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21 Best Startup Movies that you Must watch in 2024

    Entrepreneurship is catching up with recent trends and attracting countless people to join the trend.  However, many people tend to turn around quickly because there are too many rough sections on the path, which makes them lose their attention and give up the task. 

    Perseverance is important for successful entrepreneurs, but it is possible to achieve goals with a positive attitude.  In terms of staying motivated, you can try a variety of options, such as reading inspiring books, obtaining tips from professional entrepreneurs, etc. 

    However, a good way to gain daily motivation is to watch an inspirational movie. This will enable you to overcome all the obstacles to becoming a successful entrepreneur. There is no doubt that movies have the full potential to challenge your limits, stimulate your emotions and re-energize your ambitions.

    StartUp Movies In Hollywood

    1) Wall Street

    In this movie, the famous “Greed is good” speech was given by the charismatic Gordon Gekko. Michael Douglas performed brilliantly. He won the Oscar.  The Wall Street movie has been directed by Oliver Stone, tells the story of ambition and greed, and is brilliantly portrayed by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen.

    The protagonist Bud Fox idolizes Gekko and is fascinated by his dazzling lifestyle, but he is caught in a vicious network of insider trading. 

    Reason to watch

    As young entrepreneurs, they are usually attracted to greed and make morally condemned decisions.  Wall Street is a warning story of how ambition can sometimes lead us down an immoral path.

    2) The Big Shorts

    According to the book of the same name by Michael Lewis, “Big Shots” tells three independent but parallel stories that can predict and profit from the 2007-08 US financial crisis.  This film is directed by Adam McKay (the film was previously known for the host series), and both Christian Bale and Steve Carell won the Oscar.

    The film is also known for using unconventional techniques to explain complex and boring financial concepts such as so-called subprime mortgages and mortgage debt obligations (CDO). 

    Reason to watch

    If you want to understand the real cause of the 2007-08 financial crisis and don’t want to be bored at the same time, then you need to watch The Big Short.

    3) Glengarry Glen Rose

    A movie starring Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin (In the scene of stealing a cameo) should be just the motivation to watch this movie. Glengarry (Glengarry) Glenn Ross (Glenn Ross) is based on an award-winning series that shows the plight of real estate salespeople in the turbulent sales season.

    Reason to watch

    This movie shows how it feels to operate in a high-pressure sales environment and the way to use wisdom to survive and grow. Based on real-life sales experience.

     4) The Wolf of Wall Street

    “The Wolf of Wall Street” startup movie is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort.  It tells about his rise and fall as an entrepreneur and shows how his company Stratton Oakmont conducts penny stock trading and securities scams, which caught the attention of the FBI.

    Excellently directed by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), Jonah Hill (Jonah Hill), Margot Robbie (Margot Robbie) The wonderful performance of Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey) wonderful cameo (just in his “McConaissance” (McConaissance. “)

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    Reason to watch

    Jordan Belfort (Jordan Belfort) is the perfect example that entrepreneurs should not be.  He was driven by greed, had little sympathy for the people he deceived, and lived an extremely debauched life, which eventually led to his downfall.

    5) Silicon Valley Pirates

    The Silicon Valley Pirates discussed the competition between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates between 1971 and 1997 based on the book “Fire in the Valley: The Making of Personal Computers.”  The movie was released in 1999, just when Steve Jobs began to prevail in Apple’s second game.  The movie ended with Bill Gates prevailing in the competition, but we all know what will happen next. 

    Reason to watch

    It gave us a glimpse of the humble beginnings of two of the most iconic technology companies in the world and chronicled the rise of two individuals who revolutionized the world of technology.

    6) Social Network

    The social network is directed by David Fincher and tells the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook during his studies at Harvard and was later stolen by two who claimed to be themselves The story of two brothers and his best friend (who was expelled from the company) sued.

    Reason to watch

    It gives you a glimpse of how Facebook started and reminds you that large companies often start very small.  In addition to this, you have Aaron Sorkin’s excellent script, David Fincher’s perfect director, and excellent ensemble actors.

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     7) Startup. com

    If you want to learn more about the rise and fall of Internet companies during the Internet bubble, please refer to Startup.  com is a perfect movie.  startup. Com is a documentary that tells the story of GovWorks, a promising start-up company that failed due to mismanagement and internal power struggles.

    Reason to watch

    In addition to showing you the prosperity and depression of the Internet bubble era, this documentary also tells a cautionary story about how friendship turned into painful competition due to internal politics.  Underrated, this easily becomes one of the best startup movies of all time.

     8) The Aviator

    There is another Scorsese-DiCaprio collaboration on the list.  The Aviator is the biography of the weird billionaire Howard Hughes. He overcame all hardships and became a famous businessman and successful film director, while also dealing with the worsening OCD.  DiCaprio performed well in the movie, and his performance earned him a second Oscar nomination. This is also one of the best biographical films of all time.

    Reason to watch

    Howard Hughes not only established strong connections with wealthy competitors and powerful film giants but also fought against debilitating mental illnesses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  Despite many obstacles, he is still passionate about aviation and has built a strong legacy.  He is a perfect role model for entrepreneurs who are just starting, and who must overcome many obstacles in life to achieve great success.

