secrets that how can make such big groups and big pages quickly and easily.

There are many page groups and profile which are making huge money on Facebook right now So if other can make why not we can?

So Just Start let’s start step by step process of how to make money on Facebook 2024 :

Step 1: Creating Perfect Facebook ID

  • Visit and create a new Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook account, do NOT use it. Just create a new Facebook account, because, in your existing (old) account, your friends are your personal friends and also they’re not very niche targeted.
  • Your new Facebook account should look like a profile of an 18-20 years old girl. Girls get more attention and gain friends quickly. The name should be sweet & common. It shouldn’t look like a fake profile. It should be sober, natural, and simple.
  • Go to or pixabay and find the pictures that represent girls like flowers, candles, lips, cleavage (sorry girls), etc. and upload one of them as your profile picture. Don’t place pictures of someone other. Enter as much information as you can into your profile because people don’t like empty profiles. Simple!

Steps 2- Making friends –

To make our Friends fast here is the way:-

The free Option is you join the following big group on FB. For your help, I have listed some big groups. Simply Join big groups which list are below

Big Group Links [25 Groups Each having 500k members. They will make your ID viral and give fast money for your work]

[sociallocker id=”2677″]



Join all groups one by one and add some friends from groups members

Now upload a good-looking girl photo with captions like

Add me , I want friends or I am in searching for new friends

Using this method You will get 1000 requests each hour

  • Accept All Requests Fastly And Add 200-300 Persons From Suggestions.
  • When You Reach At 700-800 Friends, Your ID Will Get Viral.
  • 900+ Requests Will Come In minutes.
  • Accept All Requests In One Click by using any tool.

In This Way, You Can Make 5000 Friends In One Hour.

Repeat the same process with all three ids.

Now you have a profile to make money.

How to make money with a Facebook profile :

  1. Simply go to vcommsion or amazon affiliate or both and sign up for an affiliate account.
  2. Once you get approval post your affiliate link to your profile and another group.
  3. Make sure you share 3 pics in a row and then 1 link . Then again repeat this process with all three accounts.
  4. You will easily make $100-$200/week at auto-pilot with this method.
  5. To automate this whole process use mass-planner and onlywire or both.

Now you have a clear idea of how to make money on Facebook. So Just Take Action, Make Money and Show the world who you are.

Note: 1. This process is legal.

2. Make sure you have filled your profile with full details.

3. Never post nude/semi-nude pics on Facebook.

4. Never post more than 40 groups in a day.

5. Never copy other pics.

Just keep all these rules in mind and make huge money. Now we move to our second method which is about how we make money on Facebook with a fan page.

How To Make Money On Facebook Page :

To make money with our FB page, we need at least 5000 fans on our page and which is not a big deal. Well I am showing you the exact method to make big pages in a few days

Method#1 Turn Facebook Profile into Page


1. log in to the account that you want to convert.

2. Set up your profile name to the name of the page you want to convert.

3. When ready open this form.

4. In this you will find full clarification.

5. Now select page categories like business, brand, category, etc.

Sometimes, it shows this error that logs in to your account from the previous device you used for logging in. So don’t worry it takes 24-48 hours because of account security after this time period you are able to migrate. After providing the password your page will refresh and start converting your account into the page and wait for a few min to complete the conversion of all members.

After complete conversion, your page is ready to use. you can also enjoy your page from the existing account also you can make your other account an admin by email adding at admin panel.

Now you have converted your id into the page. Do the same process with the other 2 ids and make a Facebook page with the same name. Once you have done this, merge all three pages into one. So in 3 to 4 days, you will have 15000 fan pages without spending a dollar on ads.

You can do this process with as many accounts. You can have multiple pages with various categories.

By this method, You can make 100K pages in just seven days. and it’s time to start earning by Facebook.

Method#2 You can get free page likes from Alexa-master.

But before that, we also need that make our page go viral. So here is the full process of how to make our Facebook page viral.

How to make your fan page go viral!

Tip 1: Keep posting newer things on your wall about your fan page. Ask people to join your fan page to get free tips in your niche. Repeat this process a few times a day and you will be amazed on seeing the tremendous growth.

Tip 2: Share funny, niche relates, asking question images. Only share images most times.

Tip 3: Share your all images into multiple groups at a different time delays.

Tip 4: Invite your friends to like your page. You can do this with a single click.

