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17 Google Keyword Planner Alternative To Find Gold Mine 2024 Edition

Today I will share my best 17 Google Keyword Planner Alternative tools to find low-hanging fruits in any industry.

What is the best free keyword research tool in 2024? Which tool should you use?

In this post, I will compare and give details about 17 google keyword planner alternatives that will help you to find gold mine keywords in your niche.

Keyword research is the most important thing for every online business. You agree with it.I am too.

You can not increase your website traffic without keyword research.[I can bet with you.]

Source: in “17 Google Keyword Planner Alternative”

SEO starts from Keyword research. There is no benefit to targeting a keyword/query that no one searches in Google. If you don’t know how to do keyword research for free then watch this video:-

Same There are no benefit If you are writing hundreds of post without focusing on any keywords and same It’s totally fooling if you are writing your post focusing on keywords that no one search on google.

What will be the result of this type of blogging?

Very Simple “No Traffic”


So in this guide, I will share the 17 best free Google keyword Planner Alternative l to find gold keywords in your niche:-

1. KWFinder: My #1 Recommended Tool For Keyword Research

What is Kwfinder:-

Kwfinder is an online keyword research tool that runs on the cloud. You need not download any software to use this tool.

In other words, It is the best alternative for Google Keyword planner. If you are very tight on budget then kwfinder is your dream tool for keyword research.

You can find long-tail keywords with low competition easily with this tool. As per my personal experience, Kwfinder is better than semrush and long tail pro.


KWFinder Features:-

  • Easily Find long-tail keywords (no AdWords account required)
  • Filter Keywords on SEO Difficulty or Search Volume or Number of words basis
  • Find search volume on any keyword
  • Find SEO difficulty to rank a keyword
  • Find search volume for local keywords (city, state, and country levels)
  • Change languages for keyword research.
  • Run-on a very fast speed.
  • No software is needed.
  • Best Google Keyword Planner Alternative
  • Free Lifetime Account with 5 Research Per Day
  • Paid Account Price Only $9.99/mo with 100 Daily Keyword Research

More Info, Feature, and Tutorial in KWfinder Review

2. Bing: While not the obvious choice if you are conducting research for Google campaigns, Bing’s keyword tool can still provide helpful insights on related keywords. You need to have a website verified in Bing’s Webmaster Tools in order to use the tool, but it is otherwise free to use.

The keyword ideas are not as broad as those that you might get from other free keyword tools; however, one advantage in Bing’s favor is that they display both broad and exact match search volume.

Here is what I found after searching for blogging:-

So you can get suggestion+exact match keyword search volume and it’s free for a lifetime.

3. Semrush 30 Days Free Trial:-

Semrush offer 30 days free trial and many pro marketers use this tool. You can semrush for many tasks.

You can research Competitors’ Keywords to find untapped keywords.

You can track keywords rank, check backlinks, check competitors’ rank and even you can do SEO Audit for your blog and also for your competitors.

Watch the video overview of SEMRUSH:-

How to get started with SEMRUSH:-

  • Head over to t their home page.
  • Type your query/keyword or If you want to do competitors analysis then enter the competitors’ URLs.
  • Select Your Targetted Country.
  • It will show all the info you need like monthly searches, ads, top 10 domains ranked for that keyword, keyword difficulty, history of ads and ranking, total backlinks, etc.

Pros of SEMRUSH:-

  • All in one marketing toolkit.
  • Provide 30 days free trial without credit cards.
  • Good for finding competitors’ keywords.

Cons of SEMRISH:-

  • Very costly. The monthly Price starts from $99.9/mo
  • Does not provide accurate data.
  • No option to get global search volume data. This tool only provides country-based data.
  • Keyword difficulty is not accurate.
  • SEMRush’s general dashboard is overwhelming.

4. Keyword Everywhere:-

It’s a free keyword extension that works like Google Keywords Planner. It will give you CPC, keyword monthly searches for free.

It’s free for a lifetime.

Simply download the extension and whenever search your keywords in the google search bar and it will give you a monthly search and CPC for your query.

Pros of this Tool:-

  • Free For lifetime
  • Nothing to download
  • Easy to use

Cons of this tool:

  • Will not give keyword difficulty which is the most important factor to rank a keyword.
  • Will not give any other data like backlinks and other things.


