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11 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps for Android

    During this lockdown period earning money got very difficult, but learning new things is not. The main income in this pandemic is just the stock market. Every person from the middle class to the rich does the stock market to earn money.

    In this article, I won’t give any advice on how you can earn money but I can give the best stock market simulator apps for android. Of course, they won’t give a satisfactory return but you will enjoy playing it.

    So let’s get started…

    11 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps for Android

    1. Trading Game

    This app is best for the stock market, bitcoins and so more. It is free to download and use and you won’t find any ads here as well. This is one of the best stock market simulator apps for android. This game is very user-friendly.

    2. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

    This game is also free to use and download and there are no hidden subscription fees as well. This app gives real data from the stock market. This app is totally good to practice the stock market. You can learn real values from here.

    3. TradeHero

    This is a bit more than the stock market. This is a revolutionary social investment app that helps to connect traders. It gives us wide knowledge of trading and strategies. If you are a newbie or pro in this field you can always use this app to play and gain some knowledge.


    This gives full knowledge of the stock market. This provides us with wide information about raw materials, currencies, bonds, rates of volatility, stocks, and many more. This is a bit difficult to use but once used properly you will be pro.

    5. BUX X

    This is the best stock market simulator app for android. This app is very well known to learn about the financial market and analyze the market. Here you can switch to real money directly if you want.

    6. Forex Trading for BEGINNERS

    As the name itself suggest that this application is for beginners, who want to learn more about stock markets. The app will offer you amazing questions, quiz games, and trading strategies. The latest version also supports bitcoins trading.

    7. Wall Street Magnate

    Wall Street Magnate is the best stock market simulator app for android. You can download this application on iOS as well. You don’t have to pay anything here and can gain a wide knowledge of the stock.

    8. Bitcoin Flip

    This application is good for people who want to learn about bitcoins. This application is easy to use and you will enjoy playing this game.

    9. Stock Market Simulator

    This application provides all the knowledge of the financial market. Every beginner can build knowledge and new strategies by playing from these applications. This application is easy and fun to use.

    10. Stock Market Simulator from nyxcore

    This is the best stock market simulator app for android. Here you can learn and increase your wealth by doing stocks. Here you can improve your marketing and investment strategies.

    11. Invstr: Investing For Everyone

    Here you can learn about stock trading and you will find it fun by using this application. You will get 1M$ virtual cash to play the stock and you can trade easily to get knowledge of the stock.

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    What is the best stock market simulator app?

    I have tried to list the 11 best stock market simulator apps for android. Where you will find that you can trade virtual cash and can gain knowledge about the stock market. 

    How do I begin investing in stocks?

    First, make your strategies, then check the stock whether it going up or down and then invest money by using applications.

    How can I practice stocks without using real money?

    These are some applications I have listed, here you can practice stocks without using real money.

    Final Words 

    So these are the list of the 11 best stock market simulator apps for android. Here you will find wide knowledge and information about the stock market. Share with your friends to get more fun. If you know more about such apps don’t hesitate to comment below. 


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