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Off-Page SEO Checklist: 11 Factors That Drive Traffic to Your Site in 2024

You are going to learn the 11 Off-Page SEO Checklists for the optimized page.

If you think that we will explain how to build backlinks in this post, we will disappoint you, because off-page SEO isn’t just about links anymore, definitely not in the warfare of SEO in 2024.

Because Google is becoming more and more cautious in ranking blogs with many spammed links and PBNs. If you are looking for actionable and doable strategies for off-page SEO, you are at the right place.

Off Page SEO Checklist 2024

Let us tell you which are things to consider for the off-page SEO checklist of 2024.

Everyone from a pro blogger to a newbie in the blogging field knows that both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are necessary to rank well on Google, even though on-page SEO can be done easily with the help of some Best SEO Plugins For WordPress and we have never felt on-page optimization to be fuzzy. But that isn’t the case with off-page SEO.

Your visitor can’t see a thing about what you have done off-page to get ranked well in SERP. So off-page SEO is always kind of tricky.

Before diving into the checklist and actionable tips for off-page SEO, let us consider knowing what is off-page SEO and how it works.

What are the benefits of off-page SEO if done properly:

1. Good traffic: Yes, this is right, you are going to get quality traffic if you target good blogs while doing guest posting and choose high-quality blogs to share your posts.

2. A wide range of link diversity: Your link profile will be diversified as you are getting backlinks from a wide variety of social sites as well as other websites which increases the authority of your site.

3. Ranking improvement: The primary purpose of off page SEO is nothing but gaining rankings that this can accomplish, off-page SEO can result in massive changes in SERP as search engines tend to rank posts that get good backlinks.

4. Social media mentions; when your site starts to create hype on social media, you are going to get free social shares and likes and also user engagement on the post which gives social signals again a ranking factor that can improve the search engine rankings.

In layman’s terms, we can say off-page SEO is done by those who appreciate the content or service of your blog by linking back to particular or multiple posts from an anchor text using backlinks.

Well, even though we can call this an optimization done by third-party sites, we can’t sit and wait for backlinks which interns help our posts to rank better and increase the blog authority. So off-page SEO is done by webmasters and admins of third-party sites as well as you if you are considering doing it yourself for quicker results.

Off-page SEO Checklist 2024

Let’s start this and this checklist comprised of primary link-building methods and other useful ways of getting backlinks:

1. Submitting your site to search engines.

2. Social bookmarking.

3. Blog commenting.

4. Article submission.

5. Directory submission.

6. Guest posting.

7. Forum links.

8. Infographic submission.

9. Web 2.0.

10. Question and answer sites.

11. Image submission.

1. Submitting Your Site to Search Engines:-

This is the first step as soon as you create a new blog or site. Search engines are going to act as medians between you and your visitors, submit your site to a major number of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,, etc., usually search engines ask you to drop the URL of your site and do a spam check to list out your website.

You can even sign up for Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster tools to analyze the clicks from search engines.

You can submit your site to 50 search engines at once.

how to submit your site to search engine

2. Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking is also just like submitting your website to search engines, but here we are going to bookmark our sites to promote them whenever we publish content. Getting traffic from search engines involves an attached string, but social bookmarking can give you massive traffic at almost no cost if marketing is done properly.

You can submit your site to thousands of social bookmarking sites as most of them are free to publish sites. Well, known social bookmarking sites include, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc.

You should use Onlywire to bookmark your blog on 50 websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.

Here is how to submit your blog to social bookmarking sites at once :

  1. To sign up simply go here.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. And you are done.
  5. Now the next steps are to connect your social network :
  6. To connect your network just follow the steps :
  7. For this post, I am connecting my Twitter.
  8. Click on Add Network.
  9. Click on the + button under Twitter
  10. Click activate.
  11. Authorize that you want to share your details.
  12. And you are done.

You can add another network by the same method. In the free version, you can add up to 5 profiles and in paid you can add 50 networks.

Once you add all your social bookmarking accounts then you can add your link in one click. Follow this video for more info:

In recent I have also shared my method to automatically posting on Reddit with IFTTT Here is a video tutorial :

Learn How to Do Proper Off-Page SEO:-

3. Blog Commenting:-

Stop Reading Now, If you think Blog commenting is a waste of time.

Blog commenting is easy backlinks.

There are 2 ways you can build backlinks with comments.

The first is high-quality blogs that require approval before approving your comment and the second is nonmoderate blogs.

In past, I have shared 501 dofollow and auto-approve blog comment lists which you can download.

However, if your goal is to comment on HQ blogs then you can use my Pinterest to Blog Commenting Method. Here is how this works:-

If you have free time and want to read some very high authoritative blogs then Pinterest is the best place to find them.

Simply head over to the Pinterest Home Page.

Type your main keyword in the search box and hit enter.

It will show the best pins in the past.

Go to each one and publish your great comment.

I bet that all of them will approve of your comments.

Here is a template you can use to drive traffic with your comments:-

Hi Blogger Name!

Really Good post ! Appericiate it.

Well I have a doubt/question ” Type your question here [some example: Which hosting is best,how to do wordpress seo, how to index backlinks etc] “

Cheers: Your Name

P.S I have tweeted this great post.

