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15 Benefits of Email Marketing Which You MUST Know 2024

“Money Is In The List” you have heard a million times. Are there any benefits to email marketing?

And to be honest it’s still true and yes there is a log of benefits of email marketing.

One of the most common things among successful Internet Marketers is “All of Them have a big list of Leeds”.

In this post, I will reveal and guide you from start to end that

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Benefits of email marketing /list building.
  • Free vs. Paid Mail service: Which one is best for you?
  • Best Mail Autoresponder
  • How to set up your first campaign even if you know nothing in this field.
  • And much more.

Just Keep on reading…

What is email marketing?

E-marketing is an old-school technique. Webmasters used these techniques from the start of the Internet. Wikipedia defines this as follows:

Email marketing is directly sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using mail. In its broadest sense.

In the beginning, marketer collects emails from their possible customer manually and send them ads about their service.

The reason they do this is that they knew very well about the benefits of email marketing.

Later they discovered automatically email cropper software that collects emails from the internet. Once they collect, they send mail to them.

These types of things become irritant and my inbox is flooded with spam. Later mail addresses provide services like Hotmail, yahoo mail becomes more advanced and filter spam.

In the modern era, marketer collects leads after visitors fill out sign-up forms and confirm that they love to receive emails from a particular website.

Rest things like sending mail, sending welcome messages, and connecting RSS feed to email are done by email autoresponder services like Aweber, Mailchimp, constant contact, etc.

Benefits of Email Marketing :

I am satisfied with other fellow marketers that email marketing is the best way to make money online, increase traffic to your website, and generate more sales.

In the below section of this post, I am going to describe why email marketing is a MUST element of your blogging. If you are not satisfied with any point, let me know in the comments either way what is your views about email marketing.

So let’s find the benefits of email marketing :

1. Traffic–targeted and returning

70% of your visitors won’t come to your site again if you don’t notify them about new posts or new events.

So How to notify them?

The answer is very simple .you need to collect the email of every first-time visitor so that in the future if anything is new at your website, he/she will notify and comes to the blog again.

Email marketing will give tons of returning and targeted traffic to your blog. The reason is very simple.

When we send a blog broadcast our subscriber opens their email and clicked to link to read the post.

2. It builds the relationship

There are the main benefits of email marketing I like. Let’s suppose It’s Christmas today and you want to send a wishing greeting to every reader. How will you do this?

You cannot put a banner on your site and even you can not message everyone on social media. This is not possible.

The best way is just to send them an email and you can do it with a single click. These are simple things that if we send such mail regularly, it will definitely help to build a relationship.

3. It gives long-term

There are three main sources to boost traffic: 1. SEO 2. Social Media 3. Email Marketing

SEO is a long-term process and very difficult. It may take 3 months to rank for a single keyword. Though our  SEO Tips and Tricks work great after all this is not a cheap technique.

Social media is a great way to drive traffic but it is not long-lasting. The average lifetime of Facebook posts is one hour and for Instagram posts, it is 3 hours.

But en email remains a lifetime in our in-box. Email Marketing gives a long-term ROI. We need to collect our reader’s mail once and we can use it for a lifetime.

Boom! Want more reason to see how effective is this?  Want to check more benefits of email marketing? Just keep on reading:

4. It is effective.

Ya, It is effective and the best among all sources of traffic. It’s reliable and trustable too.

5. Provide Fast Results than SEO:

I have already mentioned that SEO takes time, It needs patience. If we try to build backlinks fast, Google thinks it’s spam and can penalize our site.

So there is a risk factor also in SEO. But in email marketing, there is no fear of being penalized.

It provides results from day1. You can measure your success that how the progress is going. So you need not wait, Just start from now.

You are still not satisfied. O.K. Just move down :

6. You can use it again and again.

Let’s suppose one reader becomes your subscriber in 2024. But the beauty of email marketing is this “You can send him emails in 2022, 2022,2023…..”.

There is no expiry date. Sounds Great. Let’s read some more email marketing benefits :

7. It is cheaper than SEO and Social Media.

SEO is hard and costly too. It takes months to get results from SEO. I am not discouraging you. It’s the real truth of  Search Engine Optimization.

After all, once you get your desired ranking, it also takes money to maintain it. If you do not maintain your ranking you will lose your rank. You need to build quality and Edu/gov backlinks at a regular time.

8. It is less time-consuming. It is a type of set and forget system.

Many webmasters set follow-up series up to 365 days and they make money while sleeping.

Email marketing is a type of “SET and FORGET SYSTEM”.Just set up some follow-up emails and your email automation tools will do the rest.

If you are on my list, You have noticed that you have got daily one email at 7 P.M. for up to 7 days. I don’t send these daily. I have set them.

Now my email responders tools Aweber do it automatically.  Even There is no need to log in to your account.

9. Privacy

Your friends can see what you are sharing on your Facebook wall. But in email marketing, no third party can see what is sent. It is the best source of traffic without leaking privacy.

10. You can take a survey

You want some tweaks in your blog. So what is the best way to know what your audience wants from you? Simply send them a survey form in your email and they can fill it out.

