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11 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows PC in 2024

    Technology is getting advanced day by day in the whole world every term. Just like that calls and texting have not been only the just priority now. These days’ people choose to video call rather than just texting or calling.

    I am here to list the best free video calling apps for windows. You can easily communicate with your friends and family if you stay long apart.

    11 Best Free Video Calling Apps For Windows PC

    1. Skype

    This is one of the best video calling apps which people can use all for free. This is listed as the first because it is very popular throughout the world. It gives many functions and features to the user, with the best quality video calling system.

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    2. Google hangouts

    This has become a very popular video calling app on windows 10. Many people have shifted to this app due to COVI-19. This app gives free video calling services, messages, audio calls, and many other features.

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    3. Viber

    This is not the top-listed video calling service but it allows high-quality video calling, It also offers a WhatsApp type chat interface where you can message or send the sticker to people and can communicate there as well. This support group video call option with a maximum of 250 people.

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    4. IMO Messenger

    If you are searching for user-friendly and free video call apps for windows this is the best app for you. It also provides all kinds of features like audio calls, video calls, messages, and many more. Here you can share the picture, video, and text with the public.

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    5. Line

    This is very popular for text messages. However, when the app’s developer gets to know all the rivals added video chat functions, they have also advanced their system by adding this new feature. You can enjoy smooth video calling with the friends

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    6. WeChat

    This app is also famous on Android and iOS. This is now also available in Windows for free. In this app, you can transfer files also with high-quality video chat. Around one billion active users use this app.

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    7. Whatsapp

    Well everyone knows about this app. This is the beast on the list. Not only video calls, but you can also message, text, send files, audio, documents, and many other things here. Approximately 400 million people use this app just in India. It does not support too many group calls, just 4 people can join and attend the call.

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    8. iSeeVM

    Well, ISeeVM makes YouMail available on Windows operating system. On Android and iOS, You Mail gives one of the best voice calls and video calls. Around 3 billion active users use this app for video calls and voice calls.

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    9. Discord

    For gamers, this is the best app for voice calls and video calls. It gives cross-platform support. With cross-platform support, you can communicate with Android, iOS, Mac, and Web users at the same time. It supports video calls with 25 people only.

    Click Here

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    10. Zoom Meeting

    Students can understand how much this app is important at the time of this pandemic COVID-19. Every school teaches online nowadays so this app becomes very famous this year. It helps you to communicate with more than 100 people over video calls at the same time.

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    11. Google DUO

    This is also the best video chat app since 2018. This app is very user-friendly. You just have to log in and verify your number then bang you will get this app. You can video call with 32 people at the same time on this app.

    Click Here

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    That’s all about Best Free Video Calling Apps For Windows PC, you can try all these apps with your friends, and family. If you are a teacher or vocational speaker this app will surely work for you.

    If there is another app that you want me to add on let me know in the comment box. Plus, if you find any difficulties in these apps do not hesitate to comment below.


    How can I make free video calls on my computer?

    I have listed 11 Best Free Video Calling Apps For Windows PC, every website or app works on a computer and you can make free video calls from any of the websites.

    Which is the safest app for video calling?

    Every app which I have listed is a safe app for video calling. 

    How can I video call from my PC?

    Open the website or app from the list, every website or app is very user-friendly so you just have to follow a few steps which will be given there. After following some steps you can video call anyone from there. 


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