Very simple, Sweet, and straight to the point.

This requires time, not a lot. But what happens here is, that you will read content on someone’s site, and after reading it, you drop your site’s link in the comment box. Even though Google doesn’t like the webmaster to build their links, we think this can be exempted.

If your comment is related to the post and adds value to others who have to agree with you, there are chances that they might appreciate your thoughts and visit your site, and yes they can be your potential visitors too.

Blog commenting also helps in building the network of bloggers and webmasters and is also considered as a beginner-friendly method for newbies.

4. Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites host a lot of articles where you can publish your articles by, linking back to your site as the source, or the sites which are going to use your articles would link back. This is the less time-consuming method. You can submit your articles to or EzineArticles and many more sites.

High PR Article Posting Links

Article Directories


Follow the steps to submit your article in I faceplate:-

Imfaceplate: It has DA 35, PR 5 and you can get as many do-follow links from one account. All you need to sign up for a free account , write a simple 100+ word article, and enter a link pointing to your blog post.

You can get a dofollow backlink with your desired anchor text. However, I suggest using branded or naked URLs as anchor text.

5. Directory submission sites

This is one of the oldest methods of link building. Because this process involves nothing much but adding links back to your site from the URL option. This process is not working to improve the ranking of your website in search engine optimization but helps link diversification.

You can submit your website to thousands of web directories including and many more sites.

Directory Sites

1 http://exampledir.com7 http://www.linkaroni.com8 http://clicksordirectory.com10

Here is how to submit your website in Alltop:-

Alltop is a blog aggregator/directory site with PR6, DA 78, and PA 82. If you have a high-quality blog with regular posting then you can get high-quality backlinks from them.

To get free high-authority backlinks from Alltop just follow the steps

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with your details.

3. Again go to and fill out every detail of your site.

4. Hit submit and it’s done.

Now, wait for their reply. If everything goes correct then they will submit your blog at their site.

Note: They accept only blogs that are high quality and older than 3 months. If you are running a business site, review blog, or gambling blog they will not accept it So you should waste your time there.

6. Guest Posting

Now, this is something that you should concentrate on, this involves a process of approaching the neighbor blogger of the same niche to let you post an article on his/her blog linking back to your content. This almost looks natural and is one of the best link-building methods ever to sustain from Google updates.

7. Forum Links

There are a lot of forums that can be found in every niche, and if you sign up for forums and involved in discussions with other members, you can always drop a link back to your site while having group conversations which increases the backlinks and also traffic from forums and communities.

8. Infographics Submission

This type of link is quite new. Infographic sites stand for sites having images that are the informative graphical representation of something complex. These are a great way of getting backlinks as only high authority sites and good blogs consider using infographics in their posts to increase the user experience. If your infographics are eye-catching, there are chances that you might get hundreds of high-authority links from your niche.

9. Web 2.0 Link Building

These are not the sites that are going to link you back, but you can do it yourself by creating a blog of your own on Web 2.0 sites like Blogger, WordPress, and Hatena and publish content and link back to your main site.

This involves a lot of perks such as you can get DA 100 backlink for free which has a lot of good effect on your off-page SEO, you can also maintain publishing content on these web 2.0 and make them a private blog network to link back to all of your relevant niche blogs which can make you get ranked higher in search engine rankings.

Here is how you can get dofollow backlinks from one of the web 2.0 sites Storify:-

Ya, This is my best source of getting high-quality backlinks. You can get PR8 Dofollow Backlinks from Storify. Most important this is totally free and you need to spend only 1 minute of your life.

To get PR8 High-Quality Backlinks just follow the steps :

backlink sources
  1. Go to and create a free account[If any ad comes, just click on skip ad.]

2. click 1 and then 2 (in the image above)

3. The following screen comes up:

Untapped backlink Sources

4. In Profile enter your website name.

And That’s done! You’ve just gotten a high-quality backlink from the PR8 domain.

10. Question and Answer Websites

This is also said to be the most efficient method to get traffic to your blog, we all know that question-and-answer sites are getting popular day by day. You can sign up to any question-and-answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers and start answering the queries and link back to your article at the end of your answer.

This increase the value of your off-page SEO and also those visitors who read your answers can check into the link and become your readers.

11. Image Submission Websites

You can also submit your blog images to various sites like Google Images and Flickr which helps in bringing traffic and revenue. According to the recent stats, around 100 billion searches are made every day on Google images, so you have got an idea of the potential of submitting your images to Google and other image submission sites.

Image Sharing Sites


Here are quick steps to submit your image in Dropshots and get a backlink for your blog:-

Dropshots: This is a photo-sharing site with DA 50, and PR 5 and you can get as many high-authority backlinks as you want from this site.All you need to sign up for an account and share images with links back to your site. You need to add comments in your image to get a backlink from it. It is a high Authority dofollow backlinks source.

Conclusion: This is our post on 11 checklists for the off-page SEO of 2024. Follow all the tactics mentioned above.

Download this Off-Page SEO checklist and improve your ranking. It will also help you to build your brand.


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