[Many email automation services provide this type of tool, either way, you can integrate survey monkey ]

11. More Trust:

When someone signs up and fills in his email address, he trusts you that you will not spam him. Neither you will sell his email to the advertiser and send quality stuff.

This thinking makes your subscribers trust more you rather than anyone else.

What do you think about these benefits of email marketing? Let me know in the comments.

[If they don’t trust you why they will give /their email address to you.]

So email marketing can also help you to build more trust.

12. Money is on the list.

Every successful Internet Marketer agrees with it. I also 100% agree with it. Money really lives on the list. If you have 1000 subscribers on your list, You can send your affiliate link with a single click at any time.

Same way if you create a product and want to sell it, there is no better tool than this. Just create a mail and shoot it to your thousands of subscribers at any time.

13. People won’t check your website every day (or week) but they check their email every five minutes.

Many people have addicted to checking their inboxes. They check their inbox every five minutes. Rest people check their mailbox once a day. So if they check that there is some quality stuff posted in your blog, they will definitely come to your sites.

14. It will be never banned like social media accounts.

Each social media website has its rules and TOS. If you mistakenly broke any rules [which generally happens], they can block or ban your account.

How will you feel if your Facebook Page got unpublished?

Very Sad. But it happens.  There are many marketers whose accounts got blocked by Twitter.

But in the case of email marketing, there are no such rules. You can send whatever your audience wants.

15. Highest Converting Channel

Email marketing is the highest converting channel to grow your sales or generate affiliate commission.

Like Facebook where people like posts without reading them, in email marketing first people read them then they take action. This thing makes email marketing a high converting channel.

Till now you have got why you should build an email list right now as I have counted many email marketing advantages. But you have a doubt which one is better either a Free email marketing service or some paid ones? If paid ones then which one is best?

You want to find your answer. Scroll below….

Free vs. Paid Email List: Which one do you select?

There are many free email marketing services e.g. Jetpack WordPress Plugins and Feedburner.

These services can do only one task “They can notify the subscriber once you share a new post “.

You cannot send your affiliate link directly to their inbox. You cannot send occasionally email to them. You cannot send personalize the email to them.

In short, words, If you cannot pitch them either buying, your own products or your affiliate service then you can make money.

So this is a time when we need some good paid email marketing tools. With one paid service,

  • You can send your affiliate link directly into their inbox.
  • You can send a weekly newsletter.
  • You can wish them their birthday [totally on Autopilot]
  • You can make money at auto-pilot.
  • You can start your own “SET and Forget Business”

So you got the idea of which one should select. Now, what will be the next question? Maybe which is the best service to start with? Is there any paid service who provides for free?

If you want a solution then keep on reading….

Which one is the best email Auto Responder/email marketing tool?

Till now I have tried constant contact, mail chimp, and Aweber. I started my journey with constant contact. After 4 months with them, they have banned my account without any prior notice. I was also not able to download my subscriber list. It cost me about 1800 email subscribers. I have also contacted their support In Canada via phone but that was not helpful.

Then I turn with Mail-Champ. I have set up everything working 4 hours regularly. But when I share my new post, It did not deliver. I contacted support and they tell “Our server was down during that time so you need to set it up once again everything.” Ohh! It wasted my precious time.

Next hours I find Aweber with their 30 days of free trials and from that time I do not get any problems. Everything works fine.

They have many features that first-month free trial, setting up unlimited campaigns, creating unlimited follow-up series, collect unlimited Leeds. This is the reason why most successful marketers used Aweber.

Watch the video to find out more:
 Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Take Your First Month Free Trails Of Aweber.

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For our readers who want to use  Aweber, We have decided to provide some bonuses which will help you to grow traffic, increase your sales and help you to make money online.

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Here is the step by step process :

  1. Take Your Free Aweber Trail by clicking here.
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And here is the list of all bonuses.

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Start Your Free Trial Today

Start Your Free Trial Today

How to start with email marketing:

To start with email marketing is not a hard nut to crack. There are three basic things you need to set up:

  • Creating A News Letter or Sign up form:
  • Setting Up blog Broadcast [also called RSS to Email]
  • Setting Up Autoresponder series:

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for Free

Email Marketing Basic Techniques :
Basic techniques are simple. You need to set up your sign-up forms where your visitors click more. You can give away free products like I do to get more sign-ups.

Once they confirm sign-ups you can send them to your sales page. If you don’t have any product then you can redirect to your affiliate page.
You can also send a follow-up series with your affiliate products. The beauty  of email marketing is this “Everything will be on auto-pilot”


If really want to succeed in blogging, you need to focus on email marketing Right now. In the next post, I will guide you on how to get 1000 leads in 30 days and how to make huge money online from your email campaign.

What do you think about mail marketing? Is it still effective or it’s dead? Whatever is your view, must share it. Do you think that there are some other benefits of email marketing?


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  1. Thank you for this, I am going to invest some time in email marketing. I also like the survey in the email, this will be my next project going forward.

  2. great info. your work is really appreciable. I agree with your words that Email marketing is very effective as it can reach thousands of people in a single click.

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