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Buy High-Quality Backlinks: 12 Best Places to Buy Quality Backlinks for SEO 2024

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Want to​ buy high-quality backlinks, then you are in the right place. We have listed the 12 best places from where you can buy high-quality backlinks for your new or old website.

Backlinks are the foundation for your site, without backlinks your site structure cannot be sustained for too long in this competitive world.

If you ask us, Without backlinks we can’t get a single site ranking in good positions in Google’s rankings for any medium competition keywords.

Backlinks are the key to success, and you should need to have them in the proper ratio of anchor text to increase the rankings and develop your business, and get more and more leads.

Buy High-Quality Backlinks

And most importantly without backlinks, no rankings, and thus no revenue. Be it AdSense or affiliate marketing.

Today in this post we are going to discuss a few of the best places where you can purchase high-quality backlinks.

I know it sounds somewhat fishy as Google strictly advises against all webmasters and bloggers who build links themselves.

Though this rule is on the page many of us know for a fact that we should build backlinks that are not spammy for good rankings.

Else it is practically impossible to stand with all those sites with a lot of useful metrics, i.e., best-in-class backlinks with authority.

Create high-quality backlinks

Best platforms to buy high-quality backlinks

Alright so now, we are going to discuss the thirteen most effective backlink purchasing platforms that we have tried to keep our rankings stable or to get a better ranking in SERPs to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

From these below-mentioned sources, you can purchase a backlinks package based on your requirement of permanent links or rental basis to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

If you don’t have enough cash to buy permanent links, we also have listed the backlinks package based on monthly rentals, and you can continue only if you are satisfied with the results by buying only for a month and then opt for continuation service to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

Top 12 Places to Buy High-Quality Backlinks:

1. SEO Clerk:

SEO clerk is the same as Source Wave, and Fiverr, SEO Clerk is also a commercial center.

But dedicated entirely to search engine optimization.

SEO Clerk

A few vendors post their services, and it is you who needs to recognize the quality and buy them if you are satisfied with the cost and your needs.

A backlink is just a category in SEO Clerk. As we mentioned above, you can discover large categories of SEO-related services here.

SEO Clerk

Only pick one, get it conveyed, and, pay the expenses. That is it.

2. Links Management (Highly Recommended):

LinksManagement is an excellent and well-managed platform compared to other backlink commercial sites we have ever used.

They have a lot of ways through which you can sort all the sites with different metrics like DA, PA, rental plans class, and significantly more factors to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

There are a lot of options to buy links the way you want as well.

When it comes to buying backlinks online, trust and quality of links matter a lot, and that’s where LinksManagement stands apart our first preference for many reasons is to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

Link management for backlink

The main reason is that they let you first have a look at the pages or URLs from where you can buy backlinks— this helps you to decide which site post or page is best for your site and you will get an idea of what to purchase and what to not to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

They will list out a rundown list of all backlinks which are openly available for you to purchase.

You can pick any number of backlinks through the list that satisfies your needs or is best suitable for your site to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

You can buy superb PR 1 to PR 9 backlinks which are of high quality and low outbound links and will improve your search engine page rankings.

You will likewise see no low-quality links in the link management platform.

Because they take extreme precautions while listing pages. If it is spammed, they simply reject it to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

They even have a brilliant Domain expert and Page specialist team, who help you to pick the best.

The team monitors continuously the link quality and outbound links from the page.

3. Fiverr:

We know that you have already known about this platform.

Not at all like Links Management, Fiverr is not a site to purchase backlinks as it was once.

Fiverr is a well-known online commercial center to offer or buy services — every one of you has known it to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

Use of Fiverr to make backlinks

By and large, you can purchase any service by only burning through 5 bucks — you can buy any service, regardless of whether you need anybody to outline your logo, make a video for you, activity, or anything to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

You can buy any freelancing services which may be anything that comes under online assistance.

The value or cost of the service begins from just five dollars, which is why the name Fiverr.

There is a massive number of freelancers who provide low-quality links on Fiverr to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

So ensure you purchase backlinks from someone reliable and reputed in the community.

Furthermore, when I say anything, at that point this likewise implies you can purchase backlinks from Fiverr as well.

Many individuals on Fiverr are offering joins for just $5. In any case, ensure that you just buy from reliable people who have great reviews to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

4. Post Links

PostLinks is another best site to purchase excellent backlinks for a modest cost.

They assert that you can get your hands on more than 1000 high DA joins for just $49.

Linking posts is best for SEO

They work like a promotion service where sellers provide backlinks and you can choose and decide the best links and buy them yourself from the available list to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

You can buy links based permanently or also on a temporary or rental basis.

5. SAPE links:

These links are the most controversial type of backlinks and yet the most powerful as well.

SAPE links are mostly from hacked sites where a hacker puts your links without the permission of the domain owner.

Though this sounds illegal, nobody can deny the power of SAPA links.

SAPE links

Because SAPE links are from high authority law firms and finance sites that pass link juice like no others.

You can buy SAPE links from sites like and you may have to buy using Bitcoin to secure your anonymity.

But while buying SAPA links, never provide your debit or credit card details because that might create a problem to Buy High-Quality Backlinks.

