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18 Best Facebook Tips and Tricks 2024

Facebook is the number 1 social media site. And its use is increasing rapidly so here we share the most searched Facebook tips and tricks. so must use these best Facebook tips and tricks in 2024 to change the way using Facebook.

At the end of the post, You will learn

  1. Blue comments and status
  2. Schedule Your Facebook status.
  3. Facebook video Download
  4.  A Lot of more things

1. Make your status and comments blue Best Facebook Tips and Tricks –

Using this code, you can make your Status Blue.

Just replace “your status update goes here”

so must use these best Facebook tips and tricks in 2024 to change the way using Facebook and be a pro-Facebook users.

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2. Confuse Your Friends

Put this URL on Facebook Status or Comment, this is actually a link to one’s Facebook Profile so whenever someone will click on this link, he/she will get redirected to his own’s Facebook profile. I used this trick this way:

“This guy is my best friend on Facebook”

So all your Facebook Friends will think that they are your best friends.

3. Schedule any post-

This trick is very important for Internet marketers, Bloggers, Online Firms, etc. You can Schedule Future Post for any Status Update on your Facebook Profile as well as Fanpages by using is for must use these best Facebook tips and tricks in 2024 to change the way using Facebook.

Note- If you want some advanced features like scheduling a future post, auto-join another group, auto send messages, etc then You should sign up with Jarvee 

4. Start Multi-Posting on Facebook in all groups-

Just download cyberlikes and enjoy multi-group posting. Don’t use it more than one time in a day else your account may be blocked so must use these best Facebook tips and tricks 2024 to post in multi groups once at a time. It will also help you to increase website traffic.

5. Post-Blank Status

Just type @[0:0: ] in the status box and hit Enter and it’s done.

6. Stop tagging on Facebook

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to stop any of your friends from tagging you on Facebook, but you can decide how the tagged photos and videos will appear on your Facebook Timeline. To control this, go to your Facebook Privacy Setting menu from the top right corner of your Facebook page.

Privacy Settings In the Privacy Settings page, scroll down to the Timeline and Tagging section and click on Edit Settings.

Timeline and Tagging A popup window will appear, click on the Review posts friends tag you section.

Review Tag Click the drop-down menu to select Enabled After selecting this option, every photo or video you are tagged in will be held up for your review and approval before it gets posted on your Timeline.

Take note that, according to Facebook, if you select this option, your friends can still tag you and the tags may appear elsewhere on Facebook, but not on your Timeline until you decide to approve it.

so must use these best Facebook tips and tricks in 2024 to stop tagging.

7. How to Bypass Facebook photo tag verification 2024 New

When You Get this problem Then you will see Friends tag verification.

The solution is very simple :

  1. Just download Hola VPN from Playstore
 Hola Free VPN Proxy- screenshot thumbnail
 Hola Free VPN Proxy- screenshot thumbnail
 Hola Free VPN Proxy- screenshot thumbnail

2. Open it and set the country JAPAN

3. Enter in the search box

4. Then login with your Facebook id

5. It will ask for your mobile number and date of birth to verify your accounts.

6. And it’s done.

8. Auto likes and auto comments on Facebook

You need to download dj liker for this purpose and just follow their instructions. See image-

9. Get more Facebook Fan Page Likes with these simple tricks –

Send birthday wishes to your friends by sending this message @[Page Id:0] Happy Birthday@@[0:[Page Id:1:continue reading…]] and whenever any of your friends will click to see more links they will come to your page. So use these best Facebook tips and tricks

10. Stop Facebook Auto-Play Videos

Facebook automatically plays videos on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web. You can turn this off or at least choose the options you want so that you don’t use data or see annoying videos playing automatically.

On the web go to Settings -> Videos -> Auto-play Videos – > Off.

On iPhone go to Settings -> Videos & Photos -> Auto-play -> Never Play Videos Automatically.

On Android go to Settings -> App Settings – > Video Auto-play -> Off.

If you prefer, you can choose to only use WiFi on iPhone or Android so that you don’t use your cellular data to load them.

11. Make money with Facebook 

You can also make money with Facebook if you follow some of the steps mentioned in this guide.

I will also recommend this to you.

How to Make Money On Facebook 2024 Full Guide 

12. Accept all friend’s requests at once. 

If you have a lot of pending friend requests it’s very annoying to accept them all one by one. In this case, visit and get tokens by giving permission.

13. Update your status on any device  

If you don’t have iPhone or blackberry but still want to update your status with this device then there is good news for you. You can still update with these devices. Just visit here and select your device.

14. Create a Fake Facebook conversation  

You can create a fake Facebook conversation as per your desire by visiting 

15. Invite all Facebook friends to like your page at once.

You can invite all your Facebook friends at once with the help of the chrome extension. Download this extension and invite all your friends at once to grow your Facebook fan page.

You can invite all your Facebook friends at once with the help of the chrome extension. Download this extension and invite all your friends at once to grow your Facebook fan page.

