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21 Ways to Earn Money Online in India | Earn 21,000 Per Month

Yes, you are going to learn How to earn money online in India. You will find the secret to making $5/hours without any investment or technical knowledge.

This is totally free method to make dollar 5 per hour. I am saying this because of making money with this method you need not buy a hosting or domain.

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  • Micro Niche Sites: The Easiest Way To Make Money Online
  • How to earn money online in India fast like $5/hours.
  • You need not buy hosting.
  • You need not buy a domain.
  • You need not purchase email autoresponder software.
  • No need to download a single software.
  • No multi-label marketing.
  • No affiliate marketing.
  • No referral joining.
  • NO app downloading
  • You need not be an SEO expert to earn money online in India with this method.
  • No fantasy sport.
  • No bitcoin mining.
  • No forex trading.
  • No website flipping.

Guest, what is this?

Just to add curiosity:-

  • You need not write a single post.
  • Not to build a single backlink.
  • No need to create Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn accounts.

There are many other profits of this method:-

  • This will be totally free.
  • This is the easiest way to earn money online fast.
  • You will be able to make $5/hours.
  • You can withdraw this money in your bank account or PayPal.
  • Even you can automate all the tasks.

Oh, I forget something:-

This is not survey filling, captcha solving, ads clicking, video watching reviews sharing, etc. Not even data feeding, message or email sending or not FREELANCING.

1. How To Earn $5 Per Hour Online

Make sure you have bookmarked this page because with the help of this method you are going to make your first dollar online.

Or if you already made a lots $$$ then this will add some more money to your bank account.

With the word “bank account ” I remind you this is not “hacking” or “any illegal process”.

So Here we go:-

This method is creating a free blog on a topic in which 90% of internet users are interested and driving free traffic from only Facebook communities with 70% CTR.

The next question which comes to your mind “What is the niche which is so easy to earn money online in India?”

This is “Adult(P-rn)”?

But wait…

…..I have already mentioned that I am not going to share any illegal method here. But p*rn niche is illegal and antisocial.

So where are not going to make a p*rn blog because you hate it (LOL)!

Actually, we are going to create a “SEMI HOT BLOG” where we will not share a single video. We will just use some images with a video playback sign.

I am sure your brain is running very fast and you are super excited to learn this simple trick of how to earn money online in India.

When I clicked on that image (In hoping to see a hot video) I landed for this domain  Which has 300-word crappy articles with 4 Adsense ads.

But in our tutorial, we are not going to use Adsense as there are chances of blocking. You should only use “POPADS NETWORK” for this method.[Please Disable Ad-blocker else you can’t go to popads website]

Because popads pay at $5 basis. They have a faster verification process. Verify all types of sites. Payment is done automatically once we reach the $5 minimum threshold. They pay about $5 per 1000 clicks.

The good news is getting “a click ” means clicking at any place on your site.

And this is super easy with the method we are going to discover.

You can find more information about this network in popads review.

So I hope now you got an idea of what we are going to do. We will create a free blog post blog with some hot videos which have a “video playback sign” and We will use popads and other affiliate products to monetize it.

Are you ready to make $5 in the next 60 minutes? Earn money online in India 2024.

If yes, go slowly but steadily.

Here is the step by step process:-

1. Creating Free Blogspot Blog

  1. Go to and create a free blog. The name should be somethings-XY and hot like “Redtube video”, “dailyhotvideo” etc.
  2. Choose any template.
  3. Go to the post section.
  4. Make your title attractive (super attractive).
  5. Find some hot images with a video playback sign. Use Facebook. (I will also share how you can add a playback sign to any image.)
  6. Enter one image per post. Don’t waste your time filling descriptions, labels, or writing other text.
  7. Make sure you select the “large size” of images. Because Facebook and G+ will use this image as a thumbnail when we will share this post.
  8. Make 10 to 12 posts of this type. Do work fast.
  9. You can also embed a hot YouTube video. But don’t embed “p-rn video” if you want to save.

