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Top 15 Biggest SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2024 and How to Fix Them

today I will show you the 15 biggest  SEO mistakes to avoid if you want to rank faster and higher than your competitor.

No matter whether you are a newbie or an expert. Everyone makes these common and biggest SEO mistakes.

In this quick guide, you will learn 15 very common SEO mistakes to avoid which are killing your websites.

And believe me, many of us are making those shameful SEO mistakes.

So let’s jump into the main content:-

1. NonResponsive Website:-

A non-responsive website looks the same on all devices. It can kill your SEO and hurt the user experience.

It is the most common SEO mistake to avoid.

So always make sure that your site is mobile friendly and responsive for all devices like iPhones, smartphone, mobile tablets, and big-screen computers.

You can check how your site looks on all screen resolution devices with

Enter your site and see the looks:-

Here is one example of nonresponsive website:-

Is this site mobile-friendly?

Simply No

Second, you can test your site mobile score with gtmetrix or google official tool.

Some basic tips you must use:-

  • Use small images.
  • Use mobile responsive theme.
  • You can also use jetpeck to make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Check this option in jetpeck setting.
How to make website mobile friendly jetpack image

Alternatively, you can use wptouch plugin which works great than jetpeck.

2. Keywords Stuffing:

Guru will tell you that you should need about 2% keyword density if you want to rank faster.

This is my keyword.This is my keyword.This is my keyword.This is my keyword.

But these days keywords density doesn’t work as it did in 2013.

I only make my keyword density about 0.5% and it works great for me.

3. Uninteresting Content:

There are some bloggers [new and pro] who write on every subject they know. Sometimes they forget their niche.

In other words, they confuse their readers.

Your blog should be unique and different from others. Just try to write under your niche.

4. Not making brand signals: –

Brand signals are the best way to build a trust layer around your site.No matter whether your blog or site is new or old, You must increase your brand awareness and signals.

GothcSEO shared a great post on building brand signals and how it can benefit in SEO.

When building your brand signals you must create your account on these popular sites. In the username always put your site name:-

Google +

You can hire someone to create your brand account on these sites.


Google loves the fresh sites. If you are short on time like me then it is very difficult to write a new article daily.

Hence, it is important that you update your older content from time to time. Add new links, and keywords, re-work old titles, update meta description, ALT text, etc.

Also, by updating older content you’ll be able to improve your site’s visibility, thus increasing readership, leading to more organic traffic and a reduced bounce rate.

so the best way to keep the site fresh is to update old content with the latest information, more pictures, and videos, adding pdf, checklists,s, etc.

Updated content is like a new article in google’s eyes.

It will also help you to increase traffic and search engine ranking.

How to do it:-

  1. Simple lookout for the underperforming post and add more info.
  2. Add related images and interlinkg+outbond link to it.
  3. Add youtube videos.
  4. Remove any broken links and spam comments on this post.
  5. Look out at design and improve it.

V.Imp:-Remember to fetch it in Google webmaster so that search engines recrawl it.

6. Not doing proper SEO for images:-

It’s clear that content with more images gets more views. But unfortunately, many of us don’t focus on image SEO as it can also drive a great number of visitors for free.

How to do SEO for images:-

  1. Make a separate XML file for your all-media attachment. You can do it with the Yoast SEO plugin.
  2. Put a content-related title and alt text for each picture.
  3. Use wp-smush plugin for reducing image size.

7. Writing without Proper Keywords Research: –

Just a reminder, keyword research is the most important part of Internet marketing.

You can not succeed until you do keyword research properly.

Here is how you find perfect keywords for you each post:-

  1. Go kwfinder and register for an account[Free or Paid].
  2. Enter your seed keyword in the search field. For example, I enter “SEO mistakes ” and here is what I find:- 
  • Select 2-3 keywords which have less comptition and high search.You can also filter result.
  • I found “SEO mistakes to avoid ” which searched 70 times and has a keyword difficulty of 44. This is great for this post.