16. Download Facebook Videos

Sadly, Facebook doesn’t allow downloading videos but luckily here is good news if you want to download Facebook videos without any software.

Best Facebook Tips and  Tricks N#17 Facebook shortcut keys

 Keep in mind that keyboard shortcuts can differ by the browser (ex: Firefox, Internet Explorer).Find the right combination of keys for your browser in the list below, and replace # with the access key number listed under Access Keys below.

  • Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
  • Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
  • Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome for PC: Alt + #

Access Keys

  • 0 – Help
  • 1 – Home
  • 2 – Timeline
  • 3 – Friends
  • 4 – Inbox
  • 5 – Notifications
  • 6 – Settings
  • 7 – Activity Log
  • 8 – About
  • 9 – Terms

Keyboard ShortcutsNews Feed

  • j and k – Scroll between News Feed stories
  • enter/return – See more of the selected story
  • p – Post a new status
  • l – Like or unlike the selected story
  • c – Comment on the selected story
  • s – Share the selected story
  • o – Open an attachment from the selected story
  • / – Search
  • q – Search chat contacts
  • ? – Open a list of these keyboard shortcuts while in News Feed

Web Messenger:

  • CTRL + g – Search conversations
  • CTRL + q – Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
  • CTRL + Delete – Archive/unarchive conversation
  • CTRL + j – Mark as spam
  • CTRL + m – Start a new message
  • CTRL + i – Go to Inbox
  • CTRL + u – Go to Other

How To Trace Your Facebook Profile Visitors:-

These are very easy tricks but very useful. To find out who has visited your Facebook profile, just go to your profile.

Then press ctrl+ u ( open source code window), search for “initial friendslist and hit enter.

This screen will come to you:-

So these are the ids of your friends who have visited your profile. Just copy the ID and press in your search bar with like

One of your friend’s id will open.

Also, Read Top 11 Cool Prank Website to fool your friends

That’s it.

You have done it.

2. Post Blank Status Update:-

This is one of the best Facebook tips and tricks to be cool and have some fun.

Facebook Blank Status

Facebook Blank Status

Just type @[0:0: ] in the status box and hit Enter and it’s done :D. You can use any number in the code like @[1:1: ], @[8:8: ] and make your blank status as long as you can by pressing enter key after each code.

3. Post-Upside-Down Status Updates

Do you want to post your simple status update in a surprising upside-down way? If so, use FlipText. This website lets you post a status update in an upside-down way. Just enter your original update on the first box, it will automatically change to the upside-down way in the second box.


Upside Down Status Update

Upside Down Status Update

Just copy that Status update and post in your Facebook Wall

4. Confuse Your Friends

Put this URL on Facebook Status or Comment, this is actually link to one’s Facebook Profile so whenever someone will click on this link, he/she will get redirected to own’s Facebook profile. I used this trick this way:

“This person is the weirdest friend on my Facebook Profile. God! Please Protect Me from him –>>”

It’s the best way to confuse a friend


5. Make Facebook Status Update Blue

Whenever you post any status update on your Facebook Wall, Facebook Groups, or Fanpages, you always find the color of the Status update is ‘black’ and there is not any other option to customize them. Try it on Facebook tricks.

Blank Facebook Status

6. Blank Facebook Status

But using this code, you can make your Status Blue.

@@[1:[0:1: your status update goes here ]]

Just replace “your status update goes here” with the status you want to put.


  • The first thing we see about any Facebook account is their Profile Picture, If you Find any Facebook Account on your Friendlist suspicious, the First thing you will do is Use Reverse Image Search. This helps you find out if Similar Pictures are available on the Internet.  First Download the Profile Picture of the account you find suspicious
  • Go to Google images Click on the Camera icon which says Search by image, Click on Upload an Image, and now choose the Picture you had downloaded earlier, Now once the uploading Completes, google will show you Similar Images that already exist over the internet.

8. Hide Last Name On Facebook

Facebook needs you to declare your first and last name, that’s two names, but if you want to have your account bear only one name (or just your first name), you can. Indonesians can register an account with only one name since many of them actually go with just one name. So for you to have a single name like Neo here, check out the instructions below.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Grab any Indonesian proxy from this list here then change your proxy on your browser.
  • On Chrome for PC head to Settings,> Show advanced settings > under Network, click on Change proxy settings > click on Lan Settings and tick “Use Proxy Server for your LAN”.
  • Fill in the address box with the proxy, and the port box accordingly. For example, if your proxy is, “” goes into the address box and “8080” is the port.
  • Tick on Bypass Proxy Server For Local Addresses. Press OK.
  • Now, go to your Facebook account settings page, change the language to “Bahasa Indonesia” and save changes.
  • Remove your Facebook last name and save changes again.
  • Once you have completed everything, revert to your original language.
  • Unlike Google+, Facebook does not include a feature to download the videos you see on the social network. Well, there is a really easy way to download your own copy. Simply go to this page, and paste that specific Facebook video URL to download the video.

