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How to start a business 2024 – 15 ideas to make a multi-million business

How to Start a Business: From Ground Zero to a 9-Figure Exit |
How to start a business

How to start a business that makes you a multi-million man…

In this world, everyone wants to make rich. But being rich is not as easy as it is shown in the movie. Everyone dreams to be like Bill Gates. The best way to be rich is to start your business and here I will describe how you can start your business and be a multi-million businessman.

  1. Make a S.M.A.R.T Goal – The only goal is not enough when you want to be rich. You need to create a smart goal. The smart goal means specific ( like doctor, web designers, teachers, etc.), measurable ( a goal which can be measured so you can calculate how much success you achieve in a particular time. Like I want 100 backlinks for my this article. Here 100 is measurable.), assuming, realist ( smart goals is not a dream, they are goal which is smart.) and time-bond ( you need to decide that how much time you want to take to overcome all your goals.)

Ask yourself in which field, you have the expertise, experience, and interest? Don’t copy other ideas. Just do what you like most. Ask yourself what do you want to be? Where do you want to see yourself in the next 4 years? What can you manage better to sell a product or to offer a service?

I hope now you got your goal, your target. Now what you need to just brand your business. The smart goal will make it easy to learn how to start a business.

2. Brand your business – What name suits your brand? Think about it and find some short and easily rememberable your names like “Apple” or ” Yahoo”. Don’t copy another name.

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3. Build your team – Next steps you need to plan whether you want to work alone, with some friends, or hire a team. Find some experts from your field. An expert only knows the all pros and cons related to his business.

4. Find the market – You need to know who is possible customers, where can you find them, and how you can attract them. What is the risk? , Who are your competitors?, Who has failed this field before you, and why? Who is the most successful person/businessman in this field and why is he more successful than others? Research and take note. It will help you to make a business plan.

6. Smart work – In the current world, Hard work can’t make you succeed unless you do it in a smart way. Research that what is the other method of processing, marketing which never used?

7. Make a solid business plan – Set up the right price for your products or service. Be a master of marketing. Manage your finances both assets and spending. Try to save money as much as possible.

8. Don’t be afraid to take risks – ” The biggest risk in the world is not to take any risk” Take a risk. Think big and set up big goals. Don’t be afraid to advertise. Remember “Money begs money”.

9. Make a good relationship with your employees. – Offer company sales to your employees. You also need to work as an employee to make a good relationship with your employees. develop a partnership with them.

10. Make a good relationship with your customers too – In India it’s said: “Customers are God”. Always put your customers first. Also, give respect to your past customers. Solve all queries as soon as possible.

11. Enjoy /love your business – A person who loves his work will never need to work in life. Always feel proud of your business. Give respect to your business.

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12. Time Management – Time is money and there is no business without money. You need to build better time management so that all necessary processes are completed within the deadline.

13. Promote your business – Make an affiliate program for your business like and an e-commerce site. Give ads in the popular newspapers and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Give free classifieds ads on many sites like or

14. Build a website for your site It’s the 21st century and this is the epic of the Internet. Build beautiful, easy to navigate, and attractive sites. So you can impress your customers and get more returning customers.

15. Always ready for emergency situations – 10% of businesses fail because they don’t have emergency funds. Always save some money for emergency situations. Hire a legal consultant for your growing business.

16. Be different and Never Give up – always feel motivated. Don’t think negatively if your work is not growing. Just find the mistake and solve them one by one. To win the race of competition, think different, be different, and Do different. Look sometime at T.V. Ads/movies and how they create different ads/trailers each time to attract more viewers.

Now you know how to start a business and now just start your first step. Let me tell you what your opinion to grow a multi-million dollar business. IF you need any help or have any query just comments and I will feel happy to help you.


9 thoughts on “How to start a business 2024 – 15 ideas to make a multi-million business”

  1. hey nekraj

    your site is awesome when i m going through it reading and also understanding it a bit.but when it come to execute it i am totally cracked so i want to know is it easy for guy like me (that hv i guess little knowledge about internet and its pros) to get atleast part time income from internet world.
    please tell a bit about how to start ,where to start and possible ways to earn online (just small).


    1. Making money online starts from you . It depend on you that how you utilize your skills and talents .No one born as blogger . You need to find your unique quality aka passion than make a plan and work on it step by step .

      If you have self confidence with talent ,No one can stop you to being success .and yes you can also start your carrier In Internet Marketing . If you dont know anything about it (I am talking about Internet Marketing not about internet ) It will be good that you complete a “digital marketing course” first .

      You can also mail or reply for this comment if you need further help .

      Cheers nekraj

      1. Thank you for your write up. You mentioned ‘digital marketing course’ which I have interest in. i want to specialize in internet marketing. please advice.

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