    Now it’s your work to use this keyword in the proper place like at starting, and at the end, in alt text, in the title and in meta, etc.

    8. Is your site compatible with all browsers:-

    Different people use different browsers when surfing the net, checking if your website is working flawlessly on each of these platforms is essential

    Chrome is the fastest desktop browser and UC is the fastest mobile browser.

    But many people still use Internet Explorer for internet surfing.

    So to improve user experience and to make your site’s navigation as easy as possible, it is important that you test your site’s browser compatibility.

    How do you check your site’s Browsers Compatibility?

    You can use BrowerStack, which is a powerful tool when it comes to the testing websites in different browsers and OS platforms. It offers manual, automated, real-time browser testing and provides the most accurate results.

    9. Not properly Interlinking:-

    One of the best ways to increase page views is interlinking. It will also reduce your bounce rate. Interlinking is one of the best SEO tips and tricks I give to my readers.

    You noticed I have just interlinked my post with exact anchor text.

    10. Not Linking Authority sites related to your niche:

    Many people think that outranking other websites may steal your traffic but it’s a half-truth.  If you follow top internet marketers you may notice that they outrank other websites in their niche from time to time. Here is a screenshot from Neil post-on-page SEO for the blog.

    In the above screenshot, you can see that he has linked 4 websites in the first 100 words Why does he (and other SEO guys ) do this?

    Simply to tell the search engine that this post is related to them. So search engines index them fast and give them a better rank. You may have noticed that some sites rank fast without on-page SEO optimization. This post is a great example :

    Free Backlinks – Get 201+ free .edu and .gov backlinks

    I have not optimized this post too much but yet I am getting 50+ search engine visitors/day for this post.

    Why? because I have linked 201 Edu and gov website in this post.

    But  beware there are also some other tricks which will benefit you :

    1. Link similar traffic website and notice them so they can also link you back .

    2. Make sure to open these entire links in a new window to reduce YOUR bounce rate.

    3. Only link that are closely related to your site . If in any case you need to link which are not related to your site makes sure to add no-follow attribute. [Just make link no follow]

    4. Don’t link any website in your review post . [Or the other post which you have written for money making.]

    Here is what brain dean from backlinko says on this :

    This is a big one.

    Most SEO-focused folks don’t link out to other sites enough.

    The idea is that they’ll lose traffic and bleed link authority (PageRank).

    But here’s the deal:

    Google WANTS to send their users to pages that are hubs of helpful information.

    (And yes, that includes pages with a healthy amount of outbound links)

    And for every user you lose from an outbound link, you gain TWO from the boost in SEO traffic.

    So make sure you include at least 3 outbound links to closely-related authority sites in every post.I linked about 5 to 7  sites in each of my posts.

     11. Purchasing Links at Fiverr: –

    Hey, have you ever seen such gigs at Fiverr?

    You think that they will create all backlinks manually and your ranking will boost magically.

    Wrong! No, it’s not true.

    How have all of these backlinks been created:-

    All of such link building task done by GSA search engine ranker and other black hat seo tools.
    You should never buy links for your money site.
    If you are a small business I suggest to taking seo service from authority agencies.
    If you are blogger then you can create 5 backlinks a day easily.
    And it’s super easy!
    [ .=’full’]

    12. Not indexing your backlinks:

    Creating backlinks is another thing but if you are not indexing them then they will not help you to rank .

    Most of the guys avoid this process.
    But you should not .
    Here is how to index backlinks:-

    Video Guide:-

    13. Not Building second-tier backlinks: –

    It’s an old technique of advanced SEO. Yet it is still effective.

    But it will boost your ranking.


    Just keep on reading…

    What is II  Tier backlinks: – The links you create for you main site is called first tier and the backlinks your create for first tier link is called second tier backlinks.
    In short These are the links which point to your first tier backlinks.

    How to create second-tier links: – The most simple way is to buy second-tier links. You can buy social signals, social bookmarks, Edu links, profile links,s, etc for your second-tier link building.

    Where to buy: – I used seoclerks for my second-tier link-building process. Again don’t go for quantity, go for the quality.

