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11 Best Android games of 2022

Best Android games

Gaming on mobile has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. Android games seem to hit new heights every year. Recently that in 2022 we can see the most trending games like PUBG Mobile, Battle Heart 2 and more, Let’s see all these below.


PUBG Mobile is a great game for present generations to experience wonderful gameplay. Personally, I suggest this exam is best suited for people who want to spend some time online with known or unknown friends and team together to become winners in the game. If you never played this game, hurry up and download it from Google Play Store and start having game fun. “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” Get this to your Watsapp status tonight !!

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2. Battleheart 2

It’s the same simple game with that combat engine from the previous game with added tweaks. In this the graphics are awesome also with additional characters to choose from, we can see the multiplayer mode in this that’s the best thing in this game to come in second in best games.

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3. Alto’s Adventure

The best thing in this game is one-touch controls and several unlockable characters for performing multiple backflips, It has beautiful mountain scenery, a fantastic soundtrack, and day/night transitions, It’s a must and should game for everyone. This game helps one to know why perfection is important to a small development team.

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4. Shadowgun Legends

I’m not sure what phone I am gonna get yet but I’m getting a new phone strictly for this game. One day we won’t have a need for gaming consoles, sooner or later games like this among others will truly be an immersive experience that I can’t wait to experience for myself. Thank you for developing this beautiful game.

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5. Asphalt 9: Legends

Here come’s the fantastic “Car Racing Game” the one who is fond of races and cant make it happen in their real-life opt for the best games like this. The special in this game is its Graphics- One word “FANTASTIC” also it has many different levels to complete and many new cars coming in levels, there is also an upgrade option for every car. The best thing we can say in this game is before starting the play we can see how much energy for the car is required for a particular level to win the race.

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If you’re a Legend of Zelda lover, then Oceanhorn is the best-suited game for you. The popular title features a solid Oral or narrative and intense visuals, along with captivating music. It’s very easy to play as well.

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It’s a great time killer. You cant improve with skill alone. Certain weapons and armor are only available if you pay for the cards. So be prepared to get annihilated in multiplayer mode if you aren’t spending $$. A new multiplayer battlefield would be dope. Overall an enjoyable game.

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Fun game, with decent variety. Premium currency (only one type which is nice) can be earned by grinding. In-app prices seem excessive-high which puts me off, only purchased the half-price VIP offer. Be prepared to watch a ton of adverts, but there are no pop-ups and they are purely optional.

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Amazing! Absolutely brilliant game. Such an addictive game, I love the mechanical gameplay graphics everything besides a few things. 1. I think that if the match draws there should be an extension and penalty shootout. 2. I don’t understand why if you fall near the goalkeeper, it doesn’t give you a penalty 3. The energy takes too long to refill. PLEASE if game developers are reading this please try and do something about this

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Very engaging, easy to load, has good graphics, has very good action, next to nothing when it comes to data cost, and most importantly, you don’t need to pay to play. My suggestion is to add more events like the new clash of the clan league. Two things, one, is the inability to change the global chat language the other issue is where you are planning against other clans most of the time you see these miss matches. The developers should definitely fix these issues.

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If you like playing strategic games at your own slow pace this is perfect… If you like sitting and spending an hour straight on an app looking for some action; this is also perfect. Either way, you won’t EVER be forced to pay in order to advance your progress or to play at full capacity. There are so many aspects to this deceptively simple game that keeps you satisfied on many levels. The balance is an admirable, beautiful balance that keeps growing with each hour played. Technically, I have only dealt with one issue: app shutdowns after completing quests, but my progress has always been saved and all you have to do is spend an extra 30 seconds re-opening the app when this happens: Not a big deal. Stick through the first 20 minutes which can seem boring at times and the game grows exponentially after that!

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If we missed any of the best Android games, tell us about them in the comments!

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