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How To Index Backlinks In Google: 5 Working Method 2024

A non-indexed backlink is no backlinks. No matter how many backlinks you create in a day until they got indexed by Google. In this short tutorial, you will learn how to index backlinks in Google Fast and Free ( and manually ). In the last post, I shared 31 untapped sources of dofollow high authority backlinks. But they will not improve your search engine ranking until Google indexes them. So indexing your backlinks is more important than making high-quality backlinks   A Taste What will you learn in this tutorial:

  1. How to Index Each Backlink Fast and Free
  2. Which method is completely a waste of time?
  3. Does pinging work or not?
  4. Hidden and secret tricks to get backlinks indexed without pinging or another software. Yes, it is free.
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Link building is the most important part of SEO. In the past,

Your website isn’t going to attract online traffic unless your backlinks are indexed by Google. However, getting backlinks from other niche-related websites is probably the most difficult process of Off-Page Optimization.   How to check backlinks indexed by Google? There is one simple way. Just go to Google and search If the result comes then your links got indexed else not. Here is one example: I have created do follow backlinks at splashthat ( Detailed guide in the previous post) and this is the URL of that backlink: I just want to know whether it got indexed or not? I have made a quick search on Google: I am getting a result. It means that the above link has been indexed.   But what to do when you want to check the indexation of many backlinks and don’t have time?

Here is a free solution. Simply go to this free tool and paste your all backlinks in bulk: It will find out how many backlinks have been indexed. Does another question come to many bloggers why backlinks are not getting indexed in Google  ( or web webmaster )? The answer is very simple Google couldn’t find your backlinks. In the webmaster tool, you only see the backlinks which have been indexed by Google. Google never indexed low-quality links. So there is no benefit to buying bulk backlinks from Fiverr or seoclerk. So How to Index Every backlink Fast? Just Keep On Reading … Here 5 ways to index your backlinks in Google (All are free).

  1. Google submit URL: This is the best way to index your backlinks. Simply search “google submit URL” and submit the URL of your backlinks. Here is an example:

By this method, most of your backlinks will be indexed within 24 hours. This is the free and best way and I used it a lot.  

2. Pingbomb : One thing I will like to clarify is that pinging can’t index your backlinks. So here is the solution (and replacement) of pinging called pingbomb.   What does this tool do? It automagically creates 105 free backlinks to your site or page, then it ping them too! This means it creates 2nd tier links and pings them. By this method, half of your backlinks will be indexed.  

3. Web2.0 Method: It has a high indexation rate. You just need to create a .blogspot blog and write a very short post like:

“This is latest reddit submission :  naked-url–of-your-backinks-goes-here.html This is my digg submission : This is my lates comments : This is my new event of imfaceplate :  ……………….”

It means that you need to create a list-type post then use your google search console and Use the “Fetch as Google ” tool. By this method, your all backlinks will be indexed.  

4. Backlink Indexer Software: There is also another method to index backlinks but none of them works as well as the above method works. However, if you have many sites, blogs, or micro-niche websites then you need to use software to save your time. You can use paid software like index nuke. one hour indexing, indexed, Scrap box, GSA indexer and senuke tng, etc. I have tried a lot of software but for me, indexnuke works great. Another thing which I like about it , is you can purchase it at $35 with a single-time payment. So it is the cheapest backlink indexer tool available in the market. Here is the tutorial of indexnuke :

5. Social Signals: Another method you can use social signals and social bookmarking for your backlinks. You can also use fake social signals for your backlinks. I have shared 71 social media exchange sites list  , you can use for this purpose and for social bookmarking, You can buy them at a very cheap price from     The Full Process In Short Version:

  1. Use Google Submit URL.
  2. Use Web 2.0 Method
  3. Ping Bomb your link only one time.
  4. Drive Social Signals.
  5. Make your backlinks high quality so Google automatically indexes them.
  6. Use backlinks indexer software if you want to index links in bulks.

Final Words:  So I hope everyone knows how to index backlinks fast and free in Google.  One more important thing if you want to rank fast on Google you need to index your links as early as you can. In the end, I would like to clarify that Pinging doesn’t work these days.   What indexing strategies are you using? What is your suggestion and advice on this subject ” how to index backlinks in Google and other search engines?”