    14. Not managing site links: –

    When you searched for your brand on Google It shows your site at the top and 6 other links to your site.

    These are called site links.

    Many of us {including me and YOU] are doing this mistake.

    I don’t want the right-hand side 3 links when someone searches for my brand.

    So how to manage site link:-

    Go to google search console-Search Appearance-Sitelink.

    and demote the links which you don’t want to appear in the search result when someone searches for your brand.

    15. WordPress Duplicate Content Issue: –

    Hey, I know your article is unique but poor SEO setting cause If you have a WordPress website then you are facing duplicate content problems within your site.

    This is because WordPress setting. But before I tell you how to fix lets I want to clarify that there is no duplicate content penalty.

    John Mueller of Google also clarified, with examples, that there are:

    No duplicate content penalty” but “We do have some things around duplicate content … that are penalty worthy

    If content can be accessed from more than one URL, It will be called duplicate content. For example:-

    In a poorly optimized site content can be accessed by 6 URLs.

    How to fix this problem:-

    We need to fix two problems here. First is selecting our preferred domain whether we want www or non-www.

    If you are just starting a new site I would suggest you go for non-www.

    And if your site is old then do for www.

    To do this, just go to search console and site setting[gear icon], then select the preferred domain.

    to do this just go to Yoast setting, title, and meta and select no-index for archive, taxonomies, tag.

    Here is the video tutorial for all this:-

    16. Unoptimized social media images:-

    Not optimizing your images before posting them on social media is yet another common SEO mistake.

    Every social media platforms have different ways of displaying visual content,

    For example, vertical images work great on Pinterest, and horizontal work great on Facebook.

    You can do this with a simple plugin called Yoast SEO plugin.

    [thrive_custom_box title=”16 SEO MISTAKES TO AVOID FOR SKIMMED EADERS” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#dd0606″ border=”#002dc4″]

    So here is the 16 biggest SEO mistakes to avoid for skimmed readers:-

    1. NonResponsive Website
    2. Keywords Stuffing
    3. Uninteresting Content
    4. Not making brand signals
    6. Not doing proper SEO for images
    7. Writing without Proper Keywords Research
    8. Is your site compatible for all browsers?
    9. Not properly Interlinking
    10. Not Linking Authority sites related to your niche
    11. Purchasing Links at Fiverr
    12. Not indexing your backlinks
    13. Not Building second tier backlinks
    14. Not managing site links.
    15. WordPress Duplicate Content Issue
    16. Unoptimized social media images


    4 Vital Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for an SEO Agency or Consultant

    Thinking about hiring an SEO agency to manage your SEO? Before you do, let’s help identify some sage advice and pitfalls to avoid when selecting a consultant or agency for your business.

    Also Read:- How to Increase Website Traffic Free & Fast

    In most cases, SEO can be a rather large investment of your business’s marketing money, so take our advice before choosing an agency or consultant that is looking for the “churn and burn”.Contentsshow

    Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for an SEO Agency or Consultant

    Mistake #1: Searching Google for “Best SEO Agency”

    While this might seem like the best place to start your SEO hunt, many of the “best SEO companies” don’t actually rank on the front page of Google for these common search terms.

    Remember: the very best companies, those that are in demand; those that get a ton of local referrals, they likely have no need to rank in the organic section of Google’s search results, nor do they have to pay-per-click via Google Ads. Via

    In many cases, but not all, of course, websites that put ALL of their efforts into ranking for a specific keyword might not be too busy with their own client work, which is not a good thing.

    Mistake #2: Taking Too Much Stock in “Best SEO” Lists and Directories

    Again, using a common search term like “Best SEO + city name” will likely get you a mix of results on the front page of Google. In most cases, you’ll see some directories offering you multiple results and rankings for your city. However, in 99% of cases, these results are purely subjective or have been influenced by how much money the website can either SELL a lead for or SELL the front position.

