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How to Get More Views on YouTube Fast and Free 2022

    Getting fewer YouTube views!!! Know-How to get more views on YouTube in 10 easy hidden secrets of YouTube for beginners and experts.

    Nowadays YouTube is trending more than social networking sites, and that is because people find it comfier to watch rather than read. As per the statistics, YouTube has 1 billion monthly users. Well, that’s obviously a huge number of users.

    One Of my YouTube Video

    So if you are still concentrating on blogging and content generation, you are leaving a lot of money on the table, and definitely, you would regret it sooner or later.

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    Why should you consider getting yourself a place in YouTube search results?

    We can give you many reasons for that, be it video marketing, vlogging, video monetization as well as sponsored videos, make money on YouTube is now one of the most feasible as well as easiest methods to earn money online. If you are still skeptical about creating a YouTube channel and monetizing it, think no more.

    This is the time to make choice. And also chances are that you already own a YouTube channel and thinking about how to get more views on YouTube but just can’t get through the phase of acquiring loyal subscribers or a good number of visitors or your own fan base to see enough revenue.

    Well, this post is exclusively written for you. If you are looking for ways how to get more views on YouTube as well as more subscribers, then keep on reading, by reading the full post, you will get a clear approach on how you can do it yourself.

    1. Create a well-structured script for your videos:

    Before going into the all technicalities of YouTube SEO on how to get more visitors, let us tell you the fundamental secret of YouTube SEO, it’s nothing but the execution of your ideas. Decide what you are good at and do videos essential on those topics, instead of randomly making videos on whatever topics are available.

    Some points to remember here is,

    • Do not copy big channels.
    • Create evergreen content that your users love.
    • There is no end to content creation ideas, be creative and provide value to your viewers.

    2. Channel trailer is the first impression

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    Whenever someone lands on your channel page from any random video of yours, YouTube has this feature to let you upload a small video, and it plays as soon as the visitor opens the channel page.

    If you want to convert that casual visitor to your loyal fan, make sure your channel trailer video is the best in class, and it clearly shows what your channel is about and a small introduction to what you do in order to get more views.

    • Keep it small and catchy.
    • Editing’s of icons that represent your brand.
    • Ensure that it’s not copied from someone’s intro.

    3. Video timings

    This matters too because nobody has time to spend on videos which are of around 30 minutes. As per the statistics of tube buddy, most of the visitors prefer videos that are less than 5 minutes.

    Make sure you follow this unwritten rule of YouTube, videos should be less than 5 minutes unless and until necessary. Always create content that holds your visitors till the end of your video, if your users start leaving in the middle, which results in pogo-sticking and this tends to decrease your rankings, so concentrate on providing user-engaging content.

    4. Video intro and editing

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    A video introduction is a small video clip that plays on every video of yours. It’s something that shows your brand to your viewers and makes them remember it the next time they come back. While creating intro videos for your channel, it should be creative and implanted in the memory of your user about your channel name.

    When it comes to the editing of the video, we suggest you take some classes from Udemy or watch some of the professional video editing using the tools like Sony Vegas Pro or Camtasia. Viewers should feel the vibes of positivity in your videos, and this can be done with excellent editing skills.

    5. Using the call to annotation in videos

    We do not recommend this personally, as this may be troublesome for many of your visitors. If you are wondering what is the call to annotation, it’s nothing but a small pop-up that you can use to increase your views or subscribers.

    Even many YouTube channels reported that their subscriber counts rapidly increased once they started using it. If you are planning to use this feature, make it less frequent as your users might get annoyed about the pop-ups.

    6. Collaboration with other vloggers and interact with your visitors.

    There will always be some very well-known and popular channels in your niche. Do not hesitate to approach them directly and collaborate with them. This results in getting to know each other’s audience, and there are chances that their visitors may become yours too if they like your work and vice versa.

    So it’s a win-win for both collaborators. Never feel shy or egoistic, if you want growth, then learn to approach and get what you want. After all, it is going to benefit both.

    7. Giveaways are a must and who doesn’t like to get freebies?

    One thing you should understand is, that you can get something from nothing. Just like that strategy, do not feel bad to do giveaways, people like free stuff and they do everything they can to win giveaways.

    You can arrange a small giveaway in your channel and ask your subscribers to share the video which gives more exposure to your channel and while choosing the giveaway item, it should be something related to the audience who are going to participate.

    For example, you can do giveaways of iPod and MP3 players if you are targeting youths.

    8. Using social media to promote your videos

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    There are literally thousands of social media sites to promote your videos and always use sites like Facebook and Reddit to get extra visitors to your videos, and it also helps in ranking your video well in YouTube search results.

    By doing this, your videos reach increases, and also when people start sharing it on social media, this gives free marketing to your video as well as increases the brand presence.

    9. Creating custom video thumbnail

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    There are a lot of videos on YouTube that go viral because of this. Surprised?

    Yes, a custom video thumbnail plays a significant role in whether a user is going to click on your video or not. If you are uploading the video, you will get a sidebar where you can choose the custom thumbnail whichever ever you want.

    While choosing the thumbnails, remember the following points:

    • Catchy and the user is going to click on it.
    • Related to the video and involves suspense.
    • Creative as well as clickbait for your visitors

    10. YouTube SEO

    This is a little technical if you have no prior knowledge in search engine optimization, then you must be worried about optimization as well as how to get more views on YouTube because optimizing your videos as per the YouTube’s algorithms results in showing your videos at the top of search results.

    We have listed out the few factors which tend to affect the rankings and what you can do to improve them.

    Making use of Meta tags:

    Meta tags are important as these are the small snippets that show the search results. Make it short and include a keyword in Meta tags. This plays a vital role in increasing the CTR of your video.

    Optimizing your video descriptions for the YouTube algorithm:

    The video description should clearly explain the video content. In description do not forget to link all your social media site pages as well as other fellow Vloggers channel link, so that it can help in the exponential of both, you can reach out to other bloggers to do the same.

    Following factors also affect the SEO of your videos and go through each of them and cleanly implement them to get more views on YouTube

    1. Keyword in the title and the first word is the keyword:

    The keyword which you want to rank for should be there at the beginning of your title or at least in the title. And also keep the title short and creative. Catchy titles always get the love it deserves from visitors.

    2. Using Google AdWords and keywords everywhere extension:

    Before choosing the titles and descriptions for your videos, do comprehensive research on the keywords which users are searching for.

    Using keywords everywhere extension, you can find out the many untapped keywords and rank your videos better than your competitors.

    3. Choosing description for your video:

    While writing the description for your video, it should contain as much content as possible related to the video. This tends to rank your videos better also do not forget to link to your social media pages. If you are willing to link to other YouTubers, you can also do that using description.

    Conclusion: Though this is an exclusive do it yourself guide on how to get more views on YouTube, make sure you add the relevant keywords in the description and do not spam the keywords in the title and description, use as many LSI keywords as possible and stay exclusively towards your brand and commit to it for the long term.

    The more frequently you upload your videos, and the more your visitors engage with your videos, the better your authority, and better is your views.

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    So what are your tips on How to get more views on Youtube in 2022?


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