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How to Get Free Traffic From Reddit: A Marketer Guide 2024

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That’s it in short.

Imagine you can post on Reddit without being banned?

In this post, I am going to share one of my secret hacks how you can share your latest article on Reddit and get a backlink so that you can get a Free Traffic from Reddit

And the good news is you will not ban it and It is completely FREE.

This is a Just SET and Forget System

So just let’s start

First Things First

  • Make sure you have a Reddit account if you don’t have a Reddit account go and quickly make one.
  • Verify your email ID and fill out the full information.
  • Now go to and create another account here.

Here is an official description of IFTTT:-

IFTTT helps you do more with the services you love.

  • It works on IF this then that module
  • Once you have signed up then click on your name.
  • Then Click on “New Applet”
  • Or you can directly go to
  • Select Feed From Service
  • how to automatically post on Reddit
  • Select “New Feed Item” from the trigger.
  • Enter Your Feed URL.
  • If you are on WordPress then your feed URL will be and if you are on blogpost then it would be like
  • Just enter your feed URL and click on create a trigger.
  • then go to  create a new Applet
  • Just click on the + button and select “Reddit” from the service.
  • Authorize your Reddit account.
  • Select Submit link post.
  • Leave Everything Default and in the subreddit  field  Write ShareYourBlogPost [S, Y, B, and P in capital]
  • Click on create action.
  • Finally, Finish it.
  • Now whenever you will post something new on your blog, it will automatically post on Reddit for a lifetime.
  • And You will get new high-quality backlinks for every post.
  • You can see your all shared link at
  • Boom! You have done it for a lifetime.
  • Make Sure you have indexed your backlinks for quick benefit.

I have shared a complete post on how to index backlinks in Google and here is one video/Slideshare

Tutorial for it:-

In the URL field, you need to paste the subreddit URL  [ ] and it’s done.

Now It’s Your Turn:-

Don’t Just Read, take action.

It is a one-time work that is free for a lifetime. No karma need for posting in this subreddit and you can share every type of link there.

This will give you are no-follow auto-follow backlinks depend on your comment and post-Karma and with some traffic some high-quality traffic from the USA block USA visitors

so I think you should also use this technique and remember to share this technique with your closest friends so they can also can you feed on this

Learn the Techniques which will help you to get huge traffic from Reddit. This is the best article about Reddit Traffic.

I don’t know how many of you agree, but Reddit is one of the best traffic sources to generate website traffic, and also it’s one of the best websites to promote and increase your brand value.

If you have ever visited Reddit from the desktop, that most likely looks like rubbish, Increase visitors using Reddit.

How to Get Free Traffic From Reddit

Because it looks like a website from the old days of the 2000s. It additionally has a bad name and notoriety for having loyal and ruthless critics.

It is also home to a few controversial groups called subreddits. Reddit users are called Redditors, and they are known to be unimaginably brutal to others while criticizing.

Free Traffic From Reddit

However, Reddit is a stunning platform for those who want to grow in the digital world and Free Traffic From Reddit.

You can utilize this social media channel to increase your network and your fan following and get massive targeted traffic if you learn Reddit content marketing.

While Reddit might look so complicated, it’s shockingly simple to get the hang of.

Once you start using Reddit, you get attached to the subreddits, and it’s tough to leave once you become a Redditor and get a free visitor from Reddit.

If you are wondering, what’s so special about Reddit?

Here are some important stats which might raise your eyebrows:

•    Reddit is the 24th most visited website on the internet.

•    Reddit has around 51 million loyal users.

•    Reddit has more than 1 million groups.

You’ll have to make use of your creativity to showcase and entertain the audience, and it’s obvious that you’ll make a few errors at the beginning of Reddit marketing.

That’s the reason why we are writing this guide for you to sharpen your website promoting skills.

What is Reddit and how to promote my site on Reddit?

As we said earlier Reddit was started back in 2005, and from that point forward, it’s grown into one of the best social media platforms for people to share their stories, photos, and videos what not? and Free Traffic From Reddit.

promote Reddit to get more visitor

Before diving into the world of Reddit marketing, let’s get to know the terms which are used in Reddit and Free Traffic From Reddit.


A subreddit is a group based on a particular idea or a concept or a topic.

Each subreddit is differentiated by the URL structure as follows:

There are general subreddits like

/r/wellness and some insane subreddits like /r/bearsdoinghumanthings.

Correct! That is an official subreddit too and Free Traffic From Reddit.

You don’t need to spend a long time to get to know about Reddit, and how it works, instead we will reveal what you have to know to use Reddit to its fullest and start promoting your site or a product and get free visitors from Reddit.

Always keep in mind the basic thumb rule of Reddit, you should only target particular subreddits which are related to your site.

If you are doubtful regarding whether your site has a subreddit related to your site, well, there is a subreddit for every niche out there.