    This is simply “pay to play” and you should not use these results to influence your decision in choosing a good SEO. If you are interested in having a look at aggregated “best of” lists, try having a look at or Moz’s recommended SEO list.

    These lists are NOT influenced by money; just highly recommended and vetted companies that do a good job at SEO.

    Mistake #3: The “Secret Sauce”

    Screenshot via

    Even though we run a successful SEO agency here in Fort Lauderdale, we still receive calls from other agencies or call centers looking to pitch us on their SEO services. In most cases, I quickly inform them of who they’ve contacted and the call ends awkwardly.

    But, if I’m in a playful mood I’ll allow the caller to pitch me on their services. In many cases, the caller is representing an agency that is likely looking for a ton of clients to pay a low amount of money, but likely not doing much work.

    Their goal is to attract small businesses through their low monthly fees to gain their trust.

    In some cases, they’ll even say that their agency has the “secret sauce”, or ability to rank any website FAST.

    Read: THERE IS NO SECRET SAUCE! SEO is a wide-open field where the best consultants consistently share what works and what doesn’t, and follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

    In order to run a successful SEO campaign for the long term, run far away from any agency or consultant that says they have the “secret sauce” or won’t comment on the “how” they’ll help your business rank.

    Mistake #4: The Pushy Salesman

    Matilda Movie

    Just like with any industry, the SEO world has its share of a sleazy salesman. SEO aside, if you need to make a decision or purchase a product or service for your business, you’ll likely need to deal with someone on the vendor’s sales team.

    While most salespeople I’ve come across do a great job of educating me on their product and following up to ensure they’ve answered all of my questions, there are some salesmen that are simply looking out for the interests of their company and their company’s sales revenue.

    If you’re in a situation where you feel the salesman is either too pushy, too aggressive or a little dodgy when it comes to answering your questions, it’s best to split ties and look elsewhere.

    Best Practices When Choosing an SEO Agency or Consultant

    Step #1: Ask Your Circle for Referrals

    Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

    In my experience, the best way to find someone good at their job is through your network of friends, family, and other small business owners. If you have a circle of friends or associates that own their own business, don’t be shy about asking them IF they’re using an SEO agency or consultant, and if they are, what they think of them.

    In most cases, they’ll be an open book and let you know if things are working out or not.

    Be sure to ask if they’re meeting their goals and expectations. Unfortunately, some small businesses rely on results that have no impact on revenue, so it’s important to understand exactly what they’re receiving from their SEO.

    Tip: When I was searching for a local Florida PEO Broker, I asked my circle of small business owners who they’ve used or recommended. You can even post on LinkedIn to poll your connections!

    Step #2: Ask the Right Questions

    Once you believe you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s important to meet with or speak with the consultant or agency to understand what they’ll be doing for you on a monthly basis.

    Here are a few good questions to ask:

    1. What processes will you use to meet and exceed our goals?
    2. How do you plan on communicating with us and our team?
    3. How often can we expect communication and reporting?
    4. What will you need in the US?
    5. Ask simple questions that every SEO should know. Something like: “How does Google determine the ranking for a website or page?” or “What was the last Google algorithm update that really gave you a run for your money?”

    Step #3: Go with Your Gut

    We always like to recommend choosing an agency that you trust and can acknowledge as a leader in their local market.

    Here are a few ways to “go with your gut”:

    • Ask yourself if you trust this company
    • Have you asked for referrals? If so, have you asked for more?
    • Is your communication style a good fit?
    • Understand your monthly payment, retainer, and contract/agreement.

    Choosing an SEO agency or consultant should not be something that your business rushes into. Take our advice and you’ll be in better shape. If you have any questions, don’t be shy. Ask us anything!

    Have you ever had a bad experience when choosing an SEO consultant or agency?

    Now It’s Your Turn:-

    Everyone makes some mistakes. But we need to solve them.

    I am sure you are making at least 6 mistakes from the above list.

    Please take action and solve everything which is causing problems for you.

    Tell me if you are facing any problems while solving the any of above problems.

    Which SEO mistakes to avoid would you like to add to this list?


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