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Top 7 Blogging Gadgets For 2024

    As a blogger, everyone wants to use smart gadgets.

    If you are new to the blogging world you need to have some smart and outstanding gadgets. If you are finding those gadgets you came on the best page.

    After reading this post you will know some smart blogging gadgets which you can use to blog.

    So let’s start;

    What is Blogging Gadgets?

    Blogging gadgets are smart gadgets that are used for blogging purposes. Those are electronic devices usually attached to other devices or networks via various wireless systems, that manage interactively.

    When we are discussing Gadgets for Blogger, it signifies we are not talking about tools like Windows live writer or WordPress,  but talking about tremendous Tech products like laptops, tablet which you should own for improvement and better development.

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    Smart Gadgets That Every Blogger Should Know

    1. Laptop or Netbook

    Professional blogger has to be online every day. To compete with their other blogger he has to be online and has to check each and every trend which is going around the world. It’s true that you can get information from mobile phones also but we have to write an article somewhere. So the laptop is the basic need for bloggers.

    It’s not necessary to purchase a costly laptop, any laptop which can easily handle your software is okay and worth it. But it must have some basic features. Once you start earning buy expensive laptops so that you can work without any issues.

    2. External Hard Drive

    We feel that an external hard drive is the most important gadget after a workstation which each expert blogger ought to have.

    You must be thinking that there are lots of cloud services existing on the internet which propose free storage space but memorizing your valuable data is only one password away which suggests any hackers can easily hack your data or delete it.

    3. Remote Router or Data Card

    All things are fine, but can you think of blogging without Internet?


    The most important thing before all is the internet connection. It is impossible to blog without the internet.

    Having a proper web switch is an unquestionable necessity. Besides it, backup web access affecting the information card is equally important.  It’s better to go Wireless for everything, in place of setting up an office with wire all around.

    4. Cell Phone

    It is obvious that you have to invest in cell phones. As this is only the means through which you can improve and gain traffic.

    It’s enormous to have your multipurpose number on your blog as it will leave a positive impression in the brain of your blog reader. You can similarly go for a developed smartphone if it holds your financial limit.

    For freelancers, it’s forever a good idea to have IM clients like Skype, or Fring on your phone for a rapid conversation with your client while on the move.

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    5. Smart Watch

    To increase your traffic on your blog page you have to post something every day. So if you purchase a wristwatch it will help you to schedule the time for your blog. If you put the alarm it will ring and you get to know that you have to post something unique today to attract readers.

    A watch should be your best friend as you purpose to see yourself as a well-known blogger.

    6. Computerized Cam, Handycam, and Mic

    If you are blogging on Youtube or going live on any website Computerized Cam, Handycam, and Mic are very necessary for you.

    If you are an amateur blogger I suggest you upload videos on Youtube to gain more traffic to your website. Though, video recording on a laptop is easy with a program like Camtasia and an inbuilt mic, for the disconnected occasion, the advantageous cam will create a major difference.

    7. Printer and Scanner

    Blogging is a hard job in which you have to sit a full day in front of your computer. My suggestion would be, to use your travel time for reading work if possible.

    I always, recommend taking a printout of lengthy articles and keeping it handy for reading while you are traveling. Similarly, containing a printer is handy to print out invoices that you may need to give to your local advertisers, or it’s useful for day-to-day usage too.

    What are the Best Tech Blogs?

    Here are some best tech blogs:

    Last Words

    Although this post is written for all bloggers who find it difficult to search for blogging gadgets.

    Readers, please share so bloggers learn about these smart gadgets.

    If I have missed any other gadgets feel free to comment below.


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