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251 Best Social Bookmarking Sites List To Create Free Do follow Backlinks in 2024

    Social bookmarking is an essential part of search engine optimization which helps your blog in many ways. If you are wondering what social bookmarking is, it is nothing but a process of submitting your site to various relevant categories of bookmarking websites. Which in return provides free quality backlink as well as the authority to your site if done in the right way. It also helps you in bringing some extra traffic to your site using our social bookmarking sites list.

    Why should you do social bookmarking?

    If you want to know the full use of doing social bookmarking, we have made a point that helps you once you started doing social bookmarking.

    1. Bookmarking is the fastest way of increasing your site authority since you are going to build relevant backlinks from here, this helps in improving the site metrics of DA/PA as well.
    2. The most prominent feature of social bookmarking is that it helps your site get indexed faster than ever, even though your crawling site rate is lesser. The crawl rate of social bookmarking sites is very high, thus helping your post get indexed in a few minutes.

    1. Submitting your blog posts to social bookmarking sites also helps in bringing more traffic as we said, and there are chances that it may go viral depending on the content and subject of your post.
    2. In reducing the bounce rate, social bookmarking helps a lot.
    3. When it comes to blog categorization, Google and other search engines understand to which precise category your blog belongs and thus giving an extra edge to your site in the competition.

    Now the question is,

    How to do social bookmarking?

    It’s not complicated and we will tell you how you can do it yourself without much of a hassle.

    Points to remember before doing social bookmarking:

    1. All social bookmarking sites are not the same, and some sites may have some strict rules to be followed before you can submit your blog link.
    2. Do not spam the list of sites with your blog link; it may result in a permanent ban from sites.
    3. is very strict towards link submission, if you submit links before providing the value to the community, they will block you.
    4. Before submitting links to such sites, make sure that you build a good profile and add some value to the community by involving in groups and community forums.

    Steps to do social bookmarking:

    In this process we will take an example of Reddit:

    Step 1: Go to and click on sign up.

    Step 2: Fill in all your details and click on submit and verify your email ID.

    Step 3: After confirming your email ID, now you can see many categories of subreddits where you can post your link which is relevant to your niche.

    The same steps can be followed on all the social bookmarking sites we have listed below.

    Social bookmarking sites list 2024
    8Google Bookmarking

    Final words: While building links for your site or blog, keep in mind that you are doing it promptly instead of all at once. Social bookmarking also requires a bit of caution in choosing anchors and thinking about doing it in a steady phase which is going to boost your site authority as well as the brand.


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