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11 Different Ways To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Info-graphics]

There is no reason to blogging if you are not making cash online. Blogging is an art and a science but more than it blogging is a profession for many people. In this short post, I will reveal 11 different and easy ways to make money from blogging.

If you don’t know how much you can make money from blogging then take a list of the ten most earners from blogs:

Top Earning Blogs and How they Make Money from Blogging :

Credit via BB101

Though we cannot make that huge money from blogging if we follow the right process AND techniques we can easily make $400 to $500 per month from blogging.


Just keep on reading…

In this post I will share:

  • 22 unique ways to make money from blogs
  • A step by step plan on how to apply all of them in a single blog
  • Some VERY SECRET methods to maximize your earnings.
  • How you can make money from day1.Yes, it’s true now.
  • How to get fast approval of AdSense.
  • One ads network which can’t be blocked by an ads blocker.

By applying my techniques You will be able to a minimum make $200/mo even if you just started blogging. Make sure you use the 101  best tools for bloggers so that everything can be done easily.

So just let’s start :

  1. AdSense: Yes, AdSense is the first source of income for every blogger. Mr. Pankaj Agarwal from made $9000/mo from only AdSense.Though getting AdSense approval for a new blog or blog related to gambling etc is impossible. But Here are a couple of tricks to getting fast AdSense approval [credit seosiren ]

7. If you have self-hosted blog then getting fast approval chances are high. So I suggest you to getting a cheap domain and self-hosted website from Bluehost . If you are at the very start and can’t afford any type of spending then take a look at free WordPress hosting

Now you have Ad Sense approved then just past the code and ads will show up in your post. Here are some couples of tricks to generate more revenue from AdSense :

  1. Use the ads unit above the fold.
  2. Use multiple ads unit with different ads size.
  3. Allow categories like gambling.
  4. Block useless categories in your ad sense.
  5. Use ads at the head of your site.
  6. Use Adsense search bar
  7. Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters

Basically, you will get $4 or 250 INR per 1000 views on your blog. Now you can use as many ads as you want in your post. AdSense disable their 3 ads policy.

If sadly you don’t get AdSense approval or your AdSense is banned then you can use any one of the below AdSense alternatives.

  1. AdSense alternative: There are couples of AdSense alternatives you can find. But for my suggestion, I always prefer “POPADS” why?

Just keep on reading….

Alternative You can check the best popads review for tutorials and paying rate details

Because they have a new and unique feature that their ads can’t be blocked by an ads blocker. Nowadays about 45% of people use ads blocker in their system. So by default, we can’t show them ads. But when you embedded popads ads in your website, those ads will also appear even if your visitors use an ads blocker.

There are some more features of popads:

  1. Accept all type of website.
  2. $5 Payout Threshold.
  3. Categories based ads
  4. Payment within 24 Hour
  5. Website approval within an hour

For more info and full tutorials, you can read popads review.

  1. Amazon /Flipkart/eBay : All three have a basic setup and process. If your blog is related to mobile, computer, electronic, fashion, or books you can use Amazon affiliate.

Simply go to amazon affiliate page and sign up with your details.

In the search bar type your product name.

You will get a list. Just click on the get link

Now it depends on you which type of link you want.

Once you get your HTML code and then paste it where you want to show ads.

For earning increased tips you can check my last post . In the past, I have written 21 ways to increase your earnings from Amazon. Basically, Flipkart and eBay have the same process. So you can start with all three. There are no restrictions. All of them pay up to 4 to 15% commission per sale.

4. Leadsleap:  Leads leap is the new weapon of an Internet marketer. With leadsleap you can increase your traffic and make money at the same time.

But I have written this post for money making purposes so I will describe how we can make money from leadsleap :

  1. The place their widgets in your sidebar. You will get $$ per click [You will also get points too which you can use for traffic]
  2. You will get paid up to 10 levels refer.
  3. If any of your refer upgrade their account then you will get a 50% commission for lifetime.

You can $3 to $5 per 1000 clicks. And the best thing is this you can use leadsleap with AdSense and amazon too. If you need a full tutorial then I suggest reading leadsleap review.

5. URL Shortner: You can pretty well about URL shortener .you a simple short URL, share that and when someone clicks on that short URL, you get paid.

The concept is very clear. I advise you to  AVOID ADSFLY as they countless . So which one is best?

Just keep on reading …

I am using from a long time and advised the same. They have the best counting system. They pay once you hit $5 via PayPal. But the question is how we can make money from our blog using

The answer is very simple. Just write a list post like these :

How to get 100 backlinks in just 1 hour

Get 80 Free .edu and .gov backlinks

At this point short URL of each website and use them .whenever someone click any of link, they see a 5-second ad & redirected to the main page. I advise having a look at both of their posts so you can understand better.

You cannot make big money from this system but it is good for new bloggers.

What if you want to make big bucks then?

Simply carry on reading and in the next section, I will share with you some network that pays up to  90% commission on each sale.

P.S Some system also pays you 100% commission pay.

6. Clickbank: Click bank is the number source of my income. The reason is very simple they pay a high commission per sale. Here is the  quick summary of how you can start with Clickbank :

Just Sign up for Clickbank as we did for Amazon .

Enter your details. Verify your email address.

Go to the marketplace. Search Products and get link.

That’s all. Now promote, Promote and Promote.

Some alternatives to Clickbank 1. Warriorplus 2.ShareASale 3. JVZOO

  1. Sponcer Ads: Yes, if your blog is popular for a certain topic you can offer banner ads to the advertiser. You can also text ads like this one :

You will get pay up to $15/mo. just by showing single text ads. For banner ads price may go higher.

8. Selling link from your blog: Many bloggers do this and you can too. The basic requirement for this type of business is that your blog should have high PR , Trust flow, and some good backlinks pointing to your blog.

Once your blog has these properties, you can advertise at seoclerks or Fiverr .

Simple you can earn a minimum of $1 to even $100  for one link.

9. CPA ads: CPA means for cost per action In these types of networks you get paid when users take certain Acton like filling a form, completing surveys, providing a mobile numbers or emails etc..

Here are some best cap networks you can use :

  • Vcommision
  • peerify
  • maxbounty
  • CPA leads

To get accepted into the CPA network you need to complete a short phone interview. Here are some tips for getting fast approval in the CPA ads network

  1. Be Honest.
  2. Call them from your side .

That’s all. These are 2 simple tricks to approving in CPA which are highly effective.

10. Showing affiliate ads in the sidebar: Simply just have a look at your right side, what you see some ads. You can do the same in your blog too. Simply find some best affiliates’ products in your niche show their ads inside bad and footer and once a user takes action(buy) you will get paid.

Now it’s your turn :

Making money is never hard. You just need to make a smart goal and take action. So now what action you are going to take?


Remember reading is not everything, you also need to start if you really deserve money.

So what is your plan? What would you like to say about these blog money-making tips? Have you ever used any of the networks? If yes why not share your experience.


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