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How To Increase Google AdSense Earnings in 2024

Generally, I don’t like Google AdSense but when I start some micro niche sites to make easy cash I need AdSense badly. So one question which comes into my mind is “ How to increase Google AdSense earnings ?”

I researched, did a lot of experiments, and finally got some effective ideas that can rapidly boost AdSense earnings.

In this short 2 minute post you will earn:

  1. Basic fixes to increase AdSense earning.
    2. Most effective way to boost Google AdSense earning.
    3. I have increased my AdSense revenue up to 80% and how you can same.
    4. How to increase CTR (Click-through rate).
    5. Some black hat methods (You can use them at your own risk, but I will share)

So Do you know How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings?
Want to know?
Are you ready?

Just keep on reading…

  1. How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Blocking low paying advertiser channel.
    In AdSense, Google pays publishers around 75% of all income. There is some advertiser who pays less for their targeting keywords. So if we show
    those advertiser ads, Google and we will earn less.

The best way to fix this issue, we need to block those advertisers. Here are 500+ low paying AdSense site lists which you can block:

Note One more point – If you review amazon products on your website and show AdSense ads, I advise blocking from showing AdSense ads. The same thing applies to other affiliate networks like hosting, domain, etc.
Because if you don’t block those ads, you will lose dollars for pennies.
1st- home-
5-top –
10-top –
all – free –
best –
computer –
download- it –
downtown- in
drift –
expert –
ez –
faster –
free – lyrics-
free – pictures-
info –
internet –
links –
logo –
movies – all –
top –
top –

  1. Block low-paying categories.
    Like the site, there are also some categories that pay less like news, gossip, cinemas, etc. . . .

Here is the full list of low paying categories and high paying categories:

Apparel, Beauty and Personal Care, Dining, Food, Home and Garden, Download, etc.

Simply go to ‘Allow and Block Sites” then go to “General Categories ” and block all low-paying categories.

  1. How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Using ads above the fold.
    It means that show the ads at the visible first visible part (header) of your site. This will increase your ad’s impress.
    AdSense pays about $2 per 1000 ads view. Showing ads above the fold will also increase your ad click and visibility.

Side Note: Beware of this method as in 2014 Google has panelized many sites for showing above-the-fold ads. So a wise piece of advice will be “show only text ads above the fold in a short banner.”

4. Use page label ads.
This is a new feature that Google AdSense introduces in 2024. In this type of ad, the publisher can show ads below the page

If you have huge traffic this will increase your AdSense review.
Here is a video by a Google official :

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5. Use text and images in ads.
It’s good to add a mix-up of text and images in the AdSense widget.

6. How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Making your ads similar to your theme.

It means that if your link is blue color then your AdSense link should be also blue. It will increase your ads click. More clicks mean more revenue.

7. Ask your readers to whitelist your site from ad-blocker.

It will increase your revenue up to 30%. There are many sites that don’t allow ad-blocker. If you want to read their content you need to whitelist them.

8. Show content-related ads to increase the click-through rate.:
It’s as simple as the heading says. If you running a blog about sports you need to show sport-related ads. Cricbuzz is the best example of this : ( Cricbuzz is a cricket live score website and mostly they show dream11 a fantasy cricket site ads)

10. Don’t use titles such as “sponsor ads”, or “ads” in AdSense widget.
It may reduce ads click.

11. How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Using multiple units of ads.
Now Google has lifted the restriction of the 3 ads per page rule. Now you can use as many ads you want to show. This will increase your ad revenue by up to 25%.

12. How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Breaking your long article into 2-3 pages.

This will increase your page views and AdSense earnings at the same time.
Every AdSense website uses these techniques. If you have visited BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and WittyFeed you may notice this.

To break your long article into pages, you can use plugins like tinymce advanced.

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13. How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Using  AdSense theme and plugins 

There are many AdSense-friendly plugins and themes which you can use if your site. Some AdSense optimize the theme


You can find more themes at

14. Don’t use the free plugin.

Because many of them show their own ads on your site.

15. Make an A/B test.

It will show you what is working on your site and what is not.

16. Link your AdSense to analytics.
By this, you will get how is your page monetizing.

17. Place ads just below images

Because images get a maximum impression so your ads will also get a maximum impression.

18. Attract visitors from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

AdSense pays more for these countries than others.
AdSense pay about $10 per 1000 views from these countries. These countries are also called tier 1 countries and traffic from these country called “premium traffic”.
If your site is in English, then you get traffic from the USA and other tier 1 countries.

19. Use a static AdSense widget.
This is the black hat method as I have mentioned above but yet many sites use this technique. It will increase CTR and ad impression.
By using these techniques your earnings will increase rapidly.

20. Allow gambling ads as they have high CPC value.

This is not against AdSense TOS. But it may hurt your user experience.

21. Avoid borders on ads.
It will separate your ads from content. So it is good not to use borders.

All of the above-listed techniques work well. You need to use all of them right now. Make some quick fixes and see the increase in your AdSense earnings. Share your view on  ” How to Increase Google Adsense earnings “?

As an AdSense publisher, what are your biggest problems?


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  1. Nice article. Can you please explain Page Level Ads, you just mentioned that it is a ad below the page. What does this mean?

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