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11 Terrible Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make (2022)

No matter how successful we are today, we once remained amateur bloggers.

New amateur bloggers create many errors or mistakes on their blogs. Some are ignorant and some of them are amateur, maybe due to negligence. Whatever it is mistakes are always mistakes. You have to fix it to be a successful blogger.

So in this post, I have collected a list of the mistakes that every amateur blogger performed when they started their blogging journey. I know you are because when I also enter this blogging world, I also committed many mistakes. After all, as a newbie, I don’t know too much about blogging.

Read this post till the end, so that you can know how many mistakes you are doing now.

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Benefit Of Reading This Post

  • You find the solution to every mistake which is registered here so read till the end.
  • If you a new in the blogging world don’t waste your time by doing plenty of mistakes just read the post you will know what to do.
  • You will find 11 mistakes that every amateur blogger makes.

So Let’s start listing the mistakes that every amateur blogger makes.

Here are common mistakes that amateur bloggers make – if you’re doing them, stop and learn!

1. Use Free Domain

Selecting a free domain name (, is one of the biggest mistakes every single new blogger creates when he jumps into his blogging career with a free domain name you cannot grow the business that you ask for. So having your domain name is what I recommend to every newbie blogger as it gives you more control over your website and helps you to find yourself as a pro blogger. Having a custom domain name helps you to build your blog as a brand which helps in the further growth of your blog.

If you are a new who is obligating this mistake, then I suggest you don’t do and purchase a custom domain name because the free domain name can’t give you the results that you deserve in the longer run.

If you thinking that where to purchase a domain name then you can go to domain name service providers like NameCheap and Godaddy.

2. Not Choosing a Good Hosting

Good hosting is important for any blogger because If you are using any free platform to host your domain name, Like then You may have less control over that blog, and also on free platforms, You don’t get enough choices and selection to modify that blog on your own and, If you are using any free hosting, then there is more chance that you lose all your content If that company shuts down.

Self-hosting your website is vital because it guarantees that you own your servers. It also permits you access to a great variety of essential plugins that bring various functions to your site.

If you are a blogger who is committing a mistake, I need you to get rid of it. If you ask me Digital Ocean is the best and Fastest hosting for everyone. Plus, you will get a $100 Free Credit for 60 days.

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3. Blog Design

What is the exact first thing you notice when you visit a website? Certainly the first thing everyone notice is the look and feel of the website. Your site’s look plays a vital role in the achievement of your blog.

When any new blogger starts blogging he will mainly choose free themes. Because that’s what everyone does.

But If you are starting your blog then I recommend making a budget for premium themes because most free themes don’t optimize for SEO, Also don’t give you the good speed which you desire and they are not easy to customize.

So better pick a professional-looking theme, which could attract your readers or save them from distraction. By no means hesitate to try premium themes and think of them as an investment in your blog.

Also, you should avoid varying your site’s theme frequently as this leaves a negative impact on the visitor. Think about how you would feel if you are reading the content of a website and when you refresh the page you find that the look of the site has been changed. So, better just select one theme and try to stick with it.

4.  Copying Content Without Giving Credit

When we all start blogging, writing posts seems a monotonous task. So we start copying posts from other famous blogs of our niche and with a few alterations published them on our site (That’s what is called Plagiarism). This doesn’t happen with everyone, but most new bloggers face this issue. Think about how you will feel if someone starts stealing your content without even your permission or sitting on your site as a source?

Plagiarism is something that Google hates; If you are doing this, then it’s like you are committing SEO suicide.

Many new bloggers face this problem. If you are taking photos, videos or any line mention them and try to give them credit. This will help you to make good relationships with other people.

5. Not Writing Consistently

This is one of the mistakes that new bloggers should avoid.

A new blogger who just started their website writes some content and waits for a month to get the results. But if they don’t get results they just stop writing content. So you should avoid this mistake because this business is for the long term you won’t get the result in a month or two. Plus you can’t just decide the future of any blog by writing just a few blog posts.

Keep writing consistently and put some light on keyword research to get your blog noticed by google within a few months. I know in starting, you may be faced many difficulties while writing, and maybe sometimes you got stuck at some point but if you write consistently then it will become your habit and you won’t face any problems after that.

6. Build Backlinks Like Crazy

Most amateur bloggers are in a misconception that building backlinks are the only effective way to rank sites in Google SERPs.

But “NO”

Because every newbie blogger thinks to just start a new blog, makes a few blog posts, then starts doing link building from the second day, and I think that’s why many newbie bloggers don’t see the results. I also made this same mistake in the beginning, and after putting lots of effort into this in the starting, I didn’t get any results, so If you are making this mistake, I want to stop it, it will help your blog to improve.

As soon as you consume nearly 70 – 100 unique high-quality blog posts then you can begin building backlinks to INDEED via guest postings. Till then try to possess your guest posting to MINIMUM.

7. Ignoring social media

The most hurting part of the new blogger is “why doesn’t get enough traffic?”

If you want your readers to read your fantastic blog you have to share it on social media. By this, you will get massive traffic to your blog. A certain portion of this traffic will be transformed into readers liable upon the quality of your content.

Once you gain loyal readers, then there is no need to reach your readers.

8. Share Only Your Content

Most of the new bloggers share only their content which is not correct.

You can also share other’s bloggers’ content because by sharing other bloggers’ content, we make a good connection with them, which can help in the future.

In blogging or whatever, business you are,

At the beginning of your blogging career, to build relationships, you have to leave insightful comments on other popular blogs and share other popular stuff in your niche.

9. Not Linking To Others

If you are not linking to others then there will be less chance that you’ll also get a backlink in return.

If you start connecting other blogger content, then it also benefits you in the ranking, and by linking other top reputed bloggers, you can rapidly build a relationship with them.

10. Scared To Invest 

Every new blogger does not like to invest in something easily. They are all scared to invest so they think of using free resources. Which is a big mistake? If you want to earn something you have to invest something.

If you also want to see your growth, then stop making this mistake and start investing your money in the things which are necessary for your business and which can help to boost your business by 20X.

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11. Relying on ads and sponsored posts

I strongly believe that all new bloggers should not rely on ads and sponsored posts.

I suggest for people create their products and services to serve their community better. This means either getting 1:1 clients, creating your online courses and writing your ebooks, organizing live events, etc.

It used to be difficult to create and get your online course up and running, but with technological advancements, it is no longer difficult anymore. 

The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

What’s the difference? There are many differences:

  • Amateurs stop when they attain something. Professionals understand that the opening attainment is just the beginning.
  • Amateur has an aim. Professionals have a procedure.
  • Amateurs concentrate in the short term. Professionals focus on the long term.
  • Amateurs think disagreements are threats. Professionals see them as an opportunity to learn.
  • Amateurs think in ways that can’t be invalidated. Professionals don’t.

Final Word

In this post, I shared some mistakes that every amateur blogger makes when they start a new blog.

So that’s all from my side.

If you have any more mistakes in your mind that I forget to add to this list, then don’t hesitate to comment down below.


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