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IMAGE SEO: How to rank in Google Images In 5 Easy Steps 2022

Getting ranked in Google images has its perks because this obviously helps you bring some extra traffic to your site and recent posts which are shown in the feature graph actually pull the images from the top image results of google.

There are lots of SEO WordPress Plugin and you can WP smush for Image SEO Optimization.

So assume what if your images get their place somewhere in these snippets?

Don’t you think image SEO is worth trying now?

How to Rank in Google Using Image Seo

What is image SEO?

Well, it is nothing but optimizing your images which in turn results in good ranking in an image search of search engines as well as featured snippets from Google.

Google Image SEO 2022

But how to do image SEO?

Glad you asked, it is not difficult and you can do it yourself.

If you are wondering why you should consider doing image SEO, let us tell you the advantages of getting ranked in Google search images.

1. Extra traffic from high competitive keywords:

Everybody knows the pain of getting ranked for very high competitive keywords because most of the authority sites use private blog networks and their influence to secure the first page of Google.

Well if you follow this guide, then you can easily rank for highly competitive keywords in the place of image results, thus grabbing the extra traffic which might be a great potential visitor for your site.

If you are still not satisfied, let us show some insights into the statistics, according to the product manager of Google images, the daily pageviews from Google images alone are more than one billion!

Just think how much money you are leaving on the table ignoring the potential of Google image traffic.

2. Gaining authority over a niche by branding:

Once your image is ranked for the highly competitive keyword in the snippet or Google images, it helps you gain a lot of exposure, and thus you can easily outreach the other blogger in your network.

Or it also helps in branding by watermarking your images, since it is relatively a lot easier to rank in Google images search results, you can get a quick glance at your images.

3. Getting featured in rich snippet with almost no work!

Yes, getting ranked for high competitive keywords is always a hassle, imagine if your image sits beside the first snippet as Google is fetching images from top Google images instead of using post images, again that leads to getting a lot of exposure and piece of traffic which you can convert to your potential visitor.

To be precise, getting ranked for images in Google isn’t that hard if you follow our guide carefully for image SEO and implement it in the right manner.

Now without wasting any time, let’s dive into the handbook and see how it goes and which factors affect the ranking.

1: Magic of content curating:

Doesn’t matter which niche or which topic, always stick with the post and make sure your content is more natural and engaging to your audience.

Wrap the images which are embedded in a post with relevant keywords or partial match keywords.

One thing to keep in mind here is, always use latent semantic keywords while wrapping the image which increases the relative content of your site. And also helps you rank better for more keywords.

2: Authority of the site does matter:

You cannot just follow this guide and rank to whatever niche you wish because the catch here is, that your site should have some proper authority over the niche.

Just like how Google sees the site’s authority and other factors, for ranking images also same logic applies. So if you are planning to implement this guide on your site, you should consider improving your site metrics and then follow this.

3: Optimizing the alt text or alt tags and title tags of images:

Search engine crawlers always find the proper alt tags and titles of images, alt tag actually stands for alternative information and most of us include an appropriate title tag and ignore the alt tag, but this is the essential step.

How to Optimize Images for SEO

You are pointing out that your image is regarding the post content by adding the alt tag as follows.

  • Step 1: While embedding images to your post in WordPress, once the image is finished uploading, you will see the following pop-up where you can enter the attachment details.
  • Step 2: There will be two places where you should consider optimizing the images for search engine crawlers. 2
  • Step 3: The first is to enter the image title as per your contents title or heading and mix it with the LSI keywords and partial match text.
  • Step 4: Now, choose an alt tag in such a way that it matches or includes the keyword which you are trying to rank in Google images.
  • Never use exact match keywords which affect the ranking, use your common sense and find some high potential keywords and match them with primary keywords.

4. Making use of image syndication websites:

Make sure your image is already shared on major image syndication platform sites including Flickr, Google plus, and also Picasa.

If the image is downloaded from third-party sources, make sure you link back to avoid conflicts in the future.

5. Building backlinks for the image using private blog networks and web 2.0 sites:

This step is entirely optional if you are a beginner in blogging, but if you own a few private blog network sites or niche sites related to each other, make sure you embed it on all those sites slightly varying the alt text and title of the image.

And that is all you have to do; you will gradually see the image peeking through the pages of Google and come to the top after you implement all these steps.

Conclusion: Though it’s always a good practice to follow the image SEO guide and apply it yourself.

We suggest you experiment yourself with varying the keywords of alt tags and never spam alt tags as well as title tags with exact match keywords, instead use latent semantic keywords in titles and partial match keywords in alt tags.

Since the guide is written for those who are trying to do image SEO themselves, they can follow this with ease and get a guaranteed result easily.

So have your prior experience done Image SEO?


3 thoughts on “IMAGE SEO: How to rank in Google Images In 5 Easy Steps 2022”

  1. Where the hell is the techniques. You just use one basic technical term
    1. alt Teg optimization
    2. image shearing

    apart form that nothing in this article, i just waste my time here

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Could you please read full article as we have discussed about 5 important point on rank using google images

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