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6 Best Discord Servers for Among Us in 2024

There are many best multiplayer games that are available on every device, android, iOs, and desktop. But if we see in all total now the most famous and played game is Among US. The best thing about this game is it permits cross-platform both PC and mobile users to play together.

If you have played this game you must be knowing that this game has a chat system, not a voice system. So there is no voice chat option where we can discuss the strategies. If the game does not provide a chat system that does not mean you can’t enable voice chat on Among US.

We can join and use discord server which will help us to chat and discuss the strategies.

List of 6 Best Discord Servers for Among US

Discord server is the best option to voice that with our teammates and we can communicate via chat as well.

1. Innersloth

This is the biggest Among US Discord servers with over 700,000+ active members. You can easily find and join a group to play Among US with your friends on the server. You will also find a voice chat option where you can communicate with your team members. The server has some strict rules that you have to follow. If they found you are cheating you will be kicked that time only.

2. Among US

This server is the second biggest Discord server having more than 500,000+ active users. The server proposes 180 voice lobbies, which is more than that of the official server of Innersloth. When you will join the server you will be given a 10-minute cooldown before you message something.

3. Among the US community

The third biggest discord server for Among US is “Among US community”. This server has 200,000+ active members. The community host tournament for the player who is there on the servers, which make the game more attractive and addictive.

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4. Among US LFG

This is also one of the best Discord sever on our list. The LFG stands for LOOKING FOR GROUP. This is basically dedicated to Among US players who are looking for a group. The server has 170,000+ active members. Though, there are some strict rules which you have to follow. Any person found cheating will be banned and removed at that time only.

5. Among US India

If you are from India and looking for Indian players this is the best server for you. The discord server has more than 28000+ active members. It is one of the largest servers in India. The Indian community gives some very cool features like Music Bot, Karaoke VCs, and more.

6. Daddy

This is a server that is not only for Among US only but for other games as well. You will also get a dedicated gaming channel for each game and can find players and enjoy the game. Just like other servers they too have voice calls, a supportive staff, and many other features. The best feature is you can watch anime on this server and can make new friends while playing a game.

So these are the six best discord servers for Among US 2024. If you were finding for a discord server I think you will get your answer here.

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Is there a discord server for Among us?

Yes, there is too many discord server for Among US. The best server is Innersloth or Among US

How do I make an among US discord server?

You can make an among US discord server like this: –

  • Click on the Short link provided by the bot.
  • Log in to the Discord server in the browser.
  • It will redirect you to a new page, where the preferred server will be asked to select.
  • Click on the blank box below the Add to Server option.

What is discord among us?

Discord server will allow Among US players to communicate with them through voice rather than just a message. They can play their games with strategies and it will get more interesting.

Is among us free on PC?

No, Among US is not free on PC. It will cost you $5. 


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