P.S: If you have some budget, it will good to buy a domain. Now you can buy a DOTCOM domain at only RS 99 ($1.5) for one year with BIGROCK

You can also get a free domain with cheap hosting from Bluehost. 

2. Signing For a POPADS Account.

  1. Now to popads and quickly sign up for as publisher.
  2.  Login to your popads account using your username and password.
  3. On the left side of your member dashboard click on “Add New Website”.
  4.  Complete the form and then click “Add Website”
  5. Site Name is the Title of your own site, for example: earn money online in India, make money online, go to India, etc.
  6. Site URL is your own site/blog for example which you created in starting.
  7. The description is a short explanation about your site like “this is my earn money online in India site  and here I am sharing money-making ideas here which need no investment.”(I wrote the description of this post.)
  8. Keywords: keywords of your targeted blog audience.
  9. Category: Choose one related to your blog.
  10. Finally Click Add Site
  11. Your site is added, you need to wait until 4 hours for the administrator to check
  12. Your site. The next day, you will know your submission is either approve or not. most of the time they approved the site.
  13. Now, login to your popads account.
  14. In the left part of your dashboard click on My Website, If your website is approved by the administrator, your website must be there.
  15. Click on the website, and then you will be directed to this page.
  16. And then click on ‘Generate Code”  or “Get Code”
  17. After getting your code, just copy it and log in to your website builder. In this case, I used the free blogging platform as an example. Look at the Code installation instruction. Put the code between <head> and < /head>.
  18. Now,  go to my blogger account and click on my site .>>Template>>>> Edit HTML.
  19. Paste the code from popads as the instruction
  20. Save your template and finish.
  21. Now check if the code works properly or not. If you installed any ads blockers must be disabled that else code will not work.
  22. Login to Popads and click on Trouble Shooter. Paste your site URL and click Check.
  23. I hope there is no problem with your installation and it’s done.

P.S:- You can also use your Adsense account for this purpose if you want to take a risk and make quick cash. However, I will advise staying on the safe side.

Note:-To insert popads script into WordPress, just download the “Ad-Injection” plugin and insert your code.

We will use 100% safe social traffic for this method which is free too. Here are the best practices for making a social account:-
  1. Just go to and create 1 new profile. Don’t use your old ID.
  2. Fill out your full profile and add every information. Fill out your bio, date of birth and other information. You can use fake information. No problem!
  3. Search for communities and groups related to girls, add me, dating, WhatsApp, Instagram, relationship, fun, adult, hot video, etc (You got the ideas.)
  4. Join the biggest group and communities in your niche. For your help, I will share some big very Facebook group.
  5. Join at least 20 to 35  Facebook group and 50 Google communities.

Big Facebook Group Links


Note1:-Don’t do it too fast else your id will get a block.

#2 Don’t waste your time surfing groups. Remember “Time is Money.”

So we have now completed our full preparation. Now it’s time to do war and earn money online in India.

We will use only two traffic sources for this entire process.

No#1 is Google communities and the second is a Facebook group.

O.K here is the fast process of driving traffic from G+ communities:-

  1. Go to any community.
  2. Enter the URL of your post.
  3. Make sure the thumbnail should be a big image with a playback sign.
  4. Share in as many groups at different to drive maximum traffic.
  5. People will come to your blog and they will click on the “playback” sign. They will see a popup containing ads. In this way, you will earn money with each click.
  6. Do the same process in the Facebook group. Again make sure the image is appearing clearly.
  7. Copy the URL of each Facebook post so that we can bump it again and again.
  8. Bumping means liking and commenting on our own posts so that they come on top. Every time you bump a post, it will appear on top.
  9. So instead of posting too many times, we will post just once a day and bump it again and again.
  10. I have got 12 views just by sharing a single link within 2 minutes.

The success rate of success will depend on promotion. Use Facebook bumping to drive tons of visitors from Facebook.