You need to post in subreddits that are highly suitable for your niche and Free Traffic From Reddit.

How to decide subreddit for my niche?

If your site is regarding Android apps, you can join many subreddits like r/android or r/androidapps or many subreddits related to apps and start promoting your posts.

But posting in some subreddits requires a specific number of karma for post-approval and Free Traffic From Reddit.


So before posting your links, make sure you contribute enough to the community and acquire enough karma to get free Traffic From Reddit.

Posting links as soon as you join, may flag your Reddit account. You might be even banned from that particular subreddit.

So think twice before posting links into any subreddits and check the relevancy of the subreddits with your niche.

What kind of posts goes viral on Reddit?

Redditors adore and upvotes posts that are

  • One of a kind,
  • Amusing,
  • Intriguing,
  • Charming,
  • Funny and gutsy.

Unlike other social media, Reddit isn’t about who your friends are and how many friends you have, so having thousands of friends with the most liked pictures doesn’t count here and will not help you to get any free traffic from Reddit.

What matters is how entertaining your content is and how many upvotes you are going to get for your content.

Most Upvoted Content on Reddit: Obama AMA 17896 Upvotes

Reddit is a free and open-source platform.

Pretty much everything on Reddit is free but not a Reddit gold subscription.

As per insights from Ignite, most of the Reddit users are male, between the ages of 35-44 (with 25-34 year-olds, not long ways behind), and with pay levels generally around $25,000-$50,000 every year.

promote Reddit to get more visitor

Most Redditors have a four-year college education or possibly some school and the mind that a greater part of their user base originates from the U.S.

Specifically San Francisco and Seattle with Canada (Toronto) a nearby second and Free Traffic From Reddit.

Reddit came into the mainstream only in 2006. As of June 2011, Reddit’s user base hit almost two million users monthly.

Guide to Reddit marketing:

Reddit users spend hours finding engaging content, and they’re continually searching for something to comment on.

That being said an ideal approach, however, to get the most out of Reddit is to post mind-boggling photographs or engaging content. Else you will not have enough free traffic from Reddit.

Upvoting is the thing that causes your content to get to the front page of Reddit.

It’s the same as other social media ranking algorithms like Digg, StumbleUpon, and other sites.

Make use of subreddits effectively:

Reddit’s karma measures your contribution to being a Redditor.

So before we delve into how to use Reddit to develop your business, we have to talk about karma.

You can gain or lose karma in two ways: through posts, and by comments, you make on posts.

Subreddit URL

There are chances where the subreddit you’re willing to work with is a bit TOO focused on.

Like /r/copywriting, there’s very little activity in there most likely because it looks excessively like work!

/R/Starcraft, /r/gaming, and /r/legislative issues are decidedly flooding with posts and therefore always get more and more content.

For example, there are a lot of sub-credits available on Reddit for specific topics

/r/todayilearned – In this subreddit posts begin with TIL for Today I Learned. Usually, Redditors post facts and up-to-date news and the daily dose of things that would be useful for a vast audience; this is the best place to share some of the known tricks you have.

/r/askreddit – This is the subreddit where you can gather opinions from the majority of Reddit’s audience. You can ask their thoughts and views on pretty much anything.

You can ask any questions including:

What is the scariest thing that happened in your life?

Would you die for the cash prize of a million?

Guide to Reddit

While asking questions, be careful that your question adheres to Reddit’s guidelines and is exciting and engaging.

/r/IAMA – This is the subreddit where celebrities and scientists hand car sellers answer every question asked by the Reddit community.

How to make Reddit your platform to promote:

In case you’re feeling confused about where to start to hit “The Front Page of the Internet,”

Promote the website on Reddit

You can without much of a hassle follow the below steps:

When you’re on a particular subreddit, just press the “front page” button on the upper panel, and it will show the most popular posts of that specific subreddit based on that classification that extends over the site.

You can also use your creativity to find and check what kind of posts are getting most upvoted.

Like this, you can observe what sorts of posts are prominent in every subreddit. At times, especially if the niche or subreddit you have chosen is highly mainstream and competitive, you can also head over to similar subreddits and try your creativity.

For example, if you have opted for the subreddit /r/YouShouldKnow, don’t be surprised if it is almost the same as another subreddit called /r/TodayILearned.

An important point to remember when presenting your post on Reddit is to change your post titles to take the full preferred standpoint of the winning edge.

Rather than posting a title like “Managing a Disrespectful Boss: 5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Fired”, and additionally inciting title will get more upvotes and comments for example, – “Got Fired! How Would You Deal with the Boss from Hell?”

Who is Reddit good for?

Even though Reddit is a massive sharing group, it’s not precisely advertiser-friendly.

That is because, on numerous examples, Reddit isn’t Facebook, and most of the user base of Reddit is educated and highly sophisticated when it comes to ads.

So unless you are running a highly optimized campaign for this kind of user, you are making a mistake that puts a hole in your pocket.

