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11 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2024

    Android is the most operating phone in India but the very rich person will surely have an iPhone in his hand. Everyone loves to play the game, and playing game with friends make the gaming experience more exciting.

    I have listed some best Multiplayer iPhone Games which can play with your friends and enjoy it.

    So let’s get started…

    11 Best Multiplayer iPhone Games in 2024

    1. Call of Duty

    After the ban of PUBG, everyone has shifted to free fire or Call of duty. But I would list Call of Duty as the best multiplayer iPhone Game. Just like PUBG you can play this with your friend and communicate with them. The game has unique maps, guns, and rewards. Overall it is only the best multiplayer iPhone game right now.

    Click Here.

    2. Among US

    This is another best multiplayer iPhone game. This game supports four to ten people and the same time. You can’t be able to communicate with your friends over here. You can rather use discord for a better experience. Around 500+ million people play this game in India.

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    3. Asphalt 9

    iPhone helps to give high-quality graphics, plus if you play this game you will see the better use of graphics on your phone. This is the most popular car racing game available on iOS. It has both single and multiplayer modes.

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    4. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

    This game also gives realistic driving effects. It is not better than Asphalt 9 but it is good in its way. This game also delivers a choice to play the game online within your virtual media. The rating of this game is 4.4 and has millions of active users.

    Click Here.

    5. Monopoly

    In childhood, everyone has played this game and it is the best game when we use to play with friends. You will find the same fun as you use to have before when you buy a house, hotels, cars, etc. This is one of the best board games which you can play with your friends.

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    6. N.O.V.A 3

    This is also the best multiplayer iPhone game. The game has very high graphics and is quite addictive. This is the best FPS game that you can play with your friends on your iPhone. This game provides us with new weapons, unique upgrades, and the best graphics.

    Click Here.

    7. Drive Ahead

    Drive Ahead is the best multiplayer iPhone game I came across. This is the monster truck game where you can knock other players in the head with care. The game provides us with a unique concept and is full of fun.

    Click Here.

    8. Clash Of Clans

    I think this is the oldest, still the best game of all time. This game is very addictive once played. The best thing about this game is you can play this game with your friends by creating or joining a clan. This game requires strategy in which you need to build a building, upgrade troops and attach other players.

    Click Here.

    9. Hay Day

    The developer of this game is also the developer of Clash of Clans. In this game, you need to build the farm, harvest crops, trade goods, etc strategy-wise. This is not at all a battle game like clash of clans but it is the best multiplayer game.

    Click Here.

    10. 8 Ball Pool

    This game is played by many. This game is very popular in India. Here you have to win the game by potting all your balls of yours from your friends. This is also the best multiplayer iPhone game. This game is not so addictive.

    Click Here.

    11. Table Tennis Touch

    This is a sports game that is available on iOS, where you can play with your friends and enjoy some time. This is free to play and you need minimal space of 319.6Mb only. You can show your skills and earn rewards here.

    Click Here.

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    So above is the list of best multiplayer iPhone Games in 2024 where you can play these listed games with your friends and enjoy your time. Every game is addictive if you will play it every time. So it depends on you how much to play.

    So which game you will play next? Let us know in the comment section. If you have some more games which we should add to this list do not hesitate to comment below. 


    What iPhone games can you play with friends?

    I have listed the 11 best multiplayer iPhone games which you can play with your friends and other people.

    Can I play board games online with friends?

    There are many board games which you can play with your friends. The best board game is Monopoly.

    What mobile game has the best graphics?

    There are many games with the best graphics some are:

    • PUBG
    • Call of Duty
    • Asphalt 9
    • GT Racing 2


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