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Real Estate SEO for Website: 7 Best Ways to Generate Online Lead and Traffic 2024

Real Estate SEO
Real Estate SEO

Optimize your real estate website and target your local audience by following 7 effective Real Estate SEO Guides to generate leads.

When it comes to ranking real estate properties for lead generation and sales, a lot of bloggers and search engine optimizers appear to get nauseous with the term SEO.

real estate SEO website

But here is where many Real estate property professionals make a mistake. Experienced search engine optimization hustlers have heard that it will take patience to tame the monster. And patience will pay off, especially if it involves Google.

That is getting harder day by day because Google is getting smarter as competition between bloggers grows simultaneously.


As all bloggers know Google’s algorithm is something no one could ever completely understand. What we do understand is, that all of us would like to benefit from search engine page ranking as the reward of having qualified leads via organic search.

At times it might feel like you are chasing an elusive dream. Because doing SEO for real estate properties is easier said than done with relatively very high competition.

Real estate SEO for investors

According to NAR’s 2014 Profile of Home Buyers, 90 percent of property hunts begin online, and also in the previous four decades, real estate-related Google searches from property buyers have risen 253 percent.

Don’t you think that’s a lot of leads that you are ignoring?

Thus, what exactly does this mean to you personally? In brief, leads. Search engine optimization results are eight times more likely to close than inbound leads and cost approximately 61% less.

The important thing is knowing which techniques to employ — and which to depart from.

With that being said, in this post, we are listing out a few search engine optimization best practices to consider when implementing the real estate online marketing campaign.

What are you going to learn?

  • How to target local keywords in real estate SEO.
  • How to write blog entries for better SEO.
  • How to use photos and videos to impress your clients and Google at a time.
  • How to make your site mobile-friendly with responsive design.
  • How to get your site listed in directories.
  • How to optimize your bio on your broker’s website.
  • How to incorporate your social media profiles to increase rankings.

Real Estate SEO for Website:

1. Targeting the local keyword terms for easy rankings:

Well as per the statistics, around 69% of home buyers begin their online research with local keyword terms as follows

“New York homes to buy”

Most of the real estate service providers in most of the cities and states. But when you are starting your website for the very first time, you should focus only on the central city where you will be doing your business.

local keyword terms Real Estate SEO

There are a lot of keywords like these, and you can find many such keywords using the Google keyword planner.

  • [Targeted city here] real estate.
  • [Targeted city here] homes for sale.
  • [Targeted city here] real estate SEO agent.
  • [Targeted city here] real estate listings.

You can optimize your site’s keyword as follows to target the other cities:

From there, later on, you can start building the silos structure and target the other regions as well.

One thing you should concentrate on here is, how well you are going to make your visitors stick to the information you provide and rely on it so that you should make your website a resource.

Say if you are targeting properties in the city of Los Angeles, then it will always be helpful to a visitor if you provide all the information on schools, hotels, crime rates, and public transportation available.

How to make your blog listing more resourceful

  • Always add extra facts and features of the property you are listing.
  • Try to show the excerpts from your site’s testimonial page to create trust in your visitors.
  • Add as many videos as possible.
  • Add high-quality photos and descriptions.

2. Consider writing blog entries on a property that you are keen to sell:

As a real estate agent, it is evident that you may list out hundreds of homes at a time. If you are particular about selling an individual property, you are going to get traffic that you can convert into a lead. when you write SEO-friendly blog posts.

real estate SEO strategy

You can also try to include some keywords for the prospective buyers who will be searching using Google.

While writing a blog entry, make sure that you are going to list out the property’s address, and also follow the first step that we mentioned in this post targeting the particular region.

To do that you can write a blog post targeting some specific keywords.

real estate SEO tips

In SEO, the best practices are using the keywords in the following:

Meta Description:

Which is a small snippet which is shown in the search engine page rankings of Google?

Title tag:

Title of your blog post.

Alt tag on photos:

Alt tags are read by Google bots, which increases the relevancy of the posts.

The file name on photos:

Try to add the relevant names and include the keyword in the file name of the photo.

The content:

When it comes to the content, write not less than 300 words of unique content that clearly describes the property’s features as well as the standard description

3. Take full advantage of multimedia:

As we all know photos and videos are universally used in blogging to stick the visitor to post to reduce dwell time and are also used as a key engagement factor in most websites.

When it comes to real estate sites, photos and videos are the factors that decide the buyer’s choice or not. The buyers who visit your site love to see a video tour of the prospective new homes.

real estate SEO keywords research

And also in addition to the video tours, you must consider adding the capturing of testimonials on video, too.