5. Ubersuggest:-

Ubersuggest has been acquired by Neil Patel It’s similar to  As the name suggests this tool will generate hundreds suggestions for one seed keyword. You just need to enter your seed keyword in the box and hit enter.

It’s totally free tool right now but does not provide the data like keyword difficulty and monthly searches etc.

Try ubdersuggest yourself.


It is 2 in 1. You can do keyword research as well as manage your SEO with this tool. If you have an SEO eCommerce store or an online business then must go with SEOCockpait.

Here are some good features of SEOCockpait:

  • Keyword research at warp speed
  • International: For all countries and languages
  • Superior & unrestricted keyword analysis data
  • Find the most valuable keywords in just seconds
  • Find more and better keyword opportunities than your competitors
  • Special Bonus: RankTracker (SECockpit Pro & Up in $80/mo plan)
  • 30 days free trial.
  • Mobile app to do keyword research
  • No need to download anything.
  • spit out low competition keywords
  • Find keywords that get a minimum CPC in Adwords.

Cons of SEOCockpait:-

There is nothing wrong with SEOCockpait, But If you are a blogger or small business owner then you can not digest the price.

Their price starts from $40/mo in which you can only perform 10 searches per day. So this tool has a high price with limited searches.

Get SEOCockpait Here.


I can say that this is the best tool for competitors’ keyword research. You can find do complete competitors’ research with this single tool.

Using this tool is very easy. Just go to the homepage and enter your competitor’s URL and hit enter.[You can also enter your own website URL]

I am using for this tutorial:-

Another Google keyword planner alternative

In the keywords tab, you can see the top 5 keywords for which this site gets the most traffic.

It shows three-column rank , keywords, and estimated traffic sites get by that keywords

You can add as many compositors URL as you want and find their best keywords

SpyFu Features:-

  1. Very Easy To Use
  2. No need to download any things.
  3. Track Keywords Ranking
  4. Find Every ad your competitors run.

As per their official description:-

Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 10 years.

Learn how to connect with these domains, too. Find online and traditional leads methods — social media, email, phone, and address — you can’t find anywhere else.

Cons of SpyFu:-

  1. Accuracy is not good for competitors’ PPC.
  2. Reporting is not user-friendly.
  3. Some of the competitor results seem unrelated to the primary domain.
  4. Show unrelated and useless keywords
  5. Exporting to a CSV/PDF does not include manually added information. This is particularly disappointing.
  6. The plan starts from $49/mo which is not under budget for most of the bloggers.

 Check SPYFU yourself


They describe them as follows:-

Best FREE alternative tool to the Google Keyword Planner reveals 1000’s of profitable longtail keywords with SEO competition, keyword difficulty, CPC,

Their dashboard is very simple and the process of keyword research is like kwfinder.

Wordtracker offers their service starting from $27/mo while you can get the same service from kwfinder at $12.42 if you pay for a full year.

Wordtracker Pros:-

  1. WordTracker’s KEI is particularly good at revealing a keyword’s relative value.
  2. Filter and short system available.
  3. Keyword research to find the perfect phrases with low competition and high impression rate
  4. Keeping up with trending topics in any industry field.[Use it like google trends.]

Wordtracker Cons:-

  1. They don’t have a yearly plan for their basic plan which means you need to pay a minimum of $449 for a year.
  2. the user interface is not good.

9. Keyword Discovery:-

This is what they write about themselves:-

Keyword Discovery provides access to the biggest keyword database derived from all the search engines. Access to search phrases that people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

Even Jon morrow from copyblogger is a fan of this tool and used it for their keyword research.

For me though, the bottom line is: are you expecting to make money from your site?

If you are, Keyword Discovery is probably just a little bit better than the other services. For instance, I’m thinking about starting up some new Adwords campaigns, and if I do, KD is definitely my tool of choice. Even if the results are only 5% more accurate, that can still translate into thousands of dollars in my pocket.

