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11 Best Apps for Checking Your Android Smartphone Is Working correctly or not

Best Apps for Checking Your Android Smartphone Is Working correctly or not
Best Apps for Checking Your Android Smartphone Is Working correctly or not

So how can you figure out what’s wrong with your gadget? Perhaps the accelerometer isn’t working properly, or web surfing over cell data or Wi-Fi is slow. What if you purchased a used Android Smartphone and want to make sure it runs properly? So in this article, I will list the Best Apps for Checking whether Your Android Smartphone Is Working correctly or not

11 Best Apps for Checking Your Android Smartphone Is Working correctly or not

1. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is similar to a quick ride to the doctor, except for your phone. The software helps you to perform a series of device hardware checks to ensure that any component of your phone is in working order.

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2. Device Info

Device Info

On the main screen, this software displays simple system statistics, and from there, you can access a more complex data map. You can access nine modules from the main menu, which will provide you with specific information on all of your device’s installed hardware features, as well as a status report.

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3. Accu-Battery:

One of the most aggravating facets of owning a mobile computer is battery life and loss. Your battery seems to be functioning normally one second and then explodes with just a 25% charge left the next. There’s an explanation for this: batteries have a finite lifespan, and the vast majority of us fail to treat them properly.

Your battery troubles would not be solved by using the AccuBattery software. No app will save you if your battery is dead. AccuBattery, on the other hand, runs a battery health test to figure out when the battery is in its lifecycle.

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4. Sensor Box:

If you’re looking for an Android app to review all of your phone’s available sensors, Sensor Box is a must-try. This software tests sensors such as the accelerometer, light, vibration, magnetic sensor, and others. After the scan, the app produces an easy-to-understand study.

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5. Phone Check:

The best Android hardware scanning software is Phone Check (and Test). The software works similarly to the desktop app CPU-Z, providing a comprehensive overview of your phone’s hardware while also providing a wide variety of hardware testing choices.

Thankfully, the software is simple to use. The Monitor choice gives you a quick snapshot of your phone’s current state, including CPU load, battery power, and overall health, as well as current network connections.

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6. Dead Pixels Test and Fix:

Dead Pixels Test and Fix is mostly known for performing checks to determine the state of your mobile screen and determining whether or not your Smartphone has any dead pixels.

As a result, you can use Dead Pixels Test and Fix to patch them and restore the brightness of your screen. The app does not, however, promise that the dead pixels on the phone will be repaired.

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7. GSam Battery Monitor:

This app will tell you how much time you have left before your mobile battery has to be recharged. When it comes to identifying battery-draining applications, GSam Battery Monitor is pretty good. Aside from that, it also displays historical averages that can be used to measure the overall health of the battery.

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8. Hardware Info:

This is yet another lightweight app that displays details about your Android device’s hardware capabilities. The information is provided in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format, with sections such as System, Display, Processor, RAM, Memory, and so on.

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9. My Device:

It’s a powerful but simple app that gives you all the information you need about your phone. You’ll find all pertinent information about your device’s sensors, as well as information about its System on Chip (SoC), battery tech specs, and memory.

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10. CPU Monitor:

image 5

The software helps you to keep track of the CPU temperature and frequency in real-time, as well as review CPU frequency data in the past. One Tap Boost, ram widget, CPU widget, power widget, overheat warning, status bar floating window, desktop floating display, and several more features are included in the game.

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11. Droid Hardware Info

If you want to check the hardware specification of your phone plus you need a lightweight app this is for you. This will provide you with a piece of detailed information about your phone including device type, system, memory, camera, and many more.

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These applications are some of the freest ways to verify the fitness of your Android device. On the Play Store, there is a slew of applications that claim to search, patch, refresh, and clean your Android Smartphone. The vast majority of applications aren’t evil, but they’re copies of existing projects with no creativity or functionality.


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