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Using an Order Form on your Website: What it is and Why

    As the online sales market evolves constantly, the scope is so broad. Everyone involved in it must stay abreast of the latest trends, best practices, and tips that lead to improved conversions. Yet, no silver bullet has been discovered for selling online. While selling is a unique profession, sellers should find the solution most appropriate for them, as each business is unique in its way.

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    Online sellers have several methods of selling products; however one of the most popular ways is the order form. What is its purpose in an e-commerce website? Business owners use it because it’s easy to customize and offers many benefits in terms of usability.

    Visitors browse the various items on an e-commerce site to find something that interests them. They may have a wish list of items they’d like, but they can’t decide which ones. They click on a particular product to order and proceed directly to the order form, entering the desired item and quantity. Additionally, they’re likely to discover the other products they saw before, and be persuaded to include them in the order. The value of orders could be increased as a result of an order form.

    Payment processors integrate with order forms to streamline the ordering process, making the whole process more efficient. Business owners should associate themselves with trustworthy payment processors. It seems more likely for customers to make purchases from sites using these payment gateways because they see the payment method as reliable. A major advantage of payment processors is that they provide secure transactions.

    Order forms: How do you use them? An online order form can be effectively leveraged in a few ways:

    • By customizing the order form in this way, you can ensure that customers see how the form relates to the business it belongs to.
    • Placing the order form prominently on the website is highly recommended. If the information is too buried in the site content, potential customers will give up and move on to a competitor.
    • Provide clear details about the products and the business. Clients are prone to distrust when they are provided with vague information. When it comes to payment matters, it makes sense to display testimonials, star ratings, or trust seals (for example, “Verified by Visa”).
    • Include images to make product identification easier, as well as make it more likely for customers to order the item.
    • You should specify the delivery time, return policy, and product warranty explicitly. Generally, customers check a box or sign a digital signature when they read and accept the business terms.
    • The integration of your order form with more than one payment processor will allow customers to track their transactions by working with their preferred service provider.
    • Update quantities of available items whenever they change. Having to wait for an item to come back in stock is not pleasant for a customer. In case there are only a few remaining pieces, you can set quantity limits on your order form.
    • A customized Thank You message will appear once the order is placed. The customer must be sure the order has been registered, or else they will lose trust in the success of the order. In addition to displaying it, you can email your customers with the order details. So they’ll be able to consult an overview at any time.
    • The form reports should then be analyzed to determine order size, frequency, value, popular items, returning customers, and other important statistics. Making these observations will assist in improving your sales strategies, marketing tactics, and overall business efficiency.

    In Summary

    In conclusion, a well-built order form drives up sales for a company. When designed with the customer and the goals of the business in mind, the results should appear quickly.


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