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11 Best Video Editing Software For YouTube

    If you have decided to put yourself in front of a camera without any hesitation and need a video editor app so that you can upload it on the big social platform, this post is for you. Many people showcase their talents on YouTube and try to continue their passion for the future. If they are uploading any video they will require some editing apps as well.

    Here are the 11 best video editing software for YouTube

    11 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

    1. OpenShot Video Editor

    This is one of the amazing video editor apps you can use on a laptop or computer. This app provides a wide range of video, audio, and image file format. This app is very useful for resizing, scaling, trimming, and effects to video.

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    2. iMovie

    This app is already installed in MAC. This is also the best video editing app. It offers a lot of amazing video editing tools. You can download this app for windows as well for free. It is very easy to use and handle.

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    3. AVS Video Editor

    This platform is totally for editing and layout of professional videos. It has a huge range of styles, transitions, and special effects. It is also very user-friendly and if you have used some other tools it will be easy for you to use this tool as well.

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    4. Movavi Video Editor

    Here you are able to create home movies in a visual and fun way. This is available on both MAC and Windows for free. If you are just starting youtube and need to edit some videos like a professional you should try this application.

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    5. Adobe Premiere Pro

    This is the best software to create unique and unmatched projects. From this application, you can add great audiovisual designs. This is not so user-friendly, only a professional, who has used different kinds of tools can easily handle it.

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    6. Adobe After Effects

    This application is popular for creating animation graphics in 3D, special effects, and visual animations. It is very difficult to manage it, but it is very effective once used. You will get high-quality videos.

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    7. Camtasia Studio

    This is one of the most popular screen recording tools available in the market. This application can be used for multiple options, you can here use screen recording and video editing at the same time. This is not a free tool.

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    8. HitFilm Express

    Every YouTube content creator uses this app for editing videos. It offers a lot of editing features like a trimmer, filter, effects, etc. New users can get confused for a while, but it is very user-friendly. This is one of the best video editing software for YouTube.

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    This is one of the top-rated video editing apps available on windows. This app provides a lot of video effects and audio effects. This is an advanced video editing tool and is used by many YouTube creators.

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    10. Lumen5

    This application is available on the web as well. You can use this application for free. It turns the blog into social promos. This application is made for social media marketers and YouTube creators only.

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    11. Filmora X

    This application allows you to edit videos with high-quality effects. The interface is very simple and you can easily use this application. Here, you can add filters, effects, transitions, elements, and many other features.

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    What do YouTubers use to edit their videos?

    There are many premium applications that YouTubers use to edit their videos. I have tried to list the 11 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

    How can I edit a video like a pro?

    You have to check on the list of the easiest applications and then you can learn how to edit videos like a pro from YouTube or Google. Learn to edit videos from other platforms.

    Do YouTubers edit their videos?

    Yes, they do edit their videos.

    Final Words

    In this article, I have tried to list the 11 Best Video Editing Software For YouTube, which will help you to edit videos in a very easy way. If you are thinking to share your talent on YouTube you must try these video editing apps and learn how you can get pro in it.

    Share this article with your friends. So that they can also edit their videos like PRO.

    If I have missed any software or if you find any difficulties in this article let me know in the comment section.


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