One thing that helps you a lot is, getting testimonials from those who bought from your site or your recommendations.

If you have a nice camera, get a tripod arrange good lighting conditions in your workplace, and get the testimonial recorded from your buyer on-spot.

What should be the right time to ask for a testimonial from your buyer?

Just after you give them the keys, they will be more courageous and excited about the new home, that’s when you should approach them.

The statistics from an Australian real estate agency, have reported that 403 percent more inquiries for listings are made with video-included posts than those without the video.

Just think how much effect, embedding video has on your posts. Studies have also shown that adding a video to a blog post describing the property would triple the number of inbound links targeting your site which also increases the SEO value and your site’s off-page SEO.

4. Having a mobile-friendly site is a must:

As per Google’s latest data, 70% of searches are made through mobile and when it comes to the statistics of home buyers from the real estate niche 89 percent of home buyers search only using a mobile during their home buying process according to digital house hunt.

Just imagine what might occur if 89 % of targeted visitors visit your site and see an unresponsive site. and its effect on Google ranking factor.

They just leave!

And also it’s been reported that 300% growth has occurred in real estate search terms on tablets in the past few years.

It should also be noted that foreclosure searches have increased by over 180 percent on mobile devices.

The most important thing you should notice here is:

Homebuyers are always apt to use only mobile devices to search the real estate SEO sites while they are at home, at the office, or while waiting in line at KFC, or restaurants.

Homebuyers visit sites regarding real estate SEO websites to gain access to the following information:

  • To read and understand the general home information.
  • To get directions to visit home.
  • To compare prices of properties.
  • To search for a listing company’s inventory.
  • To get a number of a broker.
  • To compare the features of properties at different prices.
  • To research mortgage financing and tips.
  • To locate a listing agent.
  • To read other people’s reviews.
  • To email or contact a broker.

So all these statistics mean that using a mobile-friendly website design and responsive layout is one of the important factors in SEO.

Real estate SEO

You can check how mobile-friendly your site is based on Google’s mobile-friendly site from here.

In addition to all these optimizations, you should also consider making necessary changes to your site to optimize its rankings of the site. Doing off-page optimizations like link building, getting listed in real estate web directories, and using social media to get extra traffic and also targeted leads is possible.

5. Get listed in real estate web directories:

We all know that Real estate agents’ website directories get a lot of organic traffic, so it’s worth every penny to get your site listed with them, this helps in getting extra traffic as well as helps an SEO point of view as you are going to get a backlink in return, submit your website and get Quality backlinks in just one hour.

Real Estate SEO

We have listed the following real estate SEO for website directories that get a lot of targeted traffic and are available to enroll:

  • RedFin
  • Trulia
  • Zillow

If you are still skeptical about listing your site in the real estate website directory, then for your information, Zillow alone gets around 498 million page views every month, and Trulia stands at second position with 277 million.

real estate meta-description examples

That’s a lot, and yes there’s a lot of potential targeted traffic you are leaving behind and can be utilized by getting listed in the right real estate directory we have listed above.

6. Optimize Your Bio on Your Website:

If you’re a real estate property dealer or working with an agency affiliated with it. Then your brokerage house must have listed thousands of properties and, likely, you don’t get enough exposure if you don’t list your whole bio.

Real Estate SEO

There will always be chances that there will be customers who make more than one purchase. In that case, optimizing your Bio for a particular keyword will help.

You can get ranked for your name in search engines and people will google your name when they are about to know the property listings by you next time while making purchases.

real estate SEO expert tips

We recommend you include your full name in both the title tag and Meta description so that your buyers will remember you next time.

7. Use social media to gain more exposure and potential leads:

When it comes to social media, most of us either neglect it or don’t use it to a certain extent, but according to us, social media is a wonderful way to start client relationships or also to strengthen existing ones.

Local SEO Tips

A real estate SEO agent with an active social media account is capable of interacting with the clients where they love to spend their time every day: Be it Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

You have to do your research and find out where your targeted clients are most active socially and later target them with specific interests.

real estate SEO expert

Always trust in yourself that getting leads from social media is not that hard if you properly target them. Many successful digital marketers rely entirely on social media for sales instead of organic traffic.


When it comes to the Real estate business. It is all about the relationships between clients and you. Any conversation you have on social media shows your expertise in this field and make sure you impress your clients on the first attempt.

When your clients vet you and want to have a healthy, professional discussion, it’s a signal of trust.

It is always advised to follow all the points mentioned above to get real success in real estate SEO, and that comes with a cost and time. Implement the tactics in the right manner with the right effort, and it pays you back with a good reward.

Because real estate SEO is a never-ending treasure hunt where only a few get massive wealth in return.


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