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51 Funny, Weird & Prank Websites To Troll Your Friends 2024

Want to prank your friends or show off yourself in front of your friends then here is the top collection of the funniest, weird, cool & prank websites over the internet.

Just follow the full guide and at the end of the post, you will know about some fully, some genius, and some scary websites that entertain you, scare you and will give you a piece of skills.

Just keep on reading…


Create a fake window update, fake Linux update, fake software install, and a lot of free. This website is the most technical prank website on the internet and one of my fav too. Check the screenshot below. Visit 

2. Shit Express

Shit Express is a website where you can send poop of any animal to anyone. It is one of the best pranks. It’s a lot of fun sending a smelly gift to your friends on their birthday or for a surprise.

Click Here to send some poop.

3. Hackertyper  

I want to do coding but can’t because it needs a lot of skills and time to learn here is good news. You can still type like programmer [prank not real] with the help of

Simply visit the website and type anything you want and it’s done.

Note:- Geeektyper is a very similar website to this.

4. Like Creeper

Like Creeper is a site where you can check anyone’s Instagram photos no matter if it is private. It shows as you can see someone’s profile but you cant you can say to your friends that it is showing actually which is not. So it is a good prank to make fool of your friends.

Click HERE to visit the website.


What did a google look like in the ’90s? Want to know just check google terminal and search any query. You will get results in the terminal and you will feel like the ’90s is back.

So amazing check right now.

6. Update Facebook status via any device 

Do you have an iPhone or blackberry? If no but you still want to update your status via this device then you can take a look at fake Facebook updates via any device. You can also update your status via an old Nokia 1100 or Symbian device. Pretty cool, right? The next website is most amazing than it.

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7. What’s wrong with the room 

Let’s Suppose You are a cop [Police Officer ], just for a moment and I gave you an order to inquire about this room. So check what’s wrong with this room and tell me what you find?[Don’t blame me if you find anything which you can’t suffer. Check room at your own risk]

8. NewsofFuture

What will be happened in 2040 or 2050? Do you want to know it right now? Then here is a prank website that will give you future news. This website will provide some funny news like “The first hotel on Moon, World War 3 ” Etc.

9. Rebutton 

The red button is a funny button that will play you like your dude. He will order you, he will request you, he will warn you, and so on… Finally, he will ………????[Want to know just click here.]

10.  Calculate my love

 –   Do you want to know how much your fiance loves you or who is your friend’s crush? Just visit this website to check your love and also to know spy your friend’s lovers. You can check the love percentage with 3 crushes at a single time.

Last but not least, here are the most pranking websites on the internet. Let’s make some more fun.

11. Fake Facebook Chat Generator 

Do you want to show off with your friends that you know any celebrity? Just visit this website and make unlimited and free fake chats like this. You can talk about whichever celebrity you want, Whichever leader you want. In My case, I talked with my fav Hitler.

12. Faker

It is a site where you can get fake notifications on your iPhone. There is only one lack of this app it can only be used on iPhones and iPad. You can prank your friends by using this app.

To Download Click Here.

13. Sms Bomber

Sms Bomber is a site where you can send a maximum of 10 fake messages to your friends by giving their numbers. You just have to put the correct number of your friends. They will get a message on their phone. This is horrifying for your friend when they will see the message.

Go to the site and have fun.

14. Joker Greeting Prank

This is a real prank where you can buy and give the card to your friends on their birthday or surprise them. This card will continue playing for 3 hours straight. Its awful noise will start annoying your friend for straight 3 hours.

So amazing just Check.

I think this site owner is a completely mad person.

So You are waiting still, Just start pranking your friends with listed top prank websites.

15. Getsqueak App

With this, you can change your voice like girls or animals.

16. Faker:- Fake Notification Apps

Send fake telegram or WhatsApp notifications and make fool your friends.

17. Ship Glitters To Your Enemy.

Now you can send useless stuff like dirt or glitters, pieces of glass to your enemy.

For Skimming Readers Here is a collection of the funniest prank websites on the internet:-

  2. Shit Express
  3. NewsofFuture
  4. Like creeper
  5. Google Terminal
  6. What’s wrong with the room
  7. Facebook Scary
  8. Fake updates
  9. Chat Generator
  10. HackerTyper
  11. Calculate My Love
  12. Faker
  13. Sms Bomber
  14. Joker Greeting Prank

Watch Video:-

Now It’s Your Turn

I have made a lot of fun with my friends. Now it is your time to make LOL with your friends.

Simple visit the above prank websites and have fun.

Please share this amazing post with your friends so they also are aware of these little-known cool prank websites.


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