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11 SEO trends in 2024: The future of SEO is Here

Top SEO Trends in 2024 | Move Ahead Media Thailand

If you want to beat your competitors then you must be aware of these 11 Google SEO Trends in 2024.

We all know that search engine optimization in 2024 is nothing but staying updated with content and getting ahead of the competition, even though major search engines like Google dominate in 2024.

It’s still hard to understand how the search engine optimization algorithm works and what factors play a vital role in ranking particular posts in the low-competitive niche or high-competitive niches.

Even though SEO gurus worldwide posted articles regarding this with headlines of 200 search engine ranking factors.

Are you up for this?

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It doesn’t work all the time and as time changes the SEO trends also change, and in this post, we are going to discuss the latest fads and trends of 2024 search engine optimization and how it is going to affect the present scenario of SEO and what will be the future of SEO.

In 2024 the best way to find out the way to achieve competitive dominance in our niches understanding how search engines are ranking the posts what the requirements are to achieve constant growth and authority over a niche and how to adapt ourselves to the trends of SEO.

2024 is going to be an outstanding year in search engine optimization because a lot of new fads are dominating the arena, and most importantly these trends decide whether you are going to stay in the game of SEO or not:

11. Digital assistants changing the way search engines work

2024 is the year that changed the way how we interact with the internet, gone are the days when one has to type the query by opening search engine sites. Now, most smartphone users are getting addicted to digital assistants like Siri, and Google Assistant.

This gave rise to the extensive use of long-tail keywords and most of the search engines including Google and Bing are becoming more cautious while ranking the long-tail keyword posts. As more and more people start using digital assistants, it becomes inevitable for bloggers and webmasters to optimize the content for it, and sooner or later we all have to adapt to this new trend.

10. Dense content for readers:

People are getting frustrated about reading the same content over and over again with different contexts of words.

Google is not giving prominence to lengthy content with the same stuffed words from other articles instead Google is favoring sites with fresh content and bite-sized articles which are user-friendly and which is more appealing to readers

9. Blog comments

Whether you believe it or not? It will continue to trend in 2024.

Blog commenting is a powerful and effective method to get backlinks and increase website traffic.​

Blog commenting: This SEO Trends still works

Stop Reading Now, If you think Blog commenting is a waste of time.

Blog commenting is easy backlinks.

Blog commenting also helps in building the network of bloggers and webmasters and is also considered as a beginner-friendly method for newbies.

8. Love for the apps:

As trends change every year, the way we interact is also changing, and now it’s time for apps, every major startup and big gun is concentrating on developing a reliable app for its vivid users. SEO options for mobile apps are gradually increasing as well as using deep linking and also by learning how users are interact using analytic data

With over 1.5 million apps from the Google Play store and 1.3 million apps from the Apple App store, getting an app for a business is something we all should look into as people feel having an app is convenient for visiting the website every time.

Generally, there are 3 other major benefits to having apps for your business or blog:-

  1. It increases sales.
  2. It improves customer experience.
  3. You can compete in a specific market if you have an app.

7. Machine learning from Google:

Last year Google released an update naming Google rank brain which is capable of understanding how users phrase the sentence and use search engines for different queries. this helps to clearly differentiate between the keywords which stand for several meanings.

For example, when a user searches for Apple, a machine learning update can understand whether you are searching for an Apple company or fruit. This is said to be a future trend that gets updated now and then and helps machines to understand the human’s interaction with the internet.

6. Rich answers and snippets

Have you seen some of the sites getting featured in the Google knowledge graph and snippets even though the ranking of the post might not be in the first three positions?

Well, this is because Google algorithms can now show what exactly users are searching for by analyzing the site’s content and featuring them using snippets. This is also considered a future trend of SEO where the user gets to see the content of a website without actually visiting it. This is technically called structured data markup or schema markup.

Learn How to Appear in the Answer box in 3 easy steps:-

Schema markup can be achieved using the particular keyword the user is searching for, as we suggested earlier in related keywords, long-tail keywords are being used for schema markup and this helps in driving traffic as well as increasing the CTR which affects the overall authority of a site.

5. Personal branding

This is something where most of us lag behind because personal branding is the core strategy of SEO and this helps to build networking with visitors and neighbor sites in the same niche.

Facebook and Twitter are modifying their algorithm for branded and trusted sites instead of individual posts which help in driving social traffic and maximizing the opportunities.

Deepak described how personal branding can help you in SEO:-

We all know how Brian Dean and Neil Patel branded themselves and are now considered SEO gurus all around the world and ruling the SERP in affiliate and search engine optimization niches.

4. User experience

If you are still writing content for search engines instead of your readers, then you are way behind the competition, and user experience optimization is considered the future of SEO. Now, Google is giving prominence to the user experience by making use of the following factors:

The click-through rate of SERP: The number of users who click on your website link from search engine rankings.

User Experience: This is a big SEO Trend in 2024.

A user on-page time: The total time a user has spent on a web page, the more time a user spends, the better.

User interaction while surfing the content: How users are interacting with your web page using analytics data.

To improve the user experience on your site, you can do the following:-

  1. Come to the point in the first or second link.
  2. Improve the design of your websites.
  3. Make your site load fast.
  4. Write rich media content like tutorials.

3. Related keywords/LSI Keywords:-

Gone are the days when the same keyword is stuffed over articles which let search engines help understand what the actual content is about. But if you repeat the same mistake in 2024 it probably results in a sweet penalty from Google.

Because search engine algorithms can now understand the articles and use the long-tail keywords are said to rank posts much better and also related keywords using synonyms are considered to play a role in ranking over search engines.

lsi keywords

Webmasters are also considering the usage of long-tail keywords in content headlines which also helps to rank for low competitive keywords with no competition at all.

LSI Graph is a great tool to generate random LSI keywords.

LSI graph

2. Voice search

This is the next big thing in the search engine optimization industry and this quite an ongoing project for over a few years, and with each update to voice search, the algorithm is becoming intelligent in understanding the context of it using previous searches and locations also keywords invoice.

voice searches: New SEO Trends In Google

Even with the massive change, voice search is still lacking as most of us are adapted to the traditional way of typing the query into the website. But as speculated by tech bloggers, voice search is the next big thing and one of the massive trends in the digital world of 2024 with updates more often.

1. Accelerated mobile pages dominance: MI SEO Trends

Well as the name indicates accelerated mobile pages are open-source project that allows webmasters to implement which can increase the page speed several times by compromising the bloat graphics and CSS content of your website.

The concept here, serving a simple structured web page that is capable of loading four times faster with eight times less data. It is clearly seen that Google is encouraging webmasters to implement AMP in sites which increases user engagement and as we all know page speed is one of the important factors that affects the ranking of a website.

This video from moz clears AMP very well:-

Pros of using AMP:

Sites can load faster and serve the web page in less than a second which absolutely favors the visitors.

Clear dominance in SERP as Google is giving a hand to the sites that use AMP than the sites that don’t.

Cons of using AMP:

Many webmasters reported that the CTR of ads is gradually decreased up to a certain extent while using AMP which resulted in a huge revenue drop.

Using AMP directly can cause the web page to lose its rich format, and you have to compromise

Conclusion: You aren’t in the game unless you adapt to new rules in search engine optimization. There is no denying that all these 11  factors are going to be a ranking factor soon for major search engines, the only thing that matters most the user satisfaction. If you concentrate on making your user feel satisfied with your content and solutions that fulfill the task.

What is your view about these 11 Google SEO Trends in 2024?


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