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How to Download Pleco Chinese Dictionary App for PC?

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    How to Download Pleco for PC?

    Are you curious or excited to learn or know about the Chinese word? Then you should definitely download pleco for pc to study the Chinese language or words on your computer. Basically, the pleco app is a Chinese dictionary that you can operate on your android gadget. But downloading pleco on your PC is also easier with a few steps. 

    There are different kinds of languages available globally, and the Chinese language is one of them. And the pleco app has basic words for starting learners. If you want to learn the language all by yourself, you can download pleco app on your PC. Read the whole article to know every detail about the pleco app.

    What is Pleco Application?

    Pleco is a Chinese dictionary application that provides an extra attachment of eight dictionaries. By writing them with a primary free version, you can take a look at anonymous typescripts. You also can look after unfamiliar Chinese words by pointing them at the camera of your phone. 

    Pleco is the software that is known for the best numerous attributes and qualities. This application supports definitions, searches, or handwriting of known and simplified characters. Pleco app provides several ways of input that include reader, voice recognition, and many more.

    Why You Should Choose Pleco App for PC?

    You should explore the pleco Chinese dictionary app if ever thought to learn the Chinese language without a teacher. With the help of pleco dictionary app, you will be able to understand the common words. This app can guide you to communicate properly through the Chinese language. The Pleco app also helps you to hear the pronunciation and enables you to say the word correctly after learning it.

    Pleco app provides two languages and those are English and Chinese. This app serves as a Chinese learning companion by its integration of Chinese English integration and documentation. This is one of the most famous apps for you if you are interested in learning Chinese words. Pleco app also allows anonymous usage of the application abiding by your convenience. 

    Benefits of Using Pleco for PC

    You can have some great benefits by downloading the pleco app on your PC. Some most significant benefits are given below:

    • The pleco app offers the exact sound and pronunciation for a clear understanding of words.
    • This app makes the learning process of the Chinese language easy and some timers provide details also.
    • Pleco app also offers recognition for voice and handwriting capabilities.
    • This app allows you to create flashcards for using the app even if you are offline.
    • You can decode any character of Chinese words by scanning through a camera from anywhere.

    Apk and Features of Pleco App

    This pleco Chinese dictionary app is getting popular day by day with its exclusive and useful features. Some of its unique features are given below. 

    • Two in One

    The pleco dictionary is an app that you can use like two in one function. This app assists you to gain knowledge of the Chinese language. And it also enables you to sound with proper pronunciation through the audio.

    • OCR (Optional Character Recognizer)

    The pleco app can provide you with a tool named OCR that works like a scanning machine. This option allows you to translate any Chinese word from any books, packages, or any other place through a camera.

    • Flashcard System

    The Pleco app gives you the facility to create the flashcard on the app. So, even if you are going offline, you can utilize the flashcard to learn the language. You can also check your learning progress and take preparation tests with a flashcard.

    How to Download and Install Pleco App for PC?

    Getting the pleco app for a Chinese dictionary is very easy on your android phone. And download pleco for pc is also easier by using android emulators. An android emulator makes the process simpler for downloading every android software on your PC. 

    To install you can use MEmu among several emulators such as Nox play, Bluestacks, Remix OS, and many more. The installation process is precise below with the support of the MEmu emulator. Have a look over the steps:

    • Step 1- Open your google browser, and write the name of the MEmu emulator in the search bar. And download the software from its authorized website.
    • Step 2- Launch the app by signing up with an email ID, after installing the software.
    • Step 3- From the emulator software go to the play store, type the pleco app name in the search bar and search for it.
    • Step 4- Choose the pleco app from the other android apps and choose the authentic one.
    • Step 5- Now, tap on the install button and it will take a certain time to install it on your device.
    • Step 6- By accepting the term and policies, now you can open the pleco app on your PC and start enjoying it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might have many questions about the Pleco app as it is a Chinese dictionary app. The following are some questions about this app. Check out those questions and their answers:

    • What is Pleco App?

    Pleco is a Chinese dictionary software. This app helps you in learning the Chinese language with the exact sound and pronunciation of their language.

    • Is it Enough to Learn Chinese Through Pleco App?

    Learning the whole language with any dictionary is a little bit harder. Pleco app can help you with the basic words and language to learn the Chinese language. 

    • Are There Paid Add-Ons Options for Pleco?

    Yes; in the pleco application, there are many options for paid add-ons. The price starts from 4.99GBP.


    For beginners who want to experience the Chinese language, they can have excellent proficiency with pleco dictionaries. You can get amazing Chinese grooves, and understand and speak Chinese at your own pace with various options from pleco app. You can learn unlimited Chinese words through this app and make sentences with those words.

    So, each country has its own style to talk with its language. So, trying to talk in that language may be a little bit tougher for you. But when the pleco app is here, you don’t have to worry about collaborating with other nations’ people. So, download pleco for pc to know the culture and talk with them in their own language.



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