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A2 Hosting Review with 51% Coupon Code -Is It Better than Bluehost? 2024

In this A2 Hosting Review, I am introducing you to best-shared hosting. You will also get a 51% coupon code for A2 Hosting.

Choosing a reliable web hosting provider can sometimes get messy, especially when there are a lot of choices to make.

As days pass, the web hosting companies are coming up with unresisting offers at low prices, and shared hosting is becoming cheaper than ever.

If you are confused about the best hosting provider for your website, today in this post we are reviewing A2 hosting which is of the pioneers of the web hostingindustry,y and we have got good things to say because of the features they offer.

Let’s cut it and jump into the review:

What are we going to cover in this review of A2 web hosting?

  1.   Features provided by A2 Hosting.
  2.   Basic plans and pricing of A2 Hosting:
  3.   Support and reliability of A2 Hosting,
  4.   Technical terms such as Uptime and specifications offered by A2 Hosting servers.
  5.   Payments were accepted by A2 Hosting.
  6. Pros and cons of A2 hosting.

Well, first things first, before diving into the review, let us make one thing clear. We are in no way promoting A2 hosting, nor are we bound to write any negative reviews about it, this is the review of A2 hosting that has been used by us.

The introduction of A2 Hosting:

Year of foundation: 2001.

Founder: Bryan Muthig.

Motto: Lightning fast server loading time, best developer tools for clients, first-class 24/7/365, and a dedicated guru team.

This is the best web hosting I recommended to you.A2A is faster, more reliable, and cheaper than other hosting services like Bluehost or HostGator.

I used A2 hosting for my high traffic blog and I don’t see any downtime even one of my blogs receives 50K page views per day.

They claim to be 20X Faster than other hosts? But how is this possible?

Here is the answer:-

A2 Hosting is taking extra precautions to limit the number of people on ‘shared’ hosting servers and implementing additional functionality like caching which stores information in people’s browsers.

So they are not greedy like Bluehost or Hostgator. They have a limited website on 1 shared web server.

So if you are just starting and looking for the best shared web hosting I recommended to go with A2A hosting.

I enjoyed 99.7% uptime for my websites hosted with A2A hosting.

So If you want to make a successful blog, you must choose A2 host over Bluehost.

How cool is this?

Read Real User Review:-

A2 hosting features:

A2 Hosting is known for top-notch developer tools and the high server response time as well as reliability. These factors helped A2 hosting to grow from scratch. Back in 2001, A2 Hosting started to provide the most reliable and customer-friendly service which made them pioneers in many fields.

The important feature offered by A2 Hosting is that high-speed performance server which every webmaster prefers. Due to the company’s most satisfactory service for the past 16 years, it’s something which everyone should try their hands on A2 hosting service. And also the tools developed over time in the last 10 years are also made A2 hosting more user-friendly.

I have described all features in this 2 Hosting Review below.

If you want to know the features of A2 Hosting in technical terms, here you go:

  1.   SSD hosting: Compared to old-school hard drives, solid-state drives are much better regarding speed and processes as well as read and write operations. Almost all plans from A2 Hosting uses SSD which made them one of the fastest hosting provider.
  2.   Cloud hosting: This is another feature offered by A2 Hosting which provides the best security for your data over servers and cloud hosting is said to be the most secure way to host websites yet. Thanks to the exceptional hosting service by A2 hosting, your data stored in A2 servers are secure and not penetrable from potential threats.
  3.   RAID-10: This is something which might not hear of, let us tell you. RAID stands for Redundant array of independent disks, which means, the data of your website you store on the servers are sometimes prone to get corrupted, so what RAID does is, it creates a copy of your data on a different hard disk when the data is corrupted, you need not worry because the copies available in various hard drives would replace the corrupted data resulting in zero downtime.
  4.   Developing tools: There are plenty of tools available in A2 hosting which are developed by Gurus over the past ten years which makes your work easier than ever.

Other features offered by A2 Hosting is,

  •   99.9% uptime.
  •   Various support options include live chat, email as well as phone 24/7/365.
  •   The loading speed of 3X using SSDs.
  •   No limit on bandwidth and storage.
  •   You can create as many email accounts as you want.
  •   One-click software installations.
  •   Risk-free money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied with their service.

Some Other  Features Of  A2 Hosting:-

  1. 3x Faster: – Though They claimed 20X Faster speed on VPS.
  2. Cheaper: Bluehost charges $3.95/mo but they charge $3.92
  3. Great Customer Support: -Bluehost has a lot of queries to handle but A2A has fewer complaints so their customer support is far better than other companies. You can get support via live chat, free phone calls, and email.
  4. Free Site Transfer: Yes, if you want to transfer your site from Blogger to WordPress or another hosting provider to A2A then just contact their support and they will do it for free.
  5. FreeHack  Scan: – Bluehost cost 497.0/year for this product but at A2A host you will get it for free.It will also keep away your site from hackers and malware.
  6. Free Domain and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Hosting plans of A2 Hosting:

Be it a basic plan for a few visitors A2 hosting has a LITE plan, or an intermediate hosting for regular visitors A2 hosting has a SWIFT plan, or if you are a professional with high traffic, you can go with a TURBO plan. And also there are VPS hosting as well as managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and Flex managed dedicated servers. A2 hosting got you covered for all your needs, and A2 Hosting has a broad range of plans which suits your requirements.