Final Steps of How To Make Money On Facebook Pages 2024-

Now its time to make big money from our fan page. Here is the full process :

  1. Sele Fanpage posts. So you have a big Facebook fan page but are still not sure how to make money from it. Selling posts on your fan page is the easiest way to make money apparently.
  2. You can get a sponsor for your post with FameBit.Simply sign up for a FameBit account and request some offers.
  3. Sign up with Shop something. comand make sure you have a minimum of 1000 likes on your fan page.
  4. Add your fan page to ShopSomething and confirm you’re the owner of the page.
  5. Set a price per post for your page. Now, this is important, make sure you set the price correctly because No one would buy posts on your page if the price is too high.
  6. You can also sign up for viral9 and share their content on your page like this :

2. Publicize for Local Dealers

This is one of the most secure alternatives to acquire. When you have a better than average number of supporters on your Facebook Fan Page, you can approach the neighborhood merchants to promote for them and charge them in like manner.

Once the cycle begins and the word spreads, you can include more merchants and build the cost for commercial.

3. Social Advertisements

This is to some degree like what you do in a site – offer commercial space. By offering spaces to promotions, you can acquire by means of pay-per-click. Each time anyone ticks on any notice, you acquire.

4. Advance Affiliate/Referral Links

Many people pay you to advance their item by means of your celebrated Fan Page. You can concur upon some shared terms and begin off.

This will simply be easy acquiring, on the grounds that you have officially done the diligent work before; this will be an ideal opportunity to harvest advantage

You can post affiliate links as posts about any products. Now you can send the affiliate links that you generated from Amazon or any other company.

But, please make short those long affiliate links using any URL shortener. You can use Google URL Shortener or any other paid server. Because long URLs in posts look naughty. So try to post politely not like a robot.

5. Sell your own products or service

The richest person in this world is those who are selling their own product like Bill Gates or Dhiru Bhai Ambani. First, you should know your profession and expertise field and then start your own business and promote it over the Internet

You can create an e-book related to your field and can sell it at or any other e-book selling site. Using this method, you will be super rich in a few days.

Making money with Facebook & Famebit

Let me give you the general idea of Famebit. It’s really an innovative idea that connects bigger brands and social influencers. If you have 10,000 or more followers on Facebook or Twitter or any popular social media, then you’re eligible for this program.

Just sign up for new account & these big brands in your niche will monetize your audience earning you passive money.

make money using Facebook $100+ a day

Now, most of you will have questions…how do I get 10k followers? It’s pretty hard to get followers on Facebook, but you can easily do this with Twitter.

Just open a Twitter account & access it on a desktop browser. Now open chrome extensions & search for the Twitter auto follower. Using these scripts, you will gain 200-500 followers each day. So it won’t be difficult to gain 10k followers within 1 month.

Shopify+Facebook= Big Money [But need investment]

If you want to know how to make money on Facebook at least $100/Day then you need to use Shopify. In this 1 hours video, My friends described each and everything:-

Email Marketing+Facebook= Big Money [But need investment]

If you want to know how to make money on Facebook at least $100/Day then you need to use email marketing. In this 15 hours video, My friends described each and everything:-

Tools You Need for Email marketing:-

Some Cardinal Tips for Working on Facebook Pages

  • Consistency is the key thing, whatever the field is. A similar concept belongs to Facebook.
  • Spam material should always be avoided. You should always try new and trending groups with new efforts.
  • Good quality images are always necessary to make an impact on others as well as sell items on a regular interval. You should always choose the right resolution picture in this case.
  • In this post, all the secret tips and points have been explained in very sophist language for generating income with facebook’s different sources. These all tips will surely help you to get money from here.

How To Making Money On Facebook Groups In 2024:

This is also very simple . Once you have a hell viral page or id you need to create just one group and add members to this group.TO faster this process you can use this chrome extension. You can also buy group members at seoclerks.

Once you have at least 10000 members you can make money with this also by a post affiliate link, my referral link, CPA links, sharing your page content into groups,s, etc. These are the best method ever you have read on how to make money on Facebook.

There is also one more method for how to make money on Facebook groups :

You need to make dealware / marketplace /buy or sell groups. Now you need to just make a deal between 2 members. once the deal is finished you will get some commission as per group rule. Here is a screenshot of a marketplace group :

Yes Of course you can sell pages/groups and ids to make more fast money . There are many buyers. The page you are seeing in the above image has been made by this method.

Final words for How to Make Money On Facebook 2024

This is a simple tip, but all are more important for earning money using a Facebook fan page, group, or id.

Hence, you can earn money here by promoting other people’s products on your own page. It’s your own style & approach that how you can do this smoothly!! I hope you have now a clear idea about how to make money on Facebook 2024.

The success Key is this you need to do all work at a faster speed. You need to autopilot these works and focus your time on other main works .remember to use software like jarvee, etc to make all task completely runs on auto-pilot.

If you have any suggestions about making money from Facebook Please tell us free mind, We will include them here, If you like this article, please comment below,

If you think that it also may be useful for your friends then also share this with your friends. Have you any other method on the subject of how to make money on Facebook 2024?


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