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50 ways to get more Facebook page likes 2024

Do you want to get more  Facebook page likes? Have you tried surfing google for more Facebook page likes? Then this article is for you and I am damn sure your search will end after reading and applying these techniques.

Benefits of having more likes on the page-

With more likes, you can reach more people. Facebook organic reach is about <2%. That means, that if you have 1000 fans who liked your page, the post will reach < 20 people organically. if you want to reach more people then you have to pay ( boost post). Coming to benefits, when the page reaches  1 Lakhs likes, your post will reach 2000 fans and the link you share can get traffic to your own site ( A part of Digital Marketing). Posting engaging content will get you more fans leading to more organic reach.

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  1. Birthday Message-

This is my best method to get fan page likes. You just need to send your friend’s birthday wishing message in his timeline and mentioned your page. In return birthday boy/girl will like your page.

2. Continue Reading tricks-

In these tricks, you need to post something funny/touchable or catchy post and when any user clicks to continue reading, he will redirect to your page and you may gain more likes.

@[Your Page Id:0] Your status @@[0:[Your Page id:1:continue reading…]]

continue reading

3. Ask Questions by image – 

You need to ask a question (maybe funny or serious) by your post using an image and trust me. 80% of people will comment on your questions.

4. Post emotional image –

This is called “emotional social marketing”. Post something emotional and you get more emotional likes on your page.

Note-Use tricks No. 3 & 4 at the very start of your page. Don’t use these two tricks when you have 10K+ more likes. Else it will make negative effects on your brand.

5. Invite Freinds-

You know these tricks very well. Simply Click to “Invite Friends” and invite all of them one by one. If you have 5000 friends you will get a minimum of 500 like easily by this method.

Note – You may use any chrome extension to invite all friends at once to save your time like this.

6. Make a fake id by girl’s name and invite all friends-

 It will give you double like than the last one. If you have 5000 friends You will get a minimum of 1000+ likes by this simple method.

7. Build Audions-

Simple click on the building auditions icon and invite all your friends who are in your Gmail/yahoo mail.

8. Quality Post-

Post something unique, something which is in trend, something which people want or searching for. This will help you to grow your FB page likes.

9. Regular Post-

More posts more likes. Regular posting is different from quality posts. If you post regularly people will stay more time on your page and you will get more likes by these simple tips.

10. Post at the best time-

If you want to page with 10+ fan page likes, You must know the right time of posting. The study suggests (only for India) people stay online most from 7 to 8 P. M.

11. Includes images in your post-

Humans’ minds think in images, not in text. This is the reason why posts with images get the most likes and If your post gets the most likes you will get the most page likes too.

12. Use Video in your post-

Nowadays it’s a trend to share videos on Facebook. So you should use these tricks to get more fan page likes.

13. Share Infographics –

Post with Infographics is the most shared these days now so share Infographics to reach your post to maximize and get more likes.

14. Ask your fans to share your post-

By using these tricks, your post will get a 10% extra share. So more shares more reach and more likes.

15. Tag more people in the image

If you tag people in your image, all of those will get notifications about posts and your post will reach their friends and followers.

16. Like/Relike or comments/recommends-

This is as simple as the last one and also works in the same way.

17. Mentioned Other pages/persons in your post.

18. Mentioned other pages/persons in the comments box to get notified of other people about your post.

19. Instant Reply to your post comments so people love to see and comment on your post.

20. Reply at other pages’ comments boxes and help their fans to get more loyal followers.

21. Run a contest only for those who like your page to make more fans.

22. Give something free like an ebook, coupons, or discount to your newly made fans to create a huge fans list. Everyone likes free stuff in this world. (me too)

23. Post something personal like a wedding anniversary, or birthday if possible because people love personal photos/events or videos. Such a post gets more like and goes viral than businesses post.

24. Share another page in your post and in return they will also share your post.

25. Join many Facebook groups with the same niche and ping your page URL in those group posts.

26. Write your page URL in your About section.

27. Always mentioned your page URL in each of your personal profile posts.

28. Post your page URL in all images which you upload to your profile. So whenever your image will share Your page URL will too be shared.

29. Optimization page SEO- Use keywords that are most searched in your page bio or name.

30. Answer at quora and yahoo answer with mentioning your page URL instead of your blog URL.

31. Comment at another blog with your page URL instead of your site URL like the last steps.

32. Submit your page to the page directory like the fan page directory.

33. Use FB page like pop up at your blog for more FB page likes.

34. Mentioned your page URL in each of your blog posts.

35. Try content locker- This is the best method if you have a 

blog with high traffic. You can change your visitors into your fans with this simple content locker widget.

36. Send your Fb page invitation to your blog email subscribers.

37. If you did not create any fan page still, you can add 5000 friends first which won’t take more than 25 days, and then change your profile to the page and you will get 5000 FB page likes in just 25 days.

38. Make two or more admin of your page to manage your page.

39. Ask your friends /relatives and employees to like and 90% of them will surely like your page.

40. Share your page link in a WhatsApp group with short info about the page.

41. Share page URL on Twitter and all of us know Twitter is the second social networking site in the world after Facebook.

42. Share page URLs on all your social networking sites.

43..Use Auto likes- I don’t recommend this method but it will increase the fan page list very fast. You can use or

44. Use Facebook paid ads to get real followers at a very low cost.

45. Hire social media marketer/expert to promote your Facebook page.

46. use page URL in your email signature and in your visiting cards.

47. Give priority to your Facebook page instead of a website. Write something unique on a page that you don’t post on your blog and share it via your blog.

48. Share page URL in Google Community.

49. Share a page in many forums related to your niche.

50. Like other’s pages so they will also like your page.

So friends,  Whats you think about this post? Also, tell your best trick to increase fan page likes. Have any problems or want any help just comments below. I will feel happy to help you.


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