Shared Hosting: They have three main shared hosting plans:

  • Lite plan: This plan starts from $3.92 per month. It supports 1 domain name, 5 subdomains, 5 databases, and 25 email accounts.
  • Swift plan: This plan starts from $4.90 per month. It supports unlimited domain names, databases, and email accounts.
  • Turbo plan: This plan starts from $9.31 per month. It supports unlimited domain names, databases, and email accounts. It also comes with HTTP/2 and SPDY support for improved website speed.’ rel=”nofollow” target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=”]Get A2 Hosting With 51% OFF

How to sign up for A2 Hosting:

Follow these steps to sign up with A2 Hosting:

  1.   Go to and Select Your Desired Plan [Coupon code is already enabled in this link. You can use “flash51” to get 51% off] A2 Hosting Vs Bluehost
  2.   Now you have 3 options. If you want a new domain then fill out the first box and your desired domain name.

A2 Hosting Coupon Code

  1. If you have already owned a domain then select the second option.
  2. You will be then redirected to the sign-up page, where you have to fill in all details.
  3. Your order form will look like this:- [You need to click on continue after this]
  4.   You will get the confirmation email from A2 hosting as soon as your sign-up process is complete.
  5. That’s All.

Payment modes accepted by A2 Hosting:

You don’t have to worry much about payment modes as A2 Hosting accepts all kinds of major debit and credit cards including Visa, Master card as well as payments of PayPal as well as skrill is also accepted.


If you are living in a country like Pakistan and Bangladesh etc and don’t have PayPal, You can also pay by Skrill for A2 Hosting.

Customer support of A2 Hosting:

Well, there are companies, which claim to be customer friendly resolve the issues within minutes but trust us, we have used them all.

A2 Hosting Review and customer Support

Most of them are crap, and the service team would take hours and sometimes days to resolve the tickets. But A2 hosting stands apart from all hosting providers when it comes to customer support; we have experienced it ourselves.

A2 Hosting believes that reliable customer service is what keeps the hosting companies in the business. Every time you have an issue A2 hosting promises to resolve it in minutes rather than hours from personal tough.

Since their motto says 24/7/365, they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, you don’t have to wait until they get back to you, because it won’t take more than a few minutes to get in touch with customer care.

And importantly, while communicating with A2 Hosting staff, you need not worry as the recruitment team of A2 hosting is top-notch, friendly, and they speak fluent English and a professional support system can solve your technical issues quicker.

This is one of the best things you are reading in this A2 Hosting Review.

A2 Hosting Review: Risk-free money-back guarantee

Before opting for any web hosting company, we will always be unsure of the service provided by them. But you don’t have to feel so while choosing A2 hosting because they know that downtime causes a huge loss in terms of revenues and that is the reason they offer 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their hosting.

This is because they let you use their service free of cost to make sure that A2 hosting is reliable.

As we quoted earlier, A2 data centers are backed by SSD as well as sophisticated tireless technological advancements which make them of the best web hosting providers available with best in class customer support.

You can try A2 hosting for a month, and if you think you can better service, you can just walk away with your cash and no questions asked! But we are sure that A2 Hosting would surely retain you as their loyal customer for their exceptional services.

Tell me in a comment what is your A2 Hosting Review? Is it positive or Negative?

Comparison with Bluehost hosting:

 A2 Hosting ReviewBluehost Review
BBB Rating A+ A+
Price:$3.92 mo. – $9.31 mo.  $3.49 mo. – $13.95 mo.
Unlimited Bandwidth:Yes Yes
Unlimited Storage:Yes yes
Hosting Interface: cPanel cPanel
Server Uptime: 99.9% 99.7%
Full Refund Period:Anytime30 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available: Yes Yes
Unlimited Email:Yes Yes
Host Multiple Domains:Yes Yes
Started Business:2003 1996
Data Center Location:Michigan, USA; Amsterdam, EUR; Singapore, Asia Provo, UT
Free Extras:
  • Attract SEO and Marketing Tools
  • Free HackScan and Security Tools
  • Free Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • CloudFlare Content Delivery Network
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Patchman Enhanced Security Tool
  • Integrated ManageWP Account
  • Search Engine Submission Tools
  • $100 Google Advertising Credit
  • $50 Facebook Ad Credit
  • Free Yellowpages Listing

Well, we have to agree that Bluehost is also a reliable company, and even though the plans of Bluehost are cheaper than A2 hosting, we find it’s hard to recommend Bluehost over A2 hosting because you won’t get the ultimate server speed, SSD drive with A2 optimization and also friendly customer support as Bluehost lacks in many fields.

The hosting plans of the Bluehost are a lot cheaper doesn’t mean better than A2 hosting per se.

And also the customer support of Bluehost isn’t as professional and quick as A2 hosting when it comes to the loading time of servers, we found that A2 hosting is much better in terms of handling server response time where Bluehost failed miserably.

Pros of A2 Hosting:

  1. 24 hours customer support with the friendly support team.
  2. Reliable hosting with no downtime at all.
  3. Plenty of plans to choose from.
  4. Incredible page loading speeds due to SSD and also ideal hosting for WordPress users.
  5. One-click installation programs with a hassle-free interface.
  6. 100% carbon neutral, which makes them as only web hosting provider creating environmental awareness.

Cons of A2 Hosting:

Only Linux hosting is available, if you want Windows hosting, you might have to look at other options.

Mod_perl, HTML doc, and Cold fusion are not supported as of now.

The less number of data centers forces you to choose from the nearest data center available.

A2 Hosting Review: Final Verdict:

Should you really choose A2 Hosting?

We say, YES!

A2 Hosting is reliable, faster than ever, has best-in-class customer support, and most importantly, you get everything within your budget, and you can just be assured about the money you pay with the risk-free money-back guarantee. So before you look at other options, check out A2 Hosting, and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Share your thoughts about this A2 hosting Review? Which hosting service are you using?


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