9. Enhance Your Facebook Experience With Social Fixer

Want to customize Facebook to look exactly the way you want? Get rid of ads, change them to a previous layout, hide already read posts, force news feeds to “recent stories first” and a whole lot more with Social Fixer plugin.

10. Display Animated Gifs On Status

Update With A Play Button
Why aren’t animated gifs on Facebook yet? With gypsy gifs it already is. Just find a gif that you want from then share the link on your Facebook page.


Follow the Below simple steps to Know how you can get back and have access to your deleted messages, photos, videos, and all other data on your Facebook profile. This is one of my best Facebook tips and tricks to impress our friends.

Step 1: First of all, You will have to Click here to open the Facebook General Account Settings.

Step 2: Once you open your general settings, you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data, So click on it too.Step 3: On the next page you will see a Download Archive Button, Click on it and you will be prompt to enter your Password to Continue, This is a Security Step by Facebook.

Step 4: After entering your Facebook Password, Click on Submit, On the next screen you will be shown that the download link for your data will be sent to your email id which you used to create your Facebook account.

Step 5: Wait for a Few Minutes, and check your mail. You will see a mail from facebook in your Inbox with Downloading link ready for you to download all your data.

Step 6: Now After downloading the file. Unzip it and open the folder where you will find your messages, photos, and videos. Pokes, Friend list, etc.

The Files will be in .html format so you will have to double click on the file and select your Favourite Browser to open the file, the File will open up in your browser where you will have access to all your data.

12. Facebook Keyboard Shortcut

It’s no surprise that Facebook has its own set of keyboard shortcuts as well. Here are some Facebook keyboard shortcuts that you can use while browsing Facebook on Chrome for

Mac. ShortcutsDescriptions Ctrl + Opt + 0 HelpCtrl + Opt + 1 HomeCtrl + Opt + 2TimelineCtrl + Opt + 3 FriendsCtrl + Opt + 4InboxCtrl + Opt + 5NotificationsCtrl + Opt + 6

Account SettingsCtrl + Opt + 7PrivacyCtrl + Opt + 8AboutCtrl + Opt + 9TermsCtrl + Opt + MNew MessageCComment on a story in News FeedJ and KScroll between News Feed storiesILike or unlike a selected storyQ

Search for a friend to chat withPFocus on the text box when making a post/SearchCtrl + GSearch conversationsCtrl + QShow/hide keyboard shortcutsCtrl + DeleteArchive/unarchive conversationsCtrl + CMark as spamCtrl + CStart a new messageCtrl + IGo to inboxCtrl + UGo to other

13. Sending colourfull texts


Helps in sending colourfull texts to your friends on facebook messenger


there are special code for each alphabet character , using them you can make any word,
Below are the code for that
[[107015582669715]] = A
[[116067591741123]] = B
[[115602405121532]] = C
[[112542438763744]] = D
[[115430438474268]] =
E [[109225112442557]] = F
[[111532845537326]] = G
[[111356865552629]] = H
[[109294689102123]] = I
[[126362660720793]] =
J [[116651741681944]] = K
[[115807951764667]] = L
[[106596672714242]] = M
[[108634132504932]] = N
[[116564658357124]] =
O [[111669128857397]] = P
[[107061805996548]] = Q
[[106699962703083]] = R
[[115927268419031]] = S
[[112669162092780]] =
T [[108983579135532]] = U
[[107023745999320]] = V
[[106678406038354]] = W
[[116740548336581]] = X
[[112416755444217]] = Y
[[165724910215]] = Z

14. Lots of followers trick


This simple trick helps to get a lot of followers and 5k+ friend requests within months. But this trick is a little tricky.


1. Make a New Facebook account.

2. Fill Name As- Neha Sharma, Neha Singh, Neha Khan, Savita Kumari…

3. After That, You Have To Set Some Hot Profile Picture Of the Girl.

4. Now Goto Edit Profile And Fill country as Pakistan/India And Current City as Karachi/Delhi.

5. Now Just Goto Any Big Page Open The First Post And Send Friend Requests To Girls Who Have Recently Liked The Post.

6. Send Friend Requests only to Girls as much as u can.

7. After this, you start getting 1k+ friends’ requests daily after a week.

8. Accept all friend requests daily.

9. You Can See Friends Requests Will Come To Your Fb Id At Super Fast Speed.

10. After 5k friend requests, your list is full and all the pending friend requests become your followers.

11. Once you reach desired no. of followers delete all the old posts, profile pic of girls, everything.
12. Now change your fake Girl name to your real one.

Enjoy!! Now you have lots of followers.

Having any problems or query just comments below. We will feel pleasure helping you. so must use these best Facebook tips and tricks in 2024 to change the way using Facebook


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    1. Hi Shahid,

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      1. Download this photo from here
      2. Set this photo as your featured photo in facebook.
      3. once you set this you can see man holding a card.


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