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Online Businesses To Start With Zero Investment For 2024

In this world, every people want to earn money without investing in any. Here I will say some websites or some tricks where you can earn money with zero investment.

How do rich people have so much money? The main reason is that they create multiple sources of income from many places. That’s different if they invest or not. If they get an opportunity not to invest and still earn money they will do that too. Nothing can make you a millionaire overnight you have to be patient and have to be smart about where you have to go and start up a business.

So, now let’s start with some of the ideas of how you can earn money without investment or minimal investment.

Top 9 Online Business Ideas That Zero Investment

1. Affiliate Marketing

You all have heard about Affiliate Marketing but only less of them do. This is one of the finest techniques for earning online. It won’t let you fail. NEVER. Affiliate marketing is believed as one of the easiest online business replicas nowadays.


Here you just have to recommend someone else’s product or services to your readers and once the readers purchased any product from your referral your commission is earned. There is no kind of investment required you just have to refer a product to your friend and you earn some % of the purchased product.

You have many sites for this

  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • GoDaddy

Many other selling websites.

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2. SEO Consulting

The greater part of website traffic today still appears from Google. People cannot certainly overlook the significance of search engines. Hence, search engine optimization (SEO) is still a precious and in-demand skill set that anyone can have.

This generally takes about 4-6 months to study adequate SEO to start offering it as a service to others. Over time, you can open your SEO agency. You need is the internet and some passion to learn to become an SEO expert. You can take online courses on CreativeLive, or find a digital marketing course that also involves SEO. You can see here investment is also zero and you can earn too.

3. Start Blogging

People have been making a living from blogs, for more than two decades now.

The subjects of these blogs can be about anything:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Nutrition
  • Pet care
  • Golf
  • Dishwashers
  • etc.

People who have devotion. People who want to work flexibly, want to live the laptop life. People who want to share their opinion on different subjects or topics for many readers. Here you write an article to find the problem and solution of readers, in that article, you link back to an affiliate product. And if people buy from your referral you get your commission.

Once you start receiving some traffic say 10,000 visitors per month, join the Google Adsense program. Once accepted, you can start making anywhere between $60 – $120 a month. As your site’s traffic will develop, the earnings will grow too.

4. Freelance Writing

If you are skilled in writing articles or reports with a good flow in language, there are enormous chances for you. There are many websites like and that offer vacancies to hire freelance writers at a good pay scale.

This will help you in experiencing more about writing. You will get improved. Here there is no kind of investment and you can earn money when you will have a minimum withdrawal on those sites.

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5. Launch An Online Course

If you are good at teaching or motivating others this method is best for you. Creating and selling online courses is a brilliant way to produce passive income. You need to make a video tutorial where you can teach students and show your skills. You can motivate them on doing something good.

Online teachers teach and educate students of all ages worldwide and teach them online. Here is no investment required and you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

6. Virtual Assistant

People who are experts in a particular topic, then you can exchange your knowledge & skills for the money from the customers. If you think you are good at it…

Start Your business today!!

Some of the tasks a virtual assistant can manage to contain:

  • Travel arrangements
  • Social media marketing/promotion
  • Link building
  • Calendar management
  • Email management
  • Blog posting
  • Audio/video editing

As a virtual assistant, it’s your responsibility to operate some (or all) of these tasks based on your specific specialties.

7. Ad Agency

People who love marketing, have some basic knowledge about it and like to advertise things to people.

Then going to be the best point for you:

On Internet, there are advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are the company who is promoting their products or services and publishers are the websites where these ads can be shown. If you are good at communicating with people this is a good job for you.

8.  eCommerce Portal

You can sell things on the Internet and get paid using payment gateways. The procedure may appear very complicated

But trust me,

It is very easy. I have started a few tools to set up an eCommerce website without much effort.

Once your site is ready and running properly, you can list some products and start selling them. The more you traffic the more your sales will increase.

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9. Launch your book

A book is just an additional type of product when you think about it. And as such, you can generate one to serve a specific demand in the market.

You can discharge your writing as an eBook and sell it on your site, or you might broadcast it on the Kindle store. Or you could use an on-demand printing service such as CreateSpace.

The beneficial thing about self-publishing your work is that everything is taken care of automatically, from printing to storage to delivery. You carry out the personalized work of uploading it to your selected platform, and the rest is on auto-pilot.

6 Best-Selling Products On The Internet

The 6 best products to sell online. With these products, the demand is guaranteed, but so is the competition.

  • Fashion items
  • Trips and Tourism
  • Tech Products
  • Second-Hand Sales
  • Books and Music
  • Educational Courses


So here are some businesses that you can do online without investing any money.

Which one of these online business ideas are you going to try?

If you got any other ideas too don’t hesitate to comment below…


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