SAPE links quality backlinks

Once you buy the package, the team delivers your link package in 3-7 days.

You will get many options while purchasing like rental basis or monthly basis or yearly basis.

You can go on a rental basis to check whether links are helping in increasing your search engine page rankings or not.

6. Automated links from the GSA search engine ranker:

GSA search engine ranker is one of the most praised automated tools where you can get thousands of backlinks in a very short period.

GSA provides access to thousands of high-quality as well as low-quality massive amount of links from sites, such as web 2.0 sites, forums, and web directories.

GSA search engine ranker

Since this is an automated tool, you must be careful about how reliable and genuine links you are building.

Because these links come in quantity, rather than quality.

GSA search engine ranker is said to be a savior for event bloggers who are supposed to build thousands of links for their event sites in a very short period.

7. is an SEO commercial center. You can purchase high-quality backlinks, as well as give you social signals, PBN services, and so forth.

Buy a backlink from Konker

Even though Konker has many good backlinks sellers, who provide excellent service. One must be additionally cautious in picking services from these buyers.

Because many vendors are available all over the site who provide extremely low-quality and spammed links thus harming your site SEO.

8. Purchase High-Quality Backlinks:

There are a variety of third-party link-building techniques like connection pyramid link building, wheel link building, layered links, and many others.

Black hat website linking

Imagine a scenario in which both of the site owners exchange backlinks.

This leads to a commercial link-exchanging process benefiting both.

Better believe it, this is the best form, but you should be a little cautious as Google might penalize your site for link exchange.

9. The Hoth

The Hoth is another best place to purchase quality backlinks for your site. When you look at their landing page, you will see that they have various bundles of packages added to their repertoire.

The Hoth backlink

All you have to do is pick one service, pay the amount, and you will get your backlinks package delivered in a few hours or days based on the package.

10. UpWork:

Upwork is not a site that is solely dedicated to backlinks. If you have no idea about UpWork, then you need to know that once a great freelance working site Desk has been rebranded as Upwork.


It is an entire virtual commercial center where you can post your requirements, there are lakhs of people who are providing various services, and people will contact you for task completion jobs or freelancing.

When you get all the applications, you can check their profile and pick the correct ones.

11. Blackhat World:

Blackhat World is not a site that offers only backlinks. Rather, it is a website where individuals share their site details providing backlinks and also case studies from their experiences.

You will get a huge amount of experience here from many SEO gurus who showcase how they made a huge chunk of cash.

Blackhat World

In the Black hat world, individuals routinely post about their SEO benefits including backlink building.

There is nothing wrong with trying their service because before they offer as I said prior, you should make sure about the quality of the links. After all, links once made are very hard to get rid of.

BlackHatWorld is a standout amongst the most profoundly used sites used by spammers and black hats.

Even though it is not only for discussions but also you can purchase high-quality and high-PR backlinks from many reputed sellers here.

Many individuals are offering backlinks on BHW at indeed shabby costs.

Only go to the BHW site and look for backlinks. You will get a lot of potentially untapped useful links at exceptionally reasonable costs.

Always ensure that you aren’t purchasing from any backlinks seller who has an awful reputation in the business.

To make sure that you don’t buy backlinks from spammers, scan for audits and inputs before buying backlinks.

12. 24:7 Backlinks:

Among all the platforms we have listed here so far, 24:7 Backlinks offers the least expensive cost for beginners who are looking to buy backlinks at the lowest price.

They won’t charge you more than $0.001 per link. That doesn’t mean that you are going to get high-quality backlinks at a low price, always remember

24:7 Backlinks

You get what you pay for.

24:7 Backlinks offers a wide range of backlinks to purchases including contextual links, forum links, and also links from discussion sites.

When you are happy with the link metrics, then you can stack cash into your account to purchase genuine and effective backlinks.


Even though Google has warned, we still buy backlinks to rank our sites well in search engines, and building relevant backlinks should be the concern here.

So we expect you to be extremely cautious when purchasing links on any of the above-mentioned sites.

If your budget is higher than the packages of these sites, you can consider approaching SEO agencies as they have a clear idea of what should be done rather than building random links.

While purchasing the links, review the sellers and check the ratings. Also, check the testimonials and consider buying only if you are sure about the authenticity and quality of the package.

If you don’t know even after reviewing it, we will recommend you hire an SEO master before purchasing backlinks for your site.

Because links once built are very hard to disavow.

You can find numerous services on WarriorForum and BlackHatWorld — look for a PBN backlink supplier who has an excellent reputation and purchase links from him. In any case, don’t buy shoddy or low-quality backlinks because they can lead you to a Penguin penalization by Google.


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  1. Hi! Very good article for link building! You can add relevant link about LinksManagement, because backlink with anchor “LinksManagement” go to the! Thank you.

  2. Hi.. nekraj
    I appreciate your effort that you have collected information and shared on your blog.
    But as per my concern buying, backlinks are not the good thing. the seller is just fake that will create but 80% backlink will be useless.

    I will suggest every one to create backlink manually instead of buying

  3. Thank you for the tips, some of them were completely new to me.
    As far as buying links go, I think it can be very efficient when starting out, to get the site near the first page. But only quality content and real interaction with the visitors can sustain can on the long term.

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