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    9) Boiler room

    If you can ignore the fact that Vin Diesel plays a fluent stockbroker in the movie, you will enjoy it. Moreover, if you like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, you will enjoy the Boiler Room even more because it is based on Stratton Oakmont (a fraudulent stock trading company founded by Jordan Belfort).  The characters in the movie admire Gordon Gekko of Wall Street and make their lives allow vulnerable people to buy low-priced stocks.

    Reason to watch

    In addition to allowing you to accept interesting cold war strategies, Boiler Room is ultimately a cautionary story. For young entrepreneurs, don’t be influenced by the lifestyles of the rich and famous to make ethically dubious decisions.

    10) Money Ball

    Are you a Baseball fan?  Do not?  It’s ok! The cash cow has little to do with baseball and is a far cry from the unique tactics of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Bean to overcome the adverse effects on his team.  Faced with a limited budget, Brad Pitt decided to use an untested method of swordsmanship to form his team to achieve incredible results in the Major League Baseball (MLB). 

    Reason to watch

    Billy Bean had to adapt to survive.  He knew that Oakland A could not compete with the big pistols in the league because they did not have enough funds. Therefore, he must take risks and make difficult decisions to achieve good results.  When most startups face fierce competition from mature companies in the market, they face a similar situation.  Billy Bean’s success story at the Auckland A Museum shows that success can be achieved through risk and innovation.

    Here are 5 Bollywood Startup Movies that you must watch

     1) Band Baaja Baraat

    The film revolves around a girl and a boy, two recent college graduates who don’t know each other and jointly start a wedding planning business.  Although the prospect of the movie is a love story, the narrative shows the struggles and delusions faced by startups. 

    Reason to watch

    The most important message in the film is that entrepreneurs should know how to distinguish between personal and professional life.  The film talks about passion being more important than qualifications, and more importantly, teaches us to be team players.  Entrepreneurs can learn other important lessons from this film.

    They understand customers, and business ethics, dream big, don’t care about competition and treat suppliers as partners.

    2) Badmaash Company

    This movie is based on the dynamics of the middle class in the 1990s and revolves around four young friends who graduated from universities and started their businesses together.  They use non-traditional methods to make big money by smuggling expensive foreign goods and avoiding import taxes on them. 

    Although the film provides important ethics courses on business principles, the film also raises important issues of ethics and immorality in a relaxed manner. This movie reminds us of the days when the typical Bollywood villains were smugglers. After “smuggling” became legalized after the liberalization of the Indian economy, this kind of life disappeared.

    Reason to watch

    The entrepreneurs in the movies are cunning, ambitious, and often funny.  It shows how entrepreneurs find their niche market and continue to use it and win the situation.

    3) Three idiots

    The comedy movie came along the journey of three friends who questioned the learning and education methods of a famous engineering school.  The film questions the regulated learning environment and revolves around the challenges faced by these students trying to follow their passions and learn in innovative and fun ways.  This film is a distinctly little-known real invention in the backyard of India. 

    Behind the innovation is Remya Jose, a student from Kerala, who created an exercise bike/washing machine. Mohammad Idris, a barber from Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh, invented a bicycle-driven saber. There is also Jahangir Painter, a painter from Maharashtra who built a flour mill driven by a scooter.

    Reason to watch

    The film questions the idea that students are forced to study in the fields their parents want in a senseless routine and regular way. It also seems to exceed the expectations of the classroom and parents, and students are forced to bear a heavy life.  Let us wonder why so many entrepreneurs either drop out of school or do not do well in school. 

    4) Corporate

    This movie revolves around the competition between the two giants of the company to maximize their respective profits by competing for the consequences. A non-profit organization published a report that found that the pesticide content in cold drinks was 30 times the safe level. 

    This film shows the dirty juncture of business and politics and exposes the game in which those in power continue to stay ahead and how it affects ordinary people.  The only movie with negative news on this list is “corporate”, and you should be aware of the dark side of doing business.

    Reason to watch

    This film reminds entrepreneurs that the situation in the company sector is not good and why ethics, fairness, and honesty are important.

    5)  Swades

    The film revolves around the problems caused by the development of the grassroots.  The protagonist of the film, a smart young scientist who works as a project manager at NASA, came to his village, which is heterogeneous, colorful, and complicated, and can find his childhood nanny. 

    One can see the contrast between NASA’s highly developed world and his hometown in India, which leads the protagonist to simply and meaningfully generate electricity for his village. 

    Reason to watch

    The slogan of the film is “We the People”, which strongly conveys that the power of a country lies in the people.  When Swades talked about the many pressing issues that concern us today, he raised a crucial question-“As responsible and smart members of society, what can we do?” The film teaches us to stick to our foundation. Work hard for a better future. This is a lesson that entrepreneurs should never forget.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are a start-up/small business entrepreneur or business owner-these are some great movies and documentaries about entrepreneurship and startup business, and you can’t miss them.  Although the movies listed may not always be strictly related to entrepreneurs (or even humans!), they are inspiring gems that are essential for every entrepreneur. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix or any other social platforms

    These films encapsulate some of the most important principles of entrepreneurship, leadership, business, and start-ups, and portray them in ways that rarely appear in movies.

    Hope you enjoy the startup movies session with us. Have a blessed life ahead.


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