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101 Productive Things to Do In Lockdown (Which will also Make you Smarter)

    1. Watch Old Family Album, Wedding Photos, Videos, and Old Pen Drives.
    2. Call Your Friends Relations, Family Members, etc.
    3. Video Call with Your Friends, Family, or Relations.
    4. Clean Your Home.
    5. Clean Your Phone. Uninstall useless apps, remove useless contacts, WhatsApp messages, telegram chats, etc.
    6. Update Your Social Media Profile. Change your DP on FB, and Instagram. Update bio. Add a new degree, certificate, or skill.
    7. Change your password to make your account more secure.
    8. Clean your old pen drive and google drive.
    9. Update the Software of your phone and update all apps. This will make your phone more secure.
    10. Change your ATM Pin. This will make your ATM card more secure.
    11. Change your phone password. Check your email on
    12. Make Your Old Phone New:- Change your phone wallpaper, theme, font, Launcher, etc. Change the font and back cover of your phone.
    13. Finish your bank-related work:- you can order a new checkbook or passbook, select the nearest branch if you need, change your nominee, Do Video KYC, apply for internet
      banking, phone banking, etc.
    14. Make Government Document:- Apply for a passport. Make a New Pan Card, Update your Aadhar details if there are any wrong details in Aadhar. Apply for ration card etc.
    15. Plant Tree. You can plant an easy tree-like tomato and watermelon etc. In Winter, you can try methi, coriander, etc. You can virtually plant on treedom.
    16. Sell useless stuff on OLX.
    17. Sell trash/ kabada of your home.
    18. Clean your home. Decorate your home.
    19. Learn how to blow shankh. IT will be also good for your lungs.
    20. Learn to work with your left hand.
    21. Do Karaoke on your favorite song.
    22. Practice Headstand.
    23. Practice Thigh Stretch.
    24. Learn to dance to your favorite song. It will make you happy.
    25. Practice quitting bad habits like smoking or drinking etc.
    26. Watch a Movie with your family members. You can watch Dashavatar, Gabbar is Back, URI, Parmanu, etc movies.
    27. Read books like Mahabharat etc. You can also read your old school books.
    28. Start reading good blogs like, news byte,, etc.
    29. Start a YouTube channel. Don’t think too much. Just record your video and upload it.
    30. Learn English. Install duolingo app for it.
    31. Learn another language like Tamil. There are many tutorials on youtube.
    32. Start a free course. You can learn Physics, IT, Digital Marketing, Coding, etc,
    33. Play any brain games like Suduko, Chess, Break it, etc.
    34. Play offline games like Cricket, Chess, Carrom, Volleyball, etc.
    35. Donate rations to needy people. It will make you happy.
    36. Plan your future. What will you do after lockdown? Make SMART Goal.
    37. Book your vaccine slot and get vaccinated. Book a slot for your family members too.
    38. Go to your friends/ relation home.
    39. Start Painting.
    40. Start writing a diary.
    41. Learn cooking and make a new recipe.
    42. Do research on your favorite author, actor or cricketer, your home city, etc.
    43. Learn how to Tie.
    44. Plan your dream holiday.
    45. Know about your ancestor and make your family tree.
    46. Cut out fashion from magazines and create a dream wardrobe.
    47. Set up a bird feeder.
    48. Write a Review on the products you bought from amazon.
    49. Write a review on the movie you liked most and hate most on IMBD.
    50. Write a review on your favorite apps.
    51. Clean/ Polish your shoes, belt, etc.
    52. Take a health challenge like 100 a day push-up a challenge or 5 Am Wake Up Challenge etc.
    53. Try a New Hairstyle/ beard style.
    54. See Moon, Stars Sunrise, and sunset.
    55. (Virtually) tour Rome. Afterward, tour some museums.
    56. Wash your bike/car. Clean it.
    57. Go fly a kite. No, really!
    58. Google your name and phone number.
    59. Write your resume or CV.
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    61. Share these tips with 5 Friends.

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