Features of  Keywords Discovery [As per their sales page]:-

  • Huge Keyword Database They collect data from 200 search engines.
  • Keyword Research Find more related and relevant keywords with KeywordDiscovery than with any other keyword research tool.
  • Range of Keyword Tools Keyword Discovery includes many Keyword Tools to help you analyze and qualify keywords, including Historical Trends, Competitors, Keyword Effectiveness, PPC Bid Values, and many more!
  • Competitors – Top Traffic Sites per keyword You can spy on your competitors.
  • Keyword Projects Keyword Discovery search results can be organized and saved into projects. Projects can be copied, deleted, renamed, added to, deleted from, translated, and exported.
  • Yahoo PPC Bid Tool Find keyword PPC bid information from Yahoo.
  • Import Keywords and Export Keywords Import keywords directly into KeywordDiscovery via external sources, such as excel, text files, meta tags, and URLs, and then also Export all your keyword research and analysis data.

Cons of Keyword Discovery: Only Price is high and nothing. This tool is best for newbies.

Video Review:-

Price:In the free version you can search for 10 results per day and in the free you can search for 1500 search per day

The free plan will be free for a lifetime unless you upgrade to a paid plan which starts from $49/mo [0r $29/mo when you buy one year plan]

Sign Up For Keyword Discovery

10. #1 FREE Alternative To Google Keyword Planner for SEO:-

This tool is based on autosuggest features of the search engine. This tool uses Google Autocomplete API to provide data. If you are looking for a free google keyword planner alternative this tool is for you.


  • 750+ Long Tail Keyword Suggestions for any Google search terms.
  • Free 1000 keywords for App Store Optimization(ASO).
  • Find out what keywords and topics people are searching on Youtube for 750+ suggestions.
  • 600+ free Bing keyword suggestions.
  • Get up to 380 Amazon autocomplete for free.


  • Suggestions up to 1440+ keywords from Google & Youtube, 1900+ keywords from Bing, 760+ from Amazon, 3800+ from App store for every single search.
  • Complete Google search metrics.
  • The level competition analyzer for Google AdWords.
  • Bidding suggests on Google AdWords.
  • Capable of exporting all the data to a CSV file easily.
  • Capacity to sort keywords through any parameters.
  • Affordable price

keyword Tool IO’s Cons:-

  • Does not provide Search volume.
  • Does not provide a Keyword difficulty score.
  • Provide useless keywords which have 00 search volume.
  • This tool only provides country-based suggestion

Try Yourself 

11. Keyword Eye:-

This is another Google keyword planner Alternative for keyword research. They have some cool features:

  •  LSI keywords Finder
  • Question Keyword Finder
  • Competitors Keyword finder
  • Link Analysis

Price:- There is no free plan. You need to pay $1 for a trial then  $44/mo.

Sign Up For Keyword Eye

12. Keyword Reveler :

You can discover low competition keywords guaranteed with this google keyword planner alternative. :

Sign up for a free trial 

13. Answerthepublic:-

Do you know what is the best way to come in a google feature snippet?

You need to answer the question which your visitors are asking.

But where you will find these questions?

The answer is “Answerthepublic.’

With this online tool, you can find 100’s question keywords with each. Just go to the home page of this site ad enter your seed word.

That’s all…

It will display all the questions.

It’s totally free.

Check Yourself this cool tool.

14. Scrapebaox: An Unknown Google Keyword Planner Alternative 

Mostly known as a black hat SEO tool, Scrapebox has plenty of white hats uses too (see this great guide from Neil Patel) including conducting keyword research. With Scrapebox, a small handful of keywords will easily turn into hundreds and even thousands of possibilities.

Scrapebox is software that needs to run on a Windows desktop environment, but the upside is that it’s a one-time purchase vs a monthly or annual subscription.

You can use this tool for many works like auto commenting, domain harvesting, finding dead domains, checking 404s pages in bulk, indexing backlinks, etc.

The price is $97 one time but you can buy it for $67 with this special link.

15. Long tail pro

LTP is keywords research software that works on Mac and Windows. It is the best keyword research tool available in the market. You can find many untapped high searches and low competition keywords using a long tail pro.

Here is the video review of long tail pro:-

Also Read: Long Tail Pro Review

Which one do you use:-

Every tool has its own pros and cons. There is again no doubt if you want to become a blogging millennium, you need to take keyword research seriously.

I used kwfinder for my all websites and recommended the same.

So which google keyword planner alternative is best for you?


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  2. That’s what I was looking for. This is a great list of key planner tools. just awesome. I’ll start digging right away. Thanks for sharing.

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