You can use tools like a jarvee to automatically share your post in hundreds of communities at time intervals. The mass planner will also share your post in different Facebook groups and bump them.

You can also join communities and groups, auto commenting, and auto accepting-sending friends request with the help of a mass planner.

Take Your 5 days of free trails+$5 Credits with the jarvee and earn money online in India on auto-pilot. Just set and forget.

How to maximize your earnings:-

There are some secret tricks to maximize your earnings;

  1. Use the amazon adult products affiliate link on the blog with clear pictures.
  2. Try to get the most traffic from Monday to Friday. They pay less CPM at weekends.
  3. Allow fewer popads to get high revenue.
  4. Use only the popads network if you want a high CPM rate.
  5. Attract visitors from high-paying/English countries like America, UK, Australia and many others listed in the popads rates list.
  6. Attract more organic traffic.
  7. Drive traffic from the search engine. They pay less for social media and direct traffic.
  8. Add your website in the most relevant category so they show the right ads to the right person and it will help you to maximize your earnings.

Suggested Reading : 

  • Learn How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings 
  • 51 Online Money Making Sites 2024

You can also use an adult affiliate network. I have tried many but find these two are better than the other:-

2. Selling PLR articles/eBooks/Software

 PLR means Private Lable Rights. Nowadays selling PLR products is the fastest method to make money online. You need to buy a plr product in your niche then you can sell it at a higher rate.

Private Label Rights or PLR is a product that basically someone else creates from scratch, and sells you the right to modify it and call it your own. PLR gives you the opportunity to create a unique product without having to come up with it yourself.

You can get a Free Membership to PLR365 Here.

For example “Smart Affiliate Course ” is a PLR Ebook. I have bought it at $5.0 from PLR365 and I have sold 100X copy of it at $2.0/each.

So I have earned around $195 by spending only $5. You can also buy PLR software and can sell under your brand. There are no restrictions.

Here is a complete video tutorial :

3. Play Fantasy sports like cricket

If you have a little bit of knowledge of cricket or soccer then you can earn money online in India with fantasy sports. Like below is a screenshot of my dream11 account. I have won about $400 from dream11.

This is the best money-making trick for Indians. Many cricket matches are running on the way and I am sure you know all the basics of cricket. You just need to pick/select your cricket team daily and you will reward with cash and another gift each day. It won’t take you any money.

So just create a free fantasy cricket league account and you will get a 250 balance after verifying your account.

Join a fantasy cricket league for free.

Let’s take a look at how to make money from dream11 –

1 Go to

2. Choose your country and favorite sport. For me, I have selected Cricket.

3. Verify your email, your mobile number, and pan card to get 250 INR or $10 Bonus.

4. Create your team and then join the league.

That’s all. If you win, you will get money in your bank account.

Note- You need to join my affiliate link if you want a 250 INR /$10 bonus.

Join Dream11 to get your bonus.

One more site where you can earn money

MyFab11 (Nekraj)

Use the above promocode and you will get 100% cashback up to Rs. 5999 on the first deposit! And Rs 50 on mobile verfication.

Here Also you have to create a team and join the league.

4. Sell Old stuff

There are many things around us that we don’t require now.

Looks around your home. Have you found anything which is no more required for you or for your family but another person can benefit by having it like old books, furniture, old cell phone, etc. Just take a picture and sell it at Olx or quicker and make money online from now.

5. Stock and Forex Trading

– If you know the basic and advanced tricks to get more profit in this field, you may open your shop at Facebook and earn more than 15000 per month easily.

6. Bitcoins

Bitcoins are digital currency these days. A lot of people are making millions of dollars from bitcoin trading. Check these pics that how much the price of bitcoins has been changed in past  years:


You can easily think that if you had only 1 bitcoin for 2 years then you will be a billionaire now.