Index Backlinks In Google


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  1. Interesting article. Backlinks are really important but indexed backlinks are more important. Because non-indexed backlinks have no value. Your article helps me to get indexed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your grammar is incredibly terrible. You advertise something which you don’t even spell check before posting, and you keep putting spaces before full stops, question marks, etc. Apart from that, your whole post is full of typical errors. Unbelievable that you have the balls to post something as unprofessional as this.

  3. Nekraj, Great blog, By reading your blogs, I believe you are sharing your hard earned experience. I am sure you have spend a lot hours to get such back links sources and to understand what works and what does not work. Really helpful seo tips. I have never found such direction even in , and I would say you are a real SEO Mentor. Keep going your alexa status says your growth. Best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Thank you for this post.

    My site used to have a sizable amount of traffic and a few good backlinks but due to it been offline for a month and then another three weeks due to the host company’s fault, I have only about 10% f the original traffic coming my way.

    Asides from posting great content, what else can I do to get my site up again?


  5. Hello. This looks like vital information, but I am a bit confused. Hope you can clarify things for me. By indexing a backlink, what exactly do you mean by that ? The link as it appears on the reffering website (code of the anchor text for example) or the link as it is on my website ( ? If its second, then all I want to do it get google to index one of my pages, right ?

    1. Let’s suppost you share a link on a subreddit. then you need to index the this link So google will index this subreddit post and notice that there is link of your blog.
      Hope you got it.

  6. hello #nelreaj

    i want to write many articles for my tech blog. my english skills is not better. please give me some trick and tips. any software and tools.

    i hope you will help me. neeraj sharma

    1. Use grammarly and for tools read my latest post in which I have shared 151 blogging tools.

      To improve English knowledge use hello English play store app

  7. Nice Post…. When I am checking my blog backlink. I found my backlinks got managed, what does this mean???

  8. William the socks manufacturer

    Hello, really excellent skills buddym thanks a lot.
    A small question: do I need to submit my url by all the 5 methods or I just need to choose one platform to submit?
    Thanks again in advance.

  9. Hello!
    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I am just a little confused about what link counts as a backlink? Is it the link to the overall page where my backlink exists? Or do they want that specific link embedded within the post (which would essentially be my website url I guess?)

    Thank you!

    1. Backlink is the url of the page where your site web address exit .
      For example now you have commneted on this page so you got 1 nofollow backlinks form and your backlinks is

  10. Hi, you have explained topics in very easy to understand language and easy to read fonts and size, thanks for it, My question, does making links from these high authority sites will boost my local specific service website or will it hurt my seo, as it is from niche non-relevant websites.

    It is service specific for Chandigarh city, thanks in advance

  11. I used a backlink checker tool to check my blog backlinks but it is still showing total number of my old backlinks even though I still made new backlinks and it has being indexed but still showing the previous total old number f

  12. I used a backlink checker tool to check my blog backlinks but it is still showing total number of my old backlinks even though I still made new backlinks and it has being indexed but still showing the previous total old number of backlinks made by me, what do u suggest I do?

    1. Hello Frank,
      Thank you for reaching out, Backlinks are indexed by automatically and there is no manually way to index. Yes it will take some time for indexed.

    1. Thank you for contacting us, Use below url to submit your website in google so it can easily indexed

  13. Hello, am a bit confused. How do I check backlinks? For example I want to submit backlinks for the pages I commented on to be indexed but I can’t seem to find how to get the backlink of my website to submit for indexing

  14. Awesome article as usual.
    It’s really usefull for newbies bloggers who really don’t know about backlink index.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Hi Neeraj

    This articles really works for me but I Have a question How much backlink I can create daily waiting for your Reply.

    Thank you

  16. Hi Nekraj,

    I do follow your blog daily for SEO And BACKLINKS, Really your TIPS are just working Awesome! And I understood that “Backlinks are really important but indexed backlinks are more important”

    Really I found this is a very Interesting article.

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