Posts that easily grab enough attention are as follows:

  • Stories of successful people who are inspiring and recount difficulties and survived through hardships of life.
  • Photography of wildlife and nature.
  • Legislative issues both in the U.S. and around the world, Religion.
  • Marijuana.
  • Computer games.
  • The innovation in PCs, programs, and programming.
  • Science.
  • Music.
  • Funny GIFs.

If your blog or site doesn’t fit into one of these categories, verify whether there is a subreddit officially made for it.

If not, you can simply make one yourself and welcome others to be a part of it. By and large, you need to ensure that your best posts sparkle on Reddit.

How do you market yourself on Reddit?

If your site content tends to be more dynamic, engaging, and very much admired by your site audience, then there’s a solid shot it will do well on Reddit.

Every single social media sharing platform has its underlying heartbeat – and that is presenting your post to an audience who can take advantage of that.

Keep in mind that here, those who use Reddit are constantly searching for something that reduces their thirst for knowing something and Free Traffic From Reddit.

Tailor you’re posting in such a way that it provokes them to read and comment and share, you’ll notice a lot of traffic on your site from Reddit.

Buy Instagram followers, Facebook like and twitter followerss at a cheap price

If you think that you’d rather pay some bucks and promote your post to secure the front page without any circus to hop to the front of the line.

You can do paid promoting on Reddit and you can ensure your post a spot on the front page through Reddit advertising to get Free Traffic From Reddit.

You can focus on your promotion to appear on ALL of Reddit (untargeted), or just certain subreddits you pick (targetted).

As per some marketing guru, Reddit traffic is better than any other social media because of its users.

How to get free traffic from Reddit? (Free Traffic From Reddit)

Step 1: Finding subreddits for your niche:

This is the first step in Reddit marketing. You have to search for relevant subreddits as per your niche, and it doesn’t matter if you find more than one subreddit. Make a list of subreddits and keep them aside.

Step 2: Getting required karma and knowing subreddits:

In this step, you are going to explore the subreddits and know the rules. It is important to know the rules of the subreddit before posting.

Most of the subreddits require some amount of karma before you can post to get Free Traffic From Reddit.

So post some funny pics in subreddits which are having high user engagement and acquire enough karma.

Step 3: Knowing what your audience wants in subreddits:

Unlike Facebook, Reddit is full of intellectuals and educated, so they expect something which isn’t found in other social Media and routine posts.

Free traffic from Reddit

So once you land on any subreddit, use the filter option and sort out the best posts of all time.

By doing this, you will get an idea of how to get more and more user engagement and get Free Traffic From Reddit.

As we said earlier, it is always important to know what users of particular subreddit likes.

Step 4: Becoming a top contributor and active member:

This is the most important step, and here you are going to prove how trustworthy you are and start contributing to the community.

Provide value to the subreddit and stay active.

Never break any rule of the subreddit and act politely and be humble.

That is the secret of Reddit marketing to get Free Traffic From Reddit.

Step 5: Making your way in posting your links:

After following all the steps mentioned above, you can post your links but always make sure that the content of the link which is going to post is,

1.    Provides value to the community of the subreddit.

2.    Interesting and not some random post was written on routine topics.

3.    Neatly written with proper statistics and engaging.

Points to note:

  • Once you acquire enough karma, the amount of karma you have decides your reputation and the more you have it, the better respected you are in the community.
  • Posting links at a particular time matters most, so before post links when your audience is most active.
  • If you are Indian, then any time after midnight IST is good. Because the Reddit community is majorly from the US and UK.
  • Before posting any images, check whether it’s already been posted in the past using
  • Posting old content results in downvotes and you may lose your reputation. This is not good if you want to get free traffic from Reddit.

What are the perks of Reddit marketing?

  • Reddit uncovers industry trends as they happen
  • If something worth knowing is going on in your industry, you can just write an engaging post and Redditors will be over it.
  • Regardless of the possibility that you’re simply checking other subreddits and not effectively making use of them, you can even get an idea regarding many things.
  • The information you gather while checking through your most loved subreddits can lead you to find some great untapped niche ideas and calibrate your promoting techniques.


There is one unwritten rule in Reddit, the higher your karma level, the more reputation you’ll get from the Reddit populace also, some subreddits won’t accept you to posts until the point when you achieve a particular level of karma.

The karma level defines your contribution to the community and how trustworthy you are.

As suggested before, one of the greatest no-no’s with regards to posting on Reddit is this:

Try not to use Reddit exclusively for your benefit.

Redditors will see through you as a contributor, contribute as much as you can to the community, and make sure that you act wisely by posting content that is highly engaging and valuable to your visitors from Free Traffic From Reddit.

Is this Article Traffic From Reddit Guide Helpful for You? or Have any suggestions just comment below.

Do you have any other ideas to get free traffic from Reddit?


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