7. Making Money From Facebook

If you can chat .comments and like at Facebook then you can also make cash at Facebook. Here is a full guide on how you can earn money online in India from Facebook:

Here is a video tutorial:-

8. Make money by selling photo

Very simple just shoot some awesome photos and sell them on Shutterstock. You will earn money online in India for each photo that got sold.

If you’ve got a DSLR camera (or fancy getting one for a steal), you’ll have more options for selling photos to stock libraries, to sites for prints, or for print-on-demand products. This is because digital cameras will generally produce higher-resolution images.

9. Sponsor Ads 

Yes, if your blog is popular for a certain topic you can offer banner ads to the advertiser. You can also text ads like this one:

You will get paid up to $15/mo. just by showing a single text ad. For banner ads price may go higher.

10. Selling link from your blog 

Many bloggers do this and you can too. The basic requirement for this type of business is that your blog should have high PR, Trust flow, and some good backlinks pointing to your blog.

Once your blog has these properties, you can advertise at seoclerks or Fiverr.

Simple you can earn a minimum of $1 to even $100  for one link.

11. Making Partner in Your hosting and other membership 

Let’s suppose you have bought Bluehost unlimited hosting like me.
Then you can also make money online in India from that.

Here is how :

  • Contact other fellow bloggers who need hosting at a cheap rate.
  • Host their website in your plan and charge them.
  • It’s very simple if you try you can make money with that.

Second thing Let’s suppose you have bought a membership of any program that you can share with a blogger friend and make money. You can do it with a paid course too.

If you have bought a paid course at $4.0 then you can resell that at $1 but remember to share this only with your close friends else you may catch in the problem.

12. Sell Free software/apps to your friends 

There are many apps that are very useful but not available in the play store. A great example of this type of app is “WhatsDog” Which can track the WhatsApp logs of your friends.

This app is not available in the play store but it is very useful and if you try to sell it (only with your close friends ) you can still make money online.

There are many ethical hacking apps that have high demand but are not available in the play store.

13. Write to other 

There are many websites that pay a high rate for an article like and listverse. Try to write a well-written, detailed article for them and earn money online in India.

I have also made $15 for one article in the past. I have written for and they pay me $15 for Gmail Hacking Article.

14. Create your own product and sell it

– The richest person in this world is those who are selling their own product like Bill Gates or Dhiru Bhai Ambani. First, you should know your profession and expertise field and then start your own business and promote it over the Internet.

You can create an e-book related to your field and can sell it at or any other e-book selling sites. Using this method, you will be super rich in just a couple of months. 

If you think this method is not for you. Then don’t worry we have also some very easy methods and tricks to earn money online in India.

Just keep on reading ….

15. Vlogging

– Vlogging means video blogging. Nowadays people love to watch a video rather than read blogs. Just create a video related to your niche and upload it to YouTube or Dailymotion. When your video gets more than 1k views, you can apply for a YouTube partner or daily motion partner.

16. Online tuition

If you are a teacher or intelligent in the study, you can give tuition to your juniors online and make courses in fields like ethical hacking, SEO training, yoga, dance classes, etc and sell them at udemy. You can also provide solve questions paper of SSC, IAS, PCS, etc by email. You need to join at least a single bulk email sending service providers like constant contact.

17. Affiliate Marketing

– You have a blog/website, then you can become an affiliate of and introduce your visitors to their products like below and if they buy any product, you will get a 5 to 15% commission.

Learn How to Make Money on Facebook

18. Freelancer

– Are you an expert in any field like social media marketing, Digital Marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Graphics designer, logo maker, Photoshop, videos maker, content writing, etc. Then you can build your carrier in freelancing. Join Fiverr, Skyword, Aquent, Hubstaff, and seoclerks today if you think you can become a freelancer.

19. Website Flipping

– Make a website now and work for it, write content on it, promote it, and after 3 to 6 months sell it. You will easily get 3 to 5x of your investment. It’s like just buying old property and selling it after some time.

20. Refer and Earn

There are many apps on the play store or google sites where you can earn money just by referring it to your friends or family. Apps where you will get money on Paytm or Bank or PayPal just by referring to those apps. Apps like:-

  1. Querka: Where you will get 10rs per to refer
  2. Earn Pal: You will get PER REFER up to 50RS
  3. PayBox: Per Refer ₹5 Joining Bonus ₹35+ Profile Completion ₹15 Minimum Redeem ₹50
  4. Hansa Cheetah: Per Refer to 25Rs (Use Refer Code: MM9910014720 (Tap To Copy))

Also Read: Top 10 Money Earning Apps in India for Android (FAST) 2024

21. URL shortener is a new URL shortening company. It will give you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$. If you are not satisfied with the payout then you can earn money online in India from the referral system It will give you 20% commissions on referrals. is user-friendly and you can securely get your payment through Paypal and Payoneer.

It has a good payout rate and it is a good shortening company for URL shorten. Besides this shortest have also affiliate programs It gives you a great ads format and you can promote it on your blog or website. Must check out the full review about

signup button

Now It’s Your Turn To Earn Money Online in India:-

Many clever marketers are using this technique to make quick cash. There is not a single reason to wait. I am sure you understand the full process.

One thing which I can very clearly this is the easiest way to earn money online in India through the internet.

If you have any problem performing any task or have any suggestions feel free to share thoughts via a comment. Finally, share your review of this tutorial on how to earn money online in India 2024.


23 thoughts on “21 Ways to Earn Money Online in India | Earn 21,000 Per Month”

  1. Well Nekraj, thanks a million for this article. Like the others said it is pure gold. But it’s impossible to gain 5$ in the first hour. The rates that pop ad networks pay per mile is just very shitty. None the less what you gave us here is one of the better schemes I’ve come across in a long time. Thanks.

    1. Ya,You are right.You can not make $5 in your first hours as many user also use adblcoker.But as I have tried many fast money making tricks,this one is best if you are just starting.

    1. I am getting about $3/day but on auto-pilot.And I think its great to getting anything by setting and forgetting.Soon I will update my juciyads account prrofs here and Plus poapads newer ecreenshot

      1. as u said its on autopilot mode but from where do u getting traffic on regular basis. and if we attract viewer from false technique than he will surely jump out the blog it increases bounce rate and may be chances of getting banned.

        1. It’s on autopilot if you use mass planner for G+ community post and for auto facebook group sharing.
          For bounce rate,don’t worry about it.The traffic we will get in this techniques from the people who are sex addicted so they will not jump quickly as you are supposing without using this techniques.
          P.S:-NO one get banned for high bounce rate on blogger and popads pays for every type traffic excluding traffic exchange.This type of traffic called “adult traffic” and popads will pay you for it.
          Use the techniques and than share your experience .
          There are 2 types of people :Talker and Doer.
          Right Now ,you are only talking.

  2. hi Nekraj, thanks for share this awesome tricks.please tell me whare i found video play back sign image or how to create this type picture? hope you response quikly

    1. There are many images of these types in Google adult communites and adult facebook group. To create these types images,you need to install lightshot secreenshot taker for chrome than go to any porn site and take screenshot .Thats all.

  3. how can i do this -> some images with video playback sign and when person click image then how redirect it on my site…please tell……

  4. wow bro .. really like it a lot .. Thanks for sharing.. You are really coming with good tricks and suggesting many with your tips.. Thanks a lot..

  5. Really amazing post I never before readpehli Baar maine itni acchi post dekhi hai
    Me online paisa kamana chahta hoon lekin koi idea nahi tha
    Aur time waste ho raha tha
    Aur aisi hi trick dusri ho to free me batane ki koshish kare khoki abhi to mere pass footi codi bhi nahi hai
    Please help me

    1. thanks for your kind words, aap ek dusra tarika b try kr sakte h jisse aap aasani se online paisa kama sakte h.

      Ye